Unemployment Benefit & Pension

Unemployment Benefit & Pension

I cashed in my pension. Can I still collect state unemployment benefits? Call the agency in your state that administers unemployment

I am a single parent with 2 boys at home and I have been laid off for a little over a year now. I am still on unemployment and I recently cashed in my supplemental pension to get my bills caught up. I took a lump sum payment and I was wondering if I could still get unemployment.

I want to be very conservative with my thoughts here, and I want you to be very careful with your actions.

Call the agency in your state that administers unemployment benefits. Ask the representative if receiving a pension distribution should be counted as income on the weekly income report you must send the state every week or two.

Listen carefully, and write down the answer you hear, including the name of the representative, and the date and time that you called. Take complete notes. Then call back later and ask the same question to a different representative.

Again take careful and complete notes. If the two responses match, then you have an answer.

I hope this information helps you Find. Learn & Save.