Health Insurance: Articles and FAQs

Health Insurance: Articles and FAQs

Learn How to Get the Right Health Insurance for You and Your Family

Healthcare is expensive, and the costs keep going up each year. If you don't have health insurance, you're taking a significant risk. Medical expenses are so high that if you have to pay them on your own, you will likely find that your costs exceed what it would have cost you to buy adequate insurance coverage in the first place.

Now that the government requires that you get insurance or pay a penalty, it is doubly essential that you find the right health insurance policy for your particular needs.

Employer Paid Coverage

One of the best ways to obtain health insurance at a reasonable cost is through your employer if your employer pays for part of it.

Not every employer, however, offers health insurance. If your employer doesn't, you need to find the best independent insurance coverage for you and your family.

Is Cheaper Better?

When you shop for health insurance, keep in mind that health insurance with the cheapest premium is not necessarily the best coverage for you to buy. The monthly cost is undoubtedly an important factor, but it must be weighed against the benefits you receive.

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