Dollars and Sense: Smart Money Advice

Make Smart Financial Choices and Leave Debt Behind

Financial literacy is something we are not taught in school. When Americans are asked if they keep a personal or household budget, the percentages are inconsistent, but the poll results are the same: Most people say they want to follow a budget and say they have a difficult time doing so. Food for thought: When wealthy Americans are asked the same question, it turns out that almost all of them stick closely to a personal or household budget.

If you are interested in building wealth and not just living paycheck to paycheck, has resources and ideas to help you.

Start out with the Personal Finance and Budget Guide. It contains tips on how to manage your money, how to escape the cycle of debt and to start creating wealth.

Use the tools and articles at to improve your financial education, so you learn how to stay out of debt and start building a healthy and strong financial future for you and your family.