Debt Pointers

Debt Pointers
  • Pay off the debt with the highest interest rate first.
  • Call your creditors and ask for a lower interest rate.
  • Use a budget to help you get out of debt and to avoid running up new debt.

Debt Pointers and Tips to Help Manage Debt

Many Americans are burdened with large amounts of debt and struggle to make the monthly payments. If you are in debt, then you know how the stress can affect every aspect of your life. Situations like these call for debt pointers to assist in managing the debt, and in ultimately paying off all of the debt.

Use these debt pointers to help reduce your debt burden and to help you get debt free:

Debt Pointer #1 - Pay Off Highest Interest Cards First

Pay off the highest interest credit card first. By paying as much as possible on the highest interest card - and at least the minimum monthly payments on the remaining cards - you limit your exposure to expensive interest payments that do nothing to lower your principle balance. After paying off the highest interest rate credit card, apply that payment to the card with next highest rate. Continue in this manner until all of the cards have been paid off.

Debt Pointer #2 - Try To Reduce Interest Rates

Call the credit card company to try to reduce your interest rates; they may be more responsive than you think. Oftentimes a little haggling can go a long way in reducing your rates.

Debt Pointer #3 - Cut up Excess Cards

Cut up credit cards - except one for emergencies - to remove temptations of unnecessary spending.

Debt Pointer #4 - Inquire About Debt Help

Contact a debt settlement company and see if you qualify to significantly reduce your monthly payments and total debt. Many companies offer a free, no-obligation consultation to review your options.

Debt Pointer #5 - Avoid Late Fees

Avoid costly late fees by making payments on time.

Debt Pointer #6 - Budget, Budget, Budget

Create a monthly expense budget to control your monthly spending and cut out any unnecessary spending.

Debt Pointer #7 - Save For the Future

After all of your credit card debts have been paid back, continue to make monthly payments, but apply them to your future (savings accounts, investment accounts, college funds, etc.).

There are ways to cope with the burden of paying back credit card debt. These debt pointers are meant to assist in making monthly expenses more bearable. The pointers will also help you to start paying down your debt, and hopefully get you on the path towards a debt free life!