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Wells Fargo Bill Pay 2024

Wells Fargo’s bill-paying service is an online resource that allows bank customers to have their regular bills paid automatically.
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Wells Fargo’s Online Bill Pay service can take the hassle and uncertainty out of paying household bills.

Types of ServiceOnline Bill Pay, Mobile Banking
Contact InformationOnline Banking Support: 1-800-956-4442; or via Online Mobile App or Website via login
Service or Support Hours24 hours a day, 7 days a week

The service fully automates the payment of recurring bills, yet it still leaves the customer in charge. Users get to set payment instructions and receive notifications when a bill is paid. Wells Fargo’s Online Bill Pay then makes sure those instructions are followed.

This service can save customers time, avoid late fees, and help maintain a good credit score. All of this can be achieved with a few minutes’ worth of set-up time and comes with the resources of one of the nation’s largest banks. 

This article explains everything a consumer should know before deciding whether to sign up for Wells Fargo Online Bill Pay, including:

  • What is Wells Fargo Bill Paying?
  • The Wells Fargo mobile app to pay bills
  • Wells Fargo online bill paying
  • What kind of bills can you pay with Wells Fargo?
  • Is it safe to pay bills with Wells Fargo's bill-paying service?
  • Advantages of using a bill-paying service

What Is Wells Fargo Bill Paying?

Wells Fargo’s bill-paying service is an online resource that allows consumers to have their regular bills paid automatically. 

The service is available to checking account customers of Wells Fargo Bank. Wells Fargo is one of the largest banks in the United States. According to the FDIC, Wells Fargo has over 4,500 locations in more than 25 states and several foreign countries.

Wells Fargo’s bill-paying service works by linking directly to a customer’s Wells Fargo checking account. The service allows the customer to store payment information for a variety of bills the customer regularly pays. 

The customer can then choose to arrange to have those bills paid automatically, according to  the customer’s instructions. For example, the customer can select which bill to pay, how much to pay, and when to have the payment transferred.

Users of this service can also choose to get an email notification when a payment is sent, so they can stay on top of their payment status. There is no charge for this service. However,  there may be a fee if the user needs a payment sent the same day.

Wells Fargo Mobile App to Pay Bills

To add even more flexibility to this service, Wells Fargo has an easy-to-use mobile app. This app lets customers manage their payments wherever they get mobile data reception.

The app allows users to see which bills are due and how much they owe. It also shows the available balances on customer checking and savings accounts. This feature helps customers  ensure that they have money in their account that is available for payment.

The app also lets the user select which bill to pay, how much to pay, and when to pay it. In this way, the app combines the convenience of automation and mobility with the control of traditional bill paying. 

Wells Fargo Online Bill Paying

Besides allowing people to make payments through their mobile app, the Wells Fargo Online Bill Pay service allows users to manage all their payments through their laptop computers. 

Online Bill Pay lets users store the name, address, and account number of the companies they pay bills to. As long as those companies participate in electronic billing, the program will automatically coordinate with such companies to have billing notifications sent automatically.

After that, users have a choice. They can have payments sent automatically by Wells Fargo or they can reserve the option of approving each bill online. Either way, payments can be made without the user ever having to write a check, buy a stamp, or mail an envelope. 

What Kind of Bills Can You Pay with Wells Fargo?

Users of the Wells Fargo Online Bill Pay service can pay bills from any company that participates in electronic payments. This includes most major service providers, like mobile phone networks, utilities, and cable TV companies.

Online Bill Pay makes the most sense for bills a customer pays month after month. That way, a customer can set the account up once and use it to make all future bills for that service easier to pay.

Is It Safe to Pay Bills with Wells Fargo Bill-Paying Service?

Wells Fargo offers 2-step verification as an added level of security. The verification involves Wells Fargo sending an access code to a known device of the user every time the user wants to log in to his or her account.

In addition to 2-step verification, users can receive alerts anytime their username or password is changed. And users can also review — and receive notifications about — transactions and balances. This feature helps users further monitor account activity to spot potential fraud.

Advantages of Using a Bill-Paying Service

Some of the benefits of using an automated bill-paying service like Wells Fargo Online Bill Pay include:

  • Convenience. Users get to process their payments where and when it suits them. Users can also have their payments made completely automatically.
  • Timeliness. Users can choose when their funds are delivered. This feature ensures that payment is received by the due date. 
  • Credit score. Late payments can wreck a credit score. Automation, online access, and electronic delivery can help make sure that doesn’t happen.
  • Paperless recordkeeping. Financial records are important to maintain. But paper records can be difficult to keep track of. Having your entire payment history readily available online takes care of this recordkeeping headache..

A final thing to remember when considering Wells Fargo Online Bill Pay: these benefits are available at no extra charge for standard payment delivery.