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Which insurance providers do not check your credit?

Which insurance providers do not check your credit?

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  • Auto insurers do check credit reports
  • Your credit score will affect your insurance costs
  • Ask your potential insurer how important good credit is to them

I assume that when you mention insurance, you are referring to automobile insurance, as auto insurance is the most common type of insurance that consumers shop for.

To be perfectly honest, I know of no major auto insurance providers that do not consider consumersÂ’ credit scores when underwriting new policies. In fact, consumers with low credit scores can expect to pay significantly higher insurance premiums than consumers with good credit. How much more you can expect to pay varies significantly from provider to provider, so you should shop around for the best rate and policy terms.

When requesting quotes, you should specifically ask how your credit score will affect your insurance rates. I encourage you to visit the Auto Insurance Resources page to find out more about car insurance. If you request an auto insurance quote through, we can have several pre-screened insurance providers contact you to discuss the options available to you.

I hope this information helps you make better money decisions.




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