Home Insurance: Articles and Help

Home Insurance: Articles and Help

Why You Need Homeowners Insurance

Your home is probably your most valuable asset and investment.  Although we hope we never need to use it, you need to have homeowner’s insurance to protect yourself in the event of a disaster, fire, or accident.

A home insurance policy will not only cover damages to your home's structure but also your personal belongings if they get destroyed or stolen.  Don't put your home at risk or leave yourself vulnerable to notable financial harm by being underinsured. Find the right level of home insurance coverage, so you have the peace of mind that your most significant investment is adequately protected.

Mortgages and Home Insurance

Buying a home insurance policy is a standard requirement to purchase a home or to do a mortgage refinance. A mortgage lender will not risk the possibility of taking a loss should your home suffer severe damage.

It is up to you, however, to decide if you want only a basic policy or one that covers more unlikely, but very devastating occurrences, such as an earthquake.

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