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What should I do with my $1,500 stock investment?

I did my homework but other people are saying that I'm should sell my stocks now, so i am really really confused. What do you g

Hi, I am 18 and I invested $1,500 in a stock. Now I have been reading quite negative about the stock, and little positive, I still have option to sell it and get my 100% money back, but I am waiting on their release of annual financial report which will come out during this month and I anticipate that it will be positive. I did my homework but other people are saying that I'm should sell my stocks now, so i am really really confused. What do you guys think I should do?

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Investment and smart financial planning is extremely complex and personal decision, even when the economy is stable (which it certainly is not currently). Even a person with a deep and sophisticated understanding of financial matters would be well advised to work with a qualified financial planner/wealth management firm when deciding on something as important as this.

I suggest you do some homework: get referrals (from family, friends, co-workers, reputable industry groups, and Web sites you trust), check for certifications, learn about the different fee structures, and have face-to-face interviews with as many financial professionals as you need to until you find someone or a company you trust and are comfortable with.

You will find a longer article I wrote recently on how to go about choosing a financial planner at

Financial planning is a very important undertaking that, for most people, will impact one's life-long financial situation. It should be done cautiously, wisely and with a substantial amount of research and due diligence.

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    Aug, 2010
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