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About Charter One Bank

Charter One takes care of its clients by giving them tools and information to make an educated loan decision. They offer flexible loan programs, competitive rates, and easy loan payment options. Charter One Mortgage have prompt customer service and the loan process is smooth, easy, and fast. Charter One, however, operates primarily in the northeastern US.
Cleveland, OH
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Charter One offers mortgage home loans with an easy application, quick decision, and convenient closing. With Charter One, you can choose from fixed or variable interest rates, interest only, and different term lengths for home purchases, refinances, or home-to-home loans. Charter One is a leading mortgage provider, whether you need a refinance mortgage loan, purchase loan, reverse mortgage or debt consolidation loan product.
Prompt service, easy online services, great loan products
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Equity Line

by | June 8, 2014
They forgot to file my Deed of Trust when I opened Equity Line with them. I wasn't able to refi my house because of that. When I called them and requested to record Deed of trust, they promised to file it with in 30 days. 6 months later they still did not do it. It took a letter to CEO of this bank, numerous phone calls, letters, faxes and endless hours to finally file my Deed of Trust. 250 working hours were invested into resolving this issue. my house was never refinanced .

Be wary, they're not helpful or professional

by | September 12, 2013
I had about 5 good years with Charter One for personal and business banking. Not anymore. I just went through an identity theft situation, and every time I was on the phone with them, they spent most of their time trying to upsell me to open other types of accounts and services. In business, they just blocked a large deposit made to my account from another bank then started charging me massive overdraft fees. A rep from the other bank was on the phone with me and CharterOne and was amazed at the dumbness

Illegal overdraft tactics

by | September 4, 2013
Juggle transactions to maximize overdraft fees to your account. Made several transitions to my account in one evening which would have caused one overdraft. I made a error on my part. They held all the transactions and posted them in order from highest to lowest to cause overdraft to occur sooner and as a result I ended up paying for five. This was not the first time this has happened. The government is trying to clamp down on these type of practices.

Not trustworthy

by | June 17, 2013
I have been trying to get a Home mortgage since October, 2012. This was on a short sale and there was no urgency until May 2, 2013. There is nothing wrong with my credit - I have been told that I am more than qualified for this loan but the ineptness of the loan officer and her boss is unbelievable. They make promises they don't keep. I've been a customer of this bank for 25 years. I will be losing the opportunity to purchase this house at the end of the week. Run as far away from this bank as you can

hidden annual fee and close earlier penality..

by | May 20, 2013
I applied/got approved HELOC at MI Canton Branch. In Apr. I found I was billed for annual fee. The manager said not only I must pay annual fee $50, but also I would pay $350 penalty if close less than 3 years. No one told me during my applying. So the manager agree to waive this year fee for the bank didn't tell me in the first place. But 5/20/2013, no waive, and I was told the manager moved to new branch, the person helped in first place denied any wrong doing. She said I should read all fine print.

  • BS
    Jun, 2013
    Broadview Heights, OH
    I got a heloc from them as well. I got the same fees. Nobody told me about them either, but I did read the agreement before I signed it and those were part of the terms.

Horrible bank. High fees and intimidation.

by | March 18, 2013
Accidentally overdrew my account twice in one day (because of a poorly timed auto-payment from my gym). Did not receive any electronic notification and was slapped with penalties totaling $75 before I could rectify the situation. Staff were inflexible and condescending. I decided to close my account due to their unprofessionalism. What's worse, when I went to branch, I was taken into a cubicle and three male bankers stood above me while I signed the paperwork (I guess trying to intimidate me?). Pathetic.

Worst Mortgage Bank Ever

by | November 1, 2012
If you live in the Chicago area and are looking to purchase or refi a mortage stay away from Charter One and any of their branches. They all promise the world and can not deliver.

Stay away from Charter One/RBS!

by | October 9, 2012
They have been taking over 2 weeks to process a $35,000 loan on a $285,000 house. I was led to believe that the process would only take 48 hours. After I called the bank manager twice, they put a rush on the file, but that made no difference. The loan officer can't get anyone from the underwriting department to return his calls. They just leave you hanging. I have had 2 mortgages with other banks with no problems. Charter One has been the worst experience ever!

Get your money out of this bank before they take it all

by | June 12, 2012
I am a long term customer of this bank. I started as a customer Beverly Bank. Five take-overs later, it is Charter One Bank. It was minimally adequate in the service it provided but cheap. Has a splattering of banks in the Chicago area, few ATMs and miserable customer support. Now, they have implemented $3 ATM fees when you inquire on balances or withdraw cash from an ATM and get a balance (in addition to any fees you pay to an external ATM). Check out Ally bank, no fees and excellent Customer Service

Refinance nightmares (2)

by | April 11, 2012
I did one new mortgage and a refinance with CO recently. Both were nightmares. Phone staff didn't send me the right documents, did not understand major issues, were not ready for closing, did not understand closing rules in Chicago. We had an 8 hour closing owing to CO's errors! The refinance took SIX MONTHS. They have yet to pay my insurance on time from the equity account. They are mostly nice people but their procedures and information are often at the level of incompetence. Go elsewhere!

corporate greed

by | April 10, 2012
Charter one bank is the worst bank ever to do business with. I set up my alerts to notify me of over draft and I never received the alerts. When I called customer service their customer service reps say the same pre-scripted message. No one can tell me why but simply say sorry for the 222.00 in fees and offered me a credit of 37.00 No one has offered to fix the problem. I will be pulling my money out and going to a real bank that knows how to treat the people that keep them in business


by | April 4, 2012
They went from no more FEES to read the fine print on FEES! They say going paperless is an option - BS- The are charging me $2 per statement so I'm being billed to save my money with them - I paid so far this year $6 on an account that has only given 86 cents in interst - I can do the math also - their loss - taking out my savings since I earn more keeping it in a mattress!

Charter One goes to "fee" from free

by | March 26, 2012
Charter One has joined the group of banks that have ditched "free" checking entirely. A checking account now costs 10 bucks a month (OK, $9.99) unless you go through a whole series of hoops. I have three accounts in that bank, have been a customer for more than 20 years. Now, I'm in the market to bring my money to another financial institution.

I would give 0 stars if I could

by | March 15, 2012
Do NOT use Charter One Bank for student loans. They change fees and interest rates without notifying you, they send collections after you even if you make timely automatic debit payments, and their customer service agents do not understand the loan agreements (probably because the terms are changed so often). Any bank is better than this one.

Please Walk Away

by | March 5, 2012
Please do not use this company. I promise, you will regret it and you will be very stressed after the process. They do not communicate well, they will do anything to get your service (lie) and they are not accountable. So when your deal falls through after months of the run-around, they will simply say "so sorry for ya!". You have been warned!!!

Looters and Goones

by | February 28, 2012
I set up automatic bill pay from the wrong account accidentally and then I get a phone call that they pay with their money FIRST! Then come and take it from our account. SO guess what? They get to charge us fees! They hold purchases until they stack up and no matter what transaction came first, (it doesn't matter what "Bank Day") they debit the larger first. Not only do you get fees for each of these but they go ahead and take it from your POSITIVE account that you've got checks out there for! BANKSTERS!!!!

Charter One has solid mortgage rates

by | February 15, 2012
Refinance rates are at the lowest in my lifetime, and CHarter One has pretty competitive rates.

Customer Service is Awful

by | February 9, 2012
Can't tell if they are licensed in California but gettint anyone to talk to me about service on my loan is impossible. They take money just fine.

Refusing to give good faith estimate

by | February 2, 2012
Worked with a loan officer who refused to give me good faith estimate instead wanted me to pay application fee first. I refused told him that was against the RESPA law. Will not work with a bank who violates the law.

Good Bank - Horrible Customer Service

by | January 25, 2012
If you ever have to call them, you will find operators like Brenda and Tia that keep you on hold for extended periods of time and provide only limited service if anything at all. Go in to your branch, you don't want to call in to their customer service

Horrible experince !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by | January 23, 2012
I Refinanced 5 years ago with charter one. I own 2 properties and they used the wrong one to secure the mortage. Now I want to sell the one property but can't because they have it secured.I have been trying for 2 months for them to fix it but keep getting the runaround from person to person.Has any one else hsd this problem or ideas how to fix it.

Stealing my money

by | January 8, 2012
Six years ago I stared dealing with Charter One . A 3.00$ charge on my account started about 6 months ago . I ask the bank why 3.00$ a month charge / I was told IT's ONLY 3$. This women did not care. And she was rude. It's time I get out of this bank.

charter one stinks

by | December 22, 2011
This bank does nothing but put a bad taste in my mouth. Ridiculous and unforgiving over draft fees, horrible hours and poor customer service are just the tip of the iceberg. What good is a bank to me if i work 9-5 and there open 9-4? this means i have to waste my lunch time running to the bank b/c a bunch of tellers sitting in a office counting other peoples money can't work 8 or more hours a day!? And good luck if there is an error with your account. Even when they are admitting fault, the cost is yours.

Lack of Business Skills

by | November 16, 2011
My wife and I have been customers for approx. 18 months. I wanted to refinance. Our credit scores are 809 and 813. We were rejected. How would you react if you could not qualify for the same loan at a lower rate? Other disagreements as well. LOTS of Vice Presidents but no common sense let alone business skills. I wrote to the Vice Chairman but he has yet to respond. Jim Fleischel

I hope I can stop as many people as possible from using Charter One Bank

by | November 15, 2011
Charter One Bank Looted a savings account and a checking account with outrageous fees. When we closed out account we asked why they would charge such high fees. Their response was, Well we sent you an account statement if you didn't like it you should have moved your money elsewhere". This BUYER BEWARE Program is the kind of Bank they are. They want access to your money just to LOOT IT with outrageous fees. I hope this review will alert others to move their account elsewhere....Good Riddance to you COB

Complusive Equity Line Refi

by | October 14, 2011
Being compelled to pay off credit line. May have missed deadline to extend under new 10 year program. Important that I speak with someone who can work with me on this. Been on hold 20 minutes and counting for live Customer Service representative. Continually asked if I wish to return to non productive automated system. Very poor customer service. Mark S.

I Haven't had a problem

by | October 7, 2011
I haven't had a problem with Charter One. However I do mostly online banking, so I don't incure alot of the fees people are talking about below. I get electronic statements, only go to a Charter One ATM, etc. I do have oerdraft protection on my account, I will say the $10 to make a "transfer" from the overdraft to my checking is nonsense, but I figure all the banks aregetting really high fees. Haven't dealt with the morgage dept. So I don't know about that. I've been w/ Charter One for 11 years.


by | September 22, 2011
Funny they put the good ratings on top in hopes people will ignore the poor ratings! They really are a poorly rated organization! People don't be deceived make sure you read all the ratings! They once used to be a good bank when they were First Federal of Michigan but when RBS took over customer service & everything else has gotten extremely horrible!

Charter One / Citizens Bank Lied and VA Caught Them!

by | September 21, 2011
Charter One (aka Citizens Bank) told me my credit, appraisal and all financials were great for a VA loan. Their underwriting declined it, claiming a VA rule I could not find. VA told me they had no such rule. Citizens/Charter claimed they called VA although they weren't sure who spoke with them and confirmed there was no way the loan could go through. The VA said they had no record of Citizens calling them. And that they would not verbally turn down an ap.

Vacation for Charter One

by | August 31, 2011
Don't be disappointed if a week or two before the closing date, your loan processor goes on vacation.

  • DS
    Sep, 2011
    Huron, NY
    The same thing happened to me! She went on vacation for a week while my loan sat idle on her desk with no one working on it. I called her "back up" person and he never returned my call. Their customer service is a joke. It took forever for them to return calls or emails and they do the bare minimum to get by. I could not be less pleased. Avoid them like the plague.

read the fine print with charter one

by | August 24, 2011
this bank robs your money instead of giving you .25 interest. You lose money. They don't even know their own policies. PLEASE ALWAYS READ FINE PRINT or better yet take your money out and better to keep it in your mattress. j.c.

  • RN
    Aug, 2011
    C/o Philadelphia, PA
    Trying to to do a refinance and pull out equity is a total nightmare with Charter One. They say that you are approved at every stage of the refinance, from the GFE to the uniform Residential Loan application. After the loan processor has received their bonus for taking your $450 non-refundable application fee (the loan processor I dealt with bragged about having 80 loans on her table), then they make up a bogus ratio that underwriting needs for approval. In my opinion, this company is a scam for application fees, if they actually take the time to review the application and the information that they request, this negative review would have been avoided.

Don't get your mortgage at Charter One

by | August 21, 2011
Poor customer service, delays, excuses, lack of information. BEWARE!

  • WB
    Sep, 2011
    Smithfield, VA
    worst Co. I have ever dealt with...could not get them to release lien after payment was made...could not reach anyone to answer my questions.. How they stay in business is beyond me...

I love Charter

by | August 10, 2011
charter bank is great for all my needs. I have been with them for over 5 years and have had nothing but excellent service from them. Their employees are courteous and always willing to help.

  • KY
    Nov, 2011
    Chicago, IL
    This bank really really sucks. I had my account with them fro 3 years. Last year, I was in London for a year, they started charging inactivation fee without informing me. When I came back, alah, they closed my account and took all my money in my account(I had a low balance), and did not tell me they closed my account until I went to the bank to ask about this. My advice is go somewhere else with your money where they would treat you better!!

Going Fee Crazy

by | July 3, 2011
Charter One is apparently making up for finance reform laws by loading fees onto the backs of checking account holders. $17+ monthly management fees, $3 monthly statement fees, inactivity fees and NO INTEREST paid

  • JD
    Aug, 2011
    Detroit, MI
    Having a checking account with CharterOne is now a lot like the mortgage scam. Our money went to the banks to bail them out now we are charged on the back end with fees on top of fees for having the account. They can charge you $37 overdraft fee for being overdrawn 50 cents. Then another $6.99 every 3 days thereafter. $3.00 for an inquiry. $3.00 to receive a statement. As far as I am concerned there are NO Foreign ATMs'. Did my bailout money go to Foreign Banks? The banks should be paying customers to have an account with THEM!! Wake up people.

  • MC
    Feb, 2012
    Avon Lake, OH
    I just want to clear a fact here. I do not bank with Charter One but as an investor, Charter One did not receive any bail out money. They are owned by Royal Bank of Scotland and the American bail out did not include Charter One. The Royal Bank of Scotland was bailed out by Her Majesty and they have a 5 year repayment plan. They did not get the free ride that other American owned banks did.

  • DH
    Apr, 2012
    Ripley Twp, OH
    Making up for banking reform losses? What a joke. Look at the salaries paid to the top brass. That's where the money is going. I keep enough in my (zero interest) account to not get charged for any fees. However, they are going to start charging me for checks, so when I run out, I'm going closing all of my accounts and moving it to my Federal Credit Union where they do not charge for such things. The way to correct this is to for the Federal government to require less leverage on their loans (read more equity in their accounts). In order to attract that equity they would have to start paying retail customers a decent interest rate and provide competitive services.

Do not waste your time with Charter One

by | May 9, 2011
They take forever to close a mortgage loan-Promise a lot but then deliver very little When I received my GFE from Charter one Mortgage. The closing costs were twice as high as I was told I canceled my application after 6 weeks and went to 3rd federal and closed 2.5 weeks later without any problems.

  • CS
    Oct, 2011
    Franklin Township, OH
    I agree, Charter One bank is the worst, it's not good for online banking. Stay away.

Poor service

by | April 19, 2011
The worst experience ever-Took 3 months to close- Every time I was told the deal was ready to close they would ask for more conditons- To make matters worse the closing costs were far higher than I was told from the begining-

  • JK
    Oct, 2011
    Melvindale, MI
    Same here!!!! 2 Days until closing and they keep aasking me for information that they said they already had. I am extremely upset with this company. First home buyer and seriously thinking about renting for the rest of my life now.

  • JH
    Nov, 2011
    Westchester, IL
    You can contact RBS Citizens - Charter's parent company, and just mention the Dodd Frank law regarding fees that were misquoted - they will return the difference

Charter One Review

by | January 7, 2011
Charter One is a great firm. They helped me out with my refinance loan, and were very responsive and helpful throughout the process. Thanks Charter One.