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About Chase Mortgage

Chase Mortgage and Chase Bank in general is a good source of information to help educate borrowers on what products are available and what loan would suit their needs. Chase Mortgage's customer service is knowledgeable and friendly in helping consumers decide which mortgage products they need. As with any big bank, there is the possibility of a slow mortgage application process. Lastly, Chase Mortgage's new 1% cash back program can result in thousands of dollars saved over the lifetime of the loan.
Iselin, NJ
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Chase Mortgage is one of largest mortgage lenders in the US, originating thousands of new mortgage loans each year. You can get a Chase Mortgage Refinance loan, a home purchase loan or even a debt consolidation loan. Chase also offers Chase reverse mortgage loans. Chase Mortgage offers a diverse array of loan products, including fixed rate and ARM products, conforming mortgage loans and jumbo mortgage loans. Chase is a well respected national lender and has a new mortgage program called the 1% Mortgage Cash Back. Chase Mortgage's new program gives customers 1% cash back each month based on their scheduled monthly payment.
Chase has knowledgeable customer service, consumer friendly Web site and many products. Cash-back for existing checking customers.
Slow mortgage application process, poor follow-up

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Chase is the Devil

by | June 23, 2014
Like most people I have fed x'd numerous modification packages to Chase, of course they say there is missing paperwork etc ext. The funny thing is I made two exact copies of the packages and the lender on my 1st mortgage received it, sent me a letter stating as much (you will NEVER get this from Chase) then submitted it all to underwriting. Chase recovery department called me Friday out of the blue, no demand letter nothing and stated that if I don't pay $30,000 in a week they will file a default. WTF !!!!


by | June 20, 2014
After delaying my refinance application for six month factors like dribbling out requests for information from me one or two at a time, Chase was ready to close.I had responded to EVERY request they sent me within 24 hours, except once when I was out of town. One day prior to closing, they added one full point to my closing costs to compensate them for their own delays. I walked. 30 days later I am ready to close with another lender. Savings over Chase's deal? $8000. Enough said.

Taking the home of a sick man without notice

by | June 4, 2014
In October of 2013 we were notified that we were in foreclosure. We tried to refi tried to modify. Yesterday we were served with a notice that our home had been sold and we needed to leave. MY husband is ill. He has cancer. We are elderly and have no place to go. We are going to fight them.

Absolutely Ridiculous!

by | May 24, 2014
Fell a little behind on mortgage payments due to lowered hours at work. Constantly kept in contact with Chase letting them know when I would be able to make the payment and was told it would be fine. A week before my payment was to go through we got served with foreclosure papers. Payed off what was owed but still owe attorney fees. Have been sending packets of paper work to the underwriter for 4 months now waiting to get this all cleared up. Always told there is a problem and we need to send in more info.

Horrible mortgage company !

by | May 20, 2014
Lost paperwork that's faxed and mailed, no communication with company, packages sent several times , returned checks, APOLOGY LETTER FOR APPLYING MY MONEY TO ANOTHER ACCOUNT. That wasn't recognized until 6 months later while I was fighting (still am for 4 years now) a forclosure. Get told one thing one day paperwork says different. Listen to the specialist everything ends up wrong. My $50k house has turned into a $66k. I was one they had to pay because of bad practices and I'm still fighting to keep my home

Worst experience

by | April 16, 2014
Excellent mortgage broker but the processor and the underwriter sucks. Poor communication, infact no communication, I tried to contact the processor 15 times in 15 days no response what so ever and the manager is another one no follow up .over all experience is extremely poor. it took 5 months to do a refinance. I would stay away with them if you can.


by | April 15, 2014
Chase is horrible. They will not talk to you about restructuring your loan unless you are delinquent. When I called to ask them to wave overdue interest fees, it turns out the people on the line do not have my correct mailing address (they thought it was my property address despite the fact that I have not lived there for years) EVEN though my correct address is listed in my on-line profile. One hand does not know what the other is doing. Very unhelpful people. Too busy handing out millions in exec bonuses.

They layoff my loan offer last Friday

by | April 14, 2014
Meaning they are not doing good. Overall very bad. Will close my private client account after closing. All they care is about money. Customer relations is overrated to Chase.

Run, Run, Run and Don't Look Back!!!

by | March 17, 2014
In 2010 after my husband had lost his job and I was on disability, I applied for a loan modification. Long story short we're told to stop paying the mortgage to qualify,; I submitted paperwork (8 packets) ovrer and over again because they were always looking for one missing page so had to resubmit the whole thing; took 21/2 years to complete the process. We went from a loan balance of $310.00 left to a new loan balance of $353.00 because of interest and fees that Chase tacked on. Do not use Chase.!!!

Refi/Cash Out Saga.

by | March 6, 2014
I was laid off from my job and my husband and I decided to refinance our current loan and line of credit through Chase and consolidate debt. We currently have a 15 year mortgage - the loan officer was proposing a 30 year mortgage based on one income. After providing all of the documentation, I was informed that we barely qualified for the new loan and that if underwriting found any discrepancy, we would need to bring the exact amount of our savings to the table. Coincidence? I think not!

From a former Chase underwriter

by | January 27, 2014
These reviews are mostly unfounded despite having bits and pieces of truth. Please keep in mind that: - Chase and the loan officer do not make money unless your loan closes. - Processors are graded based on customer service - Underwriters have their loans audited to ensure every required piece of documentation is in the file. - Investors wont buy our loans if just one of their requirements are not met. Could be something as simple as the underwriter not asking the borrower about a large deposit

property tax check

by | January 3, 2014
well its jan 3 still don't have my check was told it was mailed on dec 10 well by dec 23 no check called again was told checks were lost in the mail or by the mail and that on dec 26 a check would be fedex to my village well here its Friday jan 3 and nothing now they said they are now sending another check so if nothing call chase again on the 10th what the hell where is my money now I will not get to claim it on taxes and will most likely get penalized for being late they don't care

January 2nd 2014 review.

by | January 2, 2014
I have made 48 phone calls and sent 19 emails to chase in the past 2 1/2 in a half weeks and cannot seem to get any answers. I have spoke to 36 people in the Phillpines and 8 managers 4 presidental level and a exec level relationship manager. Will not remove my PMI even though I have a appraisal showing a 72% LTV. The people answering the phones have no financial literacy once so ever nor do they know about the new laws protecting consumers the Dodd Frank Act has enacted. Servicing is horrendous.

Very Bad Service.

by | December 12, 2013
Home Modification Process is very poor. Customer service tell you one thing and then the paper work say something different. Being denied 3 times after been told it would go through.House was put in foreclose had to pay $$$$ to get back out. Been on the repayment plan payments or so high it not a real help 492.99 mortgage up to 727.00 a month for 12 months. That how Chase help it customers.

Horrible Service

by | November 26, 2013
We had good credit, plenty of home equity, and a more than adequate salary. We tried to refinance with Chase (our current loan is with Chase). Nightmare! Strange confused requests for irrelevant info. A broken secure email system. Nebulous underwriters whose requests, once filtered through the Chase staff, sounded like something from Alice in Wonderland. Loan withdrawn, no reason given, and a non-refundable "application fee". These people are poison.

Lost payments, missing $ from Escrow, Modification Nightmare.

by | November 19, 2013
3 mortgage payments applied to someone elses account. Took 1yr to prove it. They also took nearly $8,000 out of my Escrow account, couldn't tell me where it went. Now we're forced into modification, for being 2mths late due to unemployment. Went to pay the 2 months and they refused it. They sent back a previous payment for no reason, and made us appear to be 3mths late. Loan started at $124.5k, had it down to $109k, now they have made it back up to $123.5 after 9 years of pmts and $105k paid.

Chase Home Modification Fiasco

by | October 17, 2013
We get told to go through Home Modification Process.Mom sends everything in the first time, gets denied because she didn't send everything when she couldn't get a hold of her Case Worker.So She complains to the manager and asks for a new caseworker. No they sent her to the same one and re-sent the package for her to fill out. She does it again and sends Everything they need.Once again cant get caseworker. Gets a phone call at her job saying if she doesn't send one more thing the house will be foreclosed on.

Loan for Co-op

by | September 25, 2013
Worthless and weak mortgage banker, completely absent lending manager, a nice enough loan processor and a phantom underwriter equals 12 weeks of spinning my wheels culminating in a frustrating decline (I am the 25% owner of a 26 year old corporation with a net equity of over $5 million dollars), but since they are deeming me as self-employed but with less than the two year history, I've been declined. No guidance or feedback and no initiate to make this slam dunk of a loan work. Crappy business.

Refinance Nightmare!

by | September 25, 2013
My current mortgage (adjustable) is with Chase and recently I called to inquire about a refi to fix my rate. I was willing to eat their higher fees and interest because they promised it would be "simple". What a LIE. The amount of paperwork is ridiculous and the documentation they want is over the top and frankly beyond invasive. Worse, I've been passed to THREE different loan officers in the last month, each with a seemingly different story and set of documents they need. Been over a month and not done

Horrible company with uneducated employees

by | September 13, 2013
I have been trying for 6 months to help my mother apply for a loan modification due to her husbands passing from cancer and all they have done is give us the run around. I have filled the forms out while on the phone with a customer service person line by line was told it was not right. This has happened 5 different times along with having to resend all the paper work EVERY time. Then there is always something new every time they say they need. My mothers home is now in foreclosure and they will not help.

Incompetant at best-Manager & Loan officer will not return calls!

by | August 26, 2013
Chase contacted me numerous times to refinance my loan, that I already had with them. I was told in writing there would be no closing fees & at the most I would pay 1 month's of interest. Finally, I heard from the loan processor. He was unprofessional and called me on my cell when the call was dropped. He told the Loan Officer I hung up on him. Bizarre. Then, he told me I had to bring $6000 to closing to cover the escrow. By law, they can only ask 1/6 of a year's of escrow ($1,870 for me).

Chase is Horrible

by | August 23, 2013
i am having the exact same problems with documents, etc. , that others are having- they never get them because the faxes go to email and we all know what happens to emails!!! The final straw for me was that my banker did not correct my birthday (april and may sound nothing alike) and she entered on two separate docs that I was not a first time home buyer. Please take the time to hire a lawyer to look over your docs and be present at closing. You will be too tired and stressed to go through the docs.


by | August 12, 2013
We're in the process of closing, still. For two months, we've been sending docs and information that consistently gets lost. Right hand doesn't know what the left is doing. Supposed to close tomorrow and found out 72 hours in advance that they weren't going to make it after saying that it wouldn't be a problem at all for the entire time leading up. Incredibly incompetent. If I had a way to switch right now and not be out a boatload of money, I would.

Bad Experience with Chase

by | July 13, 2013
PLEASE READ: I tried to give Chase the benefit of the doubt, but they were awful. They held up our closing by 2 weeks by requiring a 2nd inspection for minor repairs (a window, deck nails, etc). We took off work twice for them to tell us the paperwork had not been sent to the Title Company and we wouldn't be able to close. Finally on closing, we had signed the paperwork and Chase wouldn't wire the money to the sellers w/out checking the paperwork! This was a true nightmare and stressful! Use another bank

Its been 3 months of Hell

by | July 11, 2013
If you're self employed..DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME with Chase..They must have asked me for the information (after I gave it to them) again and again.Its been 3months and still asking me for stuff I gave them weeks ago! What those idiots don't know is that I started another loan 30 days ago and we are closing tomorrow. Can not wait to tell Chase! I will also be closing all my accounts. People remember..we have choices.

  • HG
    Jul, 2013
    Wilmington, DE
    I am having the same issues as you. I got my original mortgage 7 years ago as a self employed and everything was great with Chase. Now, I am refinancing and trying to avoid foreclosure, and it is the same thing. They keep losing paperwork. Fortunately, as part of the government penalty for the fraud they all committed, I have a lawyer appointed to me as my witness to all the crap they are pulling. They must be seriously overwhelmed.

8 months and still no light at the end of the tunnel

by | July 5, 2013
Hello all. I am a combat veteran, discharged from the military in June 2012. I was unable to find a job right away and fell quickly behind on our mortgage. I applied for a loan modification through Chase and it has since been denied twice, restarted 8 times and I have be reassigned to a different rep 7 times. It seems to be an ongoing trend and I am a person with a lot of patience. I am still in the process and since then i have financial gotten back on my feet. Just keeping the faith that this goes good.


by | June 25, 2013
I recently discharged from bankruptcy in hopes to modify the loan (from 2008-2013 without luck) Chase is VERY SLOW, lose paperwork or info is outdated and forms no longer valid. They will not refi (underwater) but yet will modify for 38-40 yrs for a loan even greater than the loan balance. WTH?! Really. No wonder people are under water, when Chase uses GROSS vs NET income (look at my deductions) Their formula to calculate what they think you can afford is not realistic! I wouldn't be in this mess if true.

PLEASE read the reviews. Go elsewhere.

by | June 19, 2013
Mortgages elsewhere were transparent, fast and painless. CHASE the worst financial experience of my life. "Miscommunication" (deception) resulting in points/fees you never agreed to, last minute (close tomorrow or lose loan) then send you to closing with wrong numbers (no 24hr review) so you cancel and they charge you extension fees, not accepting valid documents. Cancel closing same day. Any/every delay tactic until rates up or they tack on more fees. Closing all accounts. Stand up. Say NO!

WORST bank ever

by | June 11, 2013
I was approved for a loan on my dream house well the dream faded very quickly after dealing with chase mortgage in Grand Prairie Texas and so called loan officer Maria Morales. As I have read the reviews we all seem to have the exact problems. I finally got my house after 2 months worth of hell. As of today June 2013 I still have paperwork issues with chase. Our of my pocket I am out 3500.00 dollars do to promises not kept. I am finding another bank to refinance ASAP.

NEVER Use Chase

by | June 11, 2013
I am an employee of Chase, and consequently, for obvious reasons, am unable to give details regarding my experience of obtaining a mortgage. All I can say is that my mortgage experience with Chase has been the most horrible (out of six mortgages in my life) that I have had. DO NOT even apply. Read the other reviews and then choose a different lender.

Stay away from Chase

by | June 6, 2013
Several mortgage specialists at Chase are either incompetent or are told to rip you off. I had my mortgage with Chase and was interested in refinancing under HARP. I was told to pay front up fees before starting the process, and that no one else could do my refi because Chase was my mortgage holder. I had equity in the home, verified good employment, and 820 credit score. I'm glad I found Emery Federal Credit Union. I am closing the bank accounts there as well. BTW, visit a Chase branch and see it yourself.

Criminal Fraudsters!!!!

by | May 31, 2013
Don't jeopardize your family and home, Chase has a long pattern of engaging in fraudulent activity from foreclosing on the homes of active servicemen to placing outrageously priced insurance in violation of federal law. The insurance scam partners them with what appears to be little insurance companies that are actually controlled by Assurant who in turn reinsures the policies via Chase at big profits. One of many examples of violation of federal law. Run from these crooks!!!!

Chase is the worst place to apply for refi

by | May 16, 2013
I went to get a home equity loan & got talked into a mortgae refi. After submitting loads of documents to Chase, my refi app just got denied. I have a CR of over 800. The refi amount was half the appraised value (chase appraiser). I think I was denied because I questioned their underwriter's demand for some documents that seemed unreasonable. The loan officer also wondered about that demand. Now I am out $460.00 and am looking to file a complaint!

Do NOT waste your time with Refinance through Chase

by | April 28, 2013
Like other reviews Chase sent us a BS letter offering to refinance our existing Chase loan to a lower interest rate. Filled out & sent back all their required paperwork & our backup documentation, paid Chase fee for an appraisal of our condo & were "approved". Then requests for additional paperwork from us. Every week they needed something else.Several days ago get told that our condo HOA doesn't meet their underwrites criteria...sorry you are denied!!!This was a refinance on an existing Chase loan?

Miraculous Result of Chase's Incompetence

by | April 19, 2013
I thought nothing was worse than B of A. I worked with Chase for over a year on a 2MP - 2nd mortgage modification required when 1st is completed HAMP loan modification. After losing my paperwork several times,ultimately they said I was ineligible because my payment was less than the $100/mo. minimum requirement. A year later, a Fed Ex'd loan contract miraculously appeared on my doorstep. I turned that around the same day, before they changed their mind. Miracles Do Happen!

Dishonest or Perhaps overworked Loan Officers

by | March 21, 2013
Getting a mortgage these days is difficult as we all know. But I am under the impression that even if you are a qualified buyer the bank does everything in its power to not lend, to include botching appraisals. My loan Officer seemed nice. She even recommended a realtor after I had problems with the first one. naive me FTHB. The realtor must have been working against me with the bank because nothing went right..and it appeared intentional. In hind site, the Loan Officer could have offered better options.

  • BA
    Mar, 2013
    San Mateo, CA
    I understand your frustration. However, I don't beleive that banks want to pay their staff to not make loans. I hope you got a good interest rate, after the long wait to close the loan.

  • WD
    Aug, 2013
    Visalia, CA
    The article can be found during Google search. "Bank employees rewarded for not giving loans." B of A. Huffington Post is where I read it. This is a heist. If you are young, I am here to tell you i have never seen anything like this except in history books during the roaring 20s and subsequent Great Depression. Be objective.


by | March 16, 2013
I have been getting the run around from this company for months due to their endless requests for ridiculous paperwork for a morg. modification. Every time I have sent in the required info (5 times so far)they reply with..."well now we need..." and you have to get something signed, notarized, or worse pay 125.00 to have one paper registered at the courthouse. This company is NOT concerned with your financial plight. They are in the business of dragging the process out as long as they can to make you give up


by | January 16, 2013
Starting with the branch Loan Officer, Jerry Parker in Morris and Chanahon IL, the level of incompetence is unbelievable with Chase bank. They will constantly need one more document. Then they will screw up and not tell you something that they knew all along until another "tenative" closing date is nearing. I am 60+ days into the process, and will never ever use chase again. I will be eliminating my banking with Chase as soon as this mortgage fiasco is over.

HARP 2 Refi: 88 days and counting

by | December 28, 2012
I locked in a rate with Chase (my current mortgage holder) for a refi (that they offered me via a UPS letter) on 9/30. First they tried to change the negotiated rate because they said that I hadn't disclosed my HELOC. I sent them the email proving that I had. After involving the manager I got my rate. Finally closing was scheduled for 12/22 at 10am at my home. Nobody showed or called. I called Chase and they said they couldn't help me until my processor returned on Monday. No calls or emails returned


by | December 5, 2012
I am one of thousands of poor souls who originally financed through a local lender,ONLY TO HAVE MY MORTGAGE SOLD TO CHASE! Also, as with thousands of others, I had a job loss in 2010 and tried to work with Chase to obtain a loan modification. WHAT A LAUGH! Except I wasn't laughing, but crying. Not only did Chase refuse a loan modification, my mortgage payments went up! Chase refuse to even talk to their customers, referring us to another department, which never calls back.

refinance with Chase - never happened, terrible experience

by | November 30, 2012
Starting refinance,I was charged for $400.00,and was promised,that it will take from 30 to 40 days. Loan officer demonstrated high level of incompetency, all the time,could not answer any question.I was requested to provide tons of documents,spent enormous amount of time on the phone trying to push the process, and in 70 days it was rejected.I was explained that it is not because of me, but because of appraisal they finally did.Yes,it was ridiculous.I asked to send it to me, as I paid for,but never got it.


by | November 9, 2012
took me 3 years to re-finance. Chase kept losing papers. They really do not care! I was lied to as well. They told me to miss payments on purpose. Sure glad I didn`t listen to them!!!!! I was also told I would get a 1% rebate if I did automatic payments. They lied. No rebate because they lost the original form.

CHASE Bank Owned Sales + Chase as Lender for their OWN Bank Owned Home

by | November 2, 2012
Chase does NOT use attorneys to close bank owned sales but a department, who like an octopus with multiple arms, NONE are in coordination. Tho we closed this sale Wednesday, our atty had to be atty and closer and notary, because Chase couldnt get a notary to close or even closing package. Clients are IN HOME but yet nobody is paid, and deed is not provided and CHASE IS STILL asking for more docs to be signed so HUD can be done. 25 years of real estate have never seen such crap. Ready to contact the media!

Refi program

by | October 2, 2012
In a not correct way, Chase representitive will encourage you to lost your job and not to pay mortgage to get their attention to work with you. but it does not promise that the process will be completed.

These people are incompetent

by | September 19, 2012
Not really any other thing to say about them. Like several other people took forever to (attempt to)close. Started in April. I "had" to get everything to them with in a day or two so "we could close by June 30". I duly got them everything they asked for. Then I had to have some telephone conferences with their "credit vendor" 3x same issues. Never heard anything from them for weeks on end...then "had" to get the same information I'd already sent "right away" Finally had enough and told them to forget it.

Terrible experience - very very slow!

by | September 14, 2012
40 days and counting, still not closed. Chase has the poorest custoemr service and processes I have ever seen. They will not give you any idea of when a possible close date will be so you can plan nothing. They have missed 3 close dates so far due to "3rd party" issues that "Chase has no control over." Well the they just missed another close date and the package has been in the Chase closing department for 72 hrs and they "have never seen this before" and they dont know whats going on. Do not use.

Refi that never happened

by | August 30, 2012
I contacted Chase last year to see about streamlining my current mortgage with them into a lower interest rate. After filling out all the paperwork TWICE and faxing it to them the calls from them dwindled. I have great credit so that wasn't the problem. After 6 months went by from the time I started I just forgot about it, which is what I guess they did too. I haven't heard back from them and at this point don't care to. I'll just keep the rate I have, pay it off sooner, to keep money out of their bank

Hope you don't have a homeowners claim!

by | July 12, 2012
Chase received the insurance check from my homeowners carrier 7/9/12. They also received in the same packet all of the invoices for the work done to repair the house. Release the check so I can pay the contractor - Oh no - Chase wants to earn interest on that money. They deposited it Monday when received, and told me today that they would send only $10,000. This is after having sent $24,000 worth of invoices. They called back to let me know "they were reviewing it". AVOID CHASE!

Delayed closing due to incompetence

by | July 5, 2012
Our closing has be delayed because our buyer got a scholarship last year and Chase said they needed a letter from the IRS regarding the (tiny) income difference. Then the letter was not what they needed so they said the buyer needed to write a letter explaining it! If a buyer letter would suffice, why didn't they say that first?! Then their appraiser put down the wrong number of baths in the house so they have to correct that now, something they should have noticed before. NEVER USE CHASE!!!


by | June 16, 2012
Hi, I have a Chase mortgage on a property that my mother and siblings reside in anyway my mom who was injured at work and has not been able to work, this has caused a strain on me financially and I've been using my savings to keep up with the mortgages. it has been an outrageous 11% interest rate making the payments extremely high so I requested a modification in hopes of just reducing the rate so that I can afford the payments, but was denied because it was not my primary residence!

Chase failed to pay our property taxes out of our Escrow Account and ruined our credit!

by | June 10, 2012
My husband and I didn't know this because our bill is sent directly to Chase. We learned about this after it was too late. A FIFA was issued in our names and ruined our credit. We begged Chase to help us to get it removed and they denied helping us. Their statement was, "We didn't do anything wrong." They never apologized either!

Chase has been a nightmare

by | June 4, 2012
Its really zero stars. Chase has made so many errors on our account that on 3 occasions, for nearly a year it reported us delinquent and in pre-foreclosure. We auto-pay, so can never be late We have a fixed loan. but a chase error added our taxes to loan. wont fix so $$ changes +3x status chgd SFD But we're condo w/ assoc paid ins. added @39k per year for prop ins! loan 80k!. it takes ~1 year to fix & report bad cred. despite proof . False charges & cred rep.Daily colltction calls ='s ~100,000 harass calls. RUN!

Attempted modification

by | May 8, 2012
Wife lost her job and was on unemployment. Attempted modification several times and had to submit all documentation several times. Denied every time because we were not in arrears. We used all our life savings to keep current. Passed around and around and on hold for hours during every attempt. One time we were told they had a forebearance department but after multiple transfers to multiple Chase employees, one gave us a number to a plumbing company in New Jersey!!!!

  • PP
    Sep, 2012
    Chalmette, LA
    i went throw the modification sent all the paper work they ask for i waited about three weeks,after that i got a paper in the mail saying that i'm no longer with chase that now i'm with J.P. morgan chase. which i have thought was one in the same. I'm not sure

Chase lied

by | May 3, 2012
They told us we can do the bi-weekly payment. but after we became their customers, they told us that they can not do it.

Never never never recommend to anyone.....worst ever dealt with

by | April 24, 2012
9 customer service reps and 2 1/2 hours on phone because their system rejected my house payment. I didn't know it until was late. They claim I had ISF. Have proven otherwise but they reported it to credit bureau and will not remove. My bank verified it was Chase's fault. I can't get anyone at Chase to do anything about it. They said if I prove the funds were there, theywould fix it. Faxed and emailed docs and they will not respond, will not fix it and will not call me back. Glad they got bail out money!!!!

Incompetent, double talking in regards to Mortgage Modification

by | April 20, 2012
After becoming unemployed, I had pursued our options on a loan mod as part of our adjustment to the change. Too long of a story to write all of the details on phone calls, repetitive information requests with the same "60 days" for a response, etc. Finally, after almost 18 months of runaround, I was informed that only financial hardships dues to death or divorce qualified.

(no title)

by | April 19, 2012
Chase solicited us to refinance when we paid off our vehicle loan. Initially we had declined the "streamline" refinance but when the interest rate drop significantly, it no longer made sense to overlook refinancing. In no way has this been a STREAMLINE process! After two months they are still having issues with wanting a home phone number and not accepting my cell phone number because it is on my spouse's business account. Nearly ready to withdrawal all my Chase accounts and move to a Credit Union!

home equity loan with automatic payment and no interest applied calls made fax sent and no resolve

by | April 18, 2012
Since Jan 18th of 2011 I have attempted to have Chase apply a monthly payment to the interest on a home equity loan in addition to the principle. They have consistently withdrawn the money from my account monthly and only applied it to the principal and not the interest and then charge me a late fee plus the interest and threaten to default. In person I have made contact on Jan. 18th 2011 and December the first week of 2011 and and on March 14th sent a written communication regarding the call of 03/14/12.

Chase is full of incompetence!

by | April 6, 2012
Same experience here! Started a refi with Chase at the beginning of January and promised a closing by Feb. 29. It is now April 6th and we still have not closed. They have asked for the same documents repeatedly, called with different closing figures over and over, we have received no less than 6 truth in lending statements in the mail. Meanwhile, our loan officer quit because she couldn't handle all of the complaints and incompetence. This has been a joke from the beginning. We actually had to write a letter to the underwriter - TWICE - to explain why we made deposits into our bank account during the month. Hmm... isn't that what people normally do when they get paid??? Ridiculous!!

Chase is Forcing me out of my House

by | March 28, 2012
Chase gave me a mortgage loan modification in May, 2010 that was apparently done improperly (according to them, possibly illegally). In making a half-hearted attempt to give me a new loan modification, they have lied, mislead me, been unwilling to answer questions, bullied me into signing papers that I told them I didn't name it, you did it. I am not delinquent and my house is worth twice what I owe.

  • DT
    May, 2012
    at least they send the checks back go to your city hall get all the paperwork ever filed on the house from the time ur mom bought deed of sale quit claim, deed of release all of it and check the signatures and see if MERS CORP was part of any transfer of mortgage companies. Chase will be there and look at signatures check out ROBO-SIGNATURES online! they dont own her house if illegaly or not signed thats what going on

chase and lost paper work

by | March 28, 2012
we had to short sale our house. we got a contract and were told everything was fine. the deal fell through. we later found out chase had lost all the paper work.we did short sale about 10 months later ruined we are trying to refinance our car with another bank chase can't find the tittle.I learned DON'T DEAL WITH CHASE! if you must, educate yourself on your issue and call them every day several times a day or you will be forgotten. never expect to be called star is to of a rating

  • JC
    Mar, 2012
    Austin, TX
    I am being royally screwed by Chase mortgage. According to them, the loan modification I got in May, 2010 was done improperly, "possibly illegally" (their words!). They have deceived me, bullied me, used delay tactics, mislead me, etc., etc. I am not delinquent in my payments and my home is worth twice what I owe yet they are trying to force me out. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH Chase unless you want to live on the street.

  • AR
    Apr, 2012
    Same thing happened to me. Mortgage modification program, they rejected my payment online and MADE me late. Now they wont fix it even though it was their fault and then they said I couldn't qualify for program because I was already late!!! REALLY???? They said not their problem. NEVER NEVER USE THEM FOR ANYTHING.

  • RC
    May, 2012
    Palmer, TX
    My mother-in-law has been having a horrible time with Chase! She is a widow and 66-years-old. She applied for a modification and, supposedly, did not return a paper that was supposed to be returned. I know for a fact that it was faxed to them. They lost it. We have provided proof of the faxed paper, and they still deny receiving it. They are going to foreclose on her home. They sent her another modification application. She filled it out. Chase told her that no matter how many modifications she does, that she will be denied all because of the paper that was faxed and they misplaced. They told her she can file a hundred and they will deny every one of them. I cannot stand Chase! I refuse to have any loans with them. Car loans, credit cards, bank account, etc...They are going to throw a senior citizen out of her home because of a mistake on their part. She has been sending in checks, and they send them back to her!!!!

Perfect Refinance with Chase Mortgage

by | March 26, 2012
Received mail offer from Chase to reduce my mortgage rate by a full 1.25%; processed offer the phone, closed in under 4 wks at NO CHARGES to me, exactly as stated in the offer. Biggest obstacle in the whole process was me, who couldn't believe the offer. EXCELLENT. Thanks Chase Mortgage.

  • JK
    Apr, 2012
    Chase rate reduction offer is a sham. They build the costs back into the loan and add LPMI. Only Chase employees are getting the true free refi's.

  • PD
    Jun, 2012
    WAIT till you have had them a while, we autopay, never late in 15 years. yet they made mistakes so that for a year we had to get calls every day and cred report went from 850 to 590. 2nd time I tried to refi but my ruined credit by chase caused it Never been lat in my life, will soon pay off since cant refi. I make more on the money than they charge so will cost me to pay it off is all. Worth it to stop daily harrassment of me and all people i gave references. So just wait and see what they mess up 4 u. Reviews & friends w chase say its common/constant.

Never goes with Chase - disapointed

by | March 19, 2012
Chase was terrible in the entire process - Missing information - Missing follow up - I normally used to call 4 times per day + 2 e-mails to get 1 answer - and in the end the LOAN was refused not because of me - but because THE CONDO was not approved what suppose to be the first step of the process - but took 15 days to get this answer - For sure being a loyal customer to Chase did not help anything - Very disapointed - I do not recommend Chase for Mortgage - NEVER

  • GF
    Mar, 2012
    Cataula, GA
    I had the worst experience 3 times with Chase Bank. I was not behind and wanted to modify my loan and they kept sending me foreclosure info. They kept losing my info I faxed to them and never let me know they lost it and finally sent me a letter saying the time had expired. Next time they lost my info again and then said the program had ended. The last time they were asked to refinance and they said i had too many inquiries and they were the ones who were inquiring!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate them and am trying to find another bank to take over my loan. I have excellent credit and have never been late paying my house payment. They are crooks.

Don't refi with chase!

by | March 16, 2012
I too have had a horrible experience. 10 months into the process, I went to a mortgage broker and closed in 30 days with lower costs an a lower rate. My chase refi is still being processed!

Chase Refinance

by | March 13, 2012
We started the refinance process with Chase in January and have yet to close 2 months later. First we were place in a mortgage application for program that had requirements that we could not meet so the loan was declined 45 days after we had applied. After placing a call to the refinance dept. supv regarding the reason for our loan declination, we were informed that we would have to resubmit an appl. We are now at a higher interest rate, and are being told that we have to pay points & still haven't closed

Property Tax Refund Nightmare

by | March 8, 2012
Estimate on my property tax was miscalculated by NYC. So my escrow was overdrawn and the remaining balance was taken directly from my checking account with no notice (Aug.2011). Had to call every month and explain that NYC is issuing a refund. Chase forgot twice to send the refund requests to NYC. When the escrow dept finally got the refund from city, they miscalculated analysis AGAIN, and took more money from my checking. They forgot to send the check once, finally got it now in March 2012, $68 short.

credit card interest/car loan

by | March 1, 2012
Chase is not helping with the economic times. I had a car loan with them and when I tried to refinance they didn't want to give me a refi. I requested that the interest rate on my CC be reduced to help me payoff my CC and they didn't help either. They gave me a reason that didn't apply to me and when I came back to them and said i had never made a late payment they came back with a lame excuse. They are not helping at all!!!!

Chase is America's Worst Nightmare

by | March 1, 2012
All I can say is you would be better off selling your soul to the Devil himself, as doing business with Chase in any shape or form is a complete nightmare! At least with the Devil you can reason with him. Not Chase! They claim to care but in reality they are only concerned with their profit margin and if you aren't making them money you are not important or worthy of anything from them. They are "Above the law" in all regards!

Worst customer support and banking practices ever

by | February 28, 2012
For almost 2 years we have struggled with a 10.5% loan that was sold to Chase. Why with the interest rates as they are are families like mine still being stuck with 10.5% and they wont do anything. They have lost our paper work 3 times now. Cashed checks for a supposed refinance they were working on and now say they lost the payments. I had to prove it with bank statements today that I did make my payments infact a month early one each only to be told sorry your husband lost his job but you make enough

Hostile customer treatment

by | February 16, 2012
The worst company I ever had to deal with. They are uninformed, hostile, and rude. Stay away from these gangstas.


by | February 14, 2012
Even if you have the money to pay the loan. They'll give you the run around. Been like this for months. 4 different fax numbers. No one will give you a straight answer to where to send a check to pay off the loan. Ridiculous. They just want you to go into foreclosure so they get a cheap house...

Chase Mortgage has higher rates and is slower than any other bank

by | February 12, 2012
Has taken me 6 months to execute a "streamline refinance" despite having 30% equity and a credit score of 790. This company can't get out of its own way. During the 6 months, the rates have gone down, and now Chase will not match the rate I have been quoted from another bank. A complete waste of time dealing with these people

  • AH
    May, 2012
    Los Angeles, CA
    I wished I read your review before I started doing my "streamline refi" with them.. what a nightmare. Never again.

Chase was helpful for me

by | February 8, 2012
I did sit and wait on the phone for 15 minutes for a Chase Rep. Which did give me time to read a lot of these negative comments. Half the comments on here are about language barrier, how hard it is to understand the chase reps and how rude they are. Well I must have hit it on a good night. Other then the long wait-which gave me time to review all others comments and have my ammo ready, flagging several neg posts on here to read to the rep before we even got started, the over all call was GREAT.

  • DM
    Feb, 2012
    Doug Robin
    Pleasanton, CA
    My experience was the opposite of the reviews I read as well, without going over the negative reviews Chase and my Rep Daniell assisted me as if they were 100% dedicated to getting the modification done, and they did in 57 days on the HAMP program. It was perfect and what I was told the best of the best of the success stories. I started my first month of the 3 month trial this month and look forward to completion and a perm modification

  • J0
    Mar, 2012
    Carrollton, GA
    Just made first payment on Home Modification. Nervous to see how this turns out. When rep was entering my information and got to the payment he said 'partial payment', I ask what he meant, his reply was that he should not have made that remark was just reading his cues on his computer. Don't know what partial payment could mean. Any ideas anyone?

Chase service is lower than Poor.

by | February 3, 2012
They don't read the files, the sales person takes you through a 40 minutes interview and when you are approved, your file is sent to so called Underwriter. The processor doesn't know anything and the underwriter is in another planet. I have been calling them on the daily base,I 've been processing this loan from the bigining, I had to send them the documents for the title since their information was 25 years old. too late to change since they 've got my good credit score hostage!

Same boat!

by | February 2, 2012
Ladies and Gentleman, for 6 years I have Paid on time and every time. My home to loan value is now 68% under water. After the last few years of trying to keep hope I've thrown in the towel my property is surround by empty, non occupied units. Then there others that haven't paid in years. I finally stopped paying and let me tell you something. I feel wonderful. The weight and feeling of the pressure has been lifted. I urge to think about your struggle. Chase will screw you till the end, it isn't worth it.

2nd Mortgage

by | January 29, 2012
I will keep this short. If you fall behind for whatever reason with Chase 2nd Mortgage they will not help you no matter what they tell you on the phone. They are trying to collect a dept and will outright lie to you to make a payment. Once you make it you will never hear from them again until you are late again Worse bank I have worked with period. I am looking to start a law suite against them for their practices. Please stay away from this bank I dont care what they tell ya they are lying.

Success story, my thanks Chase and Daniell

by | January 8, 2012
I became temporarily disabled in Oct 2011 and lost my job, got back to work in Jan 2012 at half the income and was 3 months past due, but was able to make one payment before 4 months past due. Did a correct submission of Mod docs in Nov and got approved Jan 5th with results far better then I could have hoped for (HAMP) Start my first payment at half of what it was on Feb 1st 2012. Thanks Chase, you saved my house I have had for 16 yrs and raising my family in, and thank you Danielle for all your help as well.

Modification Scam

by | January 8, 2012
In 2007 inquired about LM was told was eligible to apply. Applied & sent a ton of information over & over & over. Long story Short...I went from being current on my mortgage to almost losing my home because I tried in good faith to get a mod. Chase is evil and has evil uneducated people working for them and they truly get a kick out of causing you grief and making thing difficult. Never, Never do business with them

  • DT
    Jan, 2012
    Saint Louis, MO
    I'm Dee T. too. Since 2009, I have been working on a modification with EMC, who is also CHASE. A friend who lives in GA informed me that she needed 10,000 cause they lowered her payments while working on the modification. They did me the same way. I called the company only to find out I was about to default and those payments meant NOTHING. The money is held in a suspense account, that you don't know anything about or how it works for that matter because no one takes the time out to EXPLAIN HOW IT WORKS. I had to come up with 19,000 plus. They gave me a HARD denial in 2011 because I informed them when my funds came in. This would be a book, but it is cut WAY short. So I know what you are talking about.

My Chase Issue

by | January 4, 2012
This is my issue: 3 years ago I lost my job because I divorced the manager of a shift. it was proven as a personal departure with benefits. Those benefits took 4 months to get and ended 2 months later. I was behind and Chase knew my issue. Their excuse for not being able to help me then was that I didn't have the income to refinance. I had to fax in piles and piles of paperwork to them monthly as I waited for the benefits.

Mortgage Refinance

by | January 4, 2012
I would never refinance with Chase after the the very slow long process I went through with them..... so many rediculous paper documents. I have an excellent credit and was already approved for my loan, my house have a good appraisal, just want to get the lower interest rate, but the processs was very slow and I started the application last October and until now still in process so finally I told them I am cancelling my application and walk away, NEVER WITH CHASE MORTGAGE AGAIN.

Chase is the worst

by | January 4, 2012
I have been trying to refinance my home for the pass two years with them. They keep on losing my paperwork, so they say each time, more than 4 times.

Stay away from Chase

by | December 29, 2011
They say you can refinance your loan with a streamline method and free of this and that, but after they run a credit check (which messes up your score) then the game begins and everything changes. Now your credit score is messed up again. Get all information before you let them run your credit and write it all down. Then you can always tell them let's go over the recording when they change the game on you.

  • BS
    Feb, 2012
    Belleview, FL
    I just got off the phone w/ an all american speaking polite chase rep. They sent me a streamline offer in the mail. I spent 20 minutes on hold to talk to her, which in a way was good and gave me time to read all these comments. Your especially, when she got on the phone and said hello, your comment was the first thing I read to her. I told her I was not interested in the BS just give me the fine print. For me there was no documentation needed, no application fee and no appraisal fees. Just a simple they fax me 4 sheets, I read and sign and send back, they run my credit score and I pay closing costs. Where in the state of Fl. there are so many cost included in that w/ city and county, Fl has the highest closing costs. I told her if I did this it would be to make it a 15 yr fixed instead of the 27 yrs I still owe on my current mortgage. BUT that I just cold not get over that closing cost. She started w/, I notice that since you got this mortgage 3 yrs ago you make an extra 1000.00 principal payment a yr, will you continue to always do that? I said yes. She said wait a minute and ran all the numbers for me every different way possible. And was nice enough to let me know that doing it the way I was doing it, I would have my loan pd off in 17 1/2 yrs AND if I went thru w/ the streamline 15yrs 175.00 more a month on my payment BUT another almost 5000.00 for closing. So we figured it was about the same to leave things the way they are and save spending another 5 grand in closing costs. How to look at the interest on the LIFE of the loan and its funnny today how many people actually pay attn at their closing when you are initialing each page of the mortgage, does any1 ay attention when they point to this is how much the house is, this is how much the payment is, this is how much the interest is, this is how many yrs your paying AND at the end... this is how much you WILL HAVE really pd over the 30 yrs for the house AND in interest. i think people dont pay attention to the final line, big picture, bottom line OR take responsiblitiy to educate themselves as the what THEY CHOOSE to get themselves into , but then want to blame others when they get out. Biggest excuse "I didnt know, THEY didnt tell me" Well guys READ the fine print. If your old enough to sign on the dotted line take responsibility!!!!!

Terrible customer service and lies

by | December 21, 2011
Tried to get home modification. They told us not to pay our mortgage as we needed to be 3-4 months behind to qualify for modification. Rejected for modification because they said we didn't turn in all the paperwork they requested... which is not true. We faxed several times all documents and on time. Now they want to forclose or do short sale. I don't understand this bank at all. Nothing but headaches.

Doesn't Want Your Business

by | December 21, 2011
I needed Chase to subordinate a home equity line of credit in order to refinance my 1st mortgage. Suddenly, I was told they needed a current loan to value of 55% and so they needed to decrease my line from by 85% to subordinate. In other words, they needed almost 50% total equity to subordinate. No other bank I could find required more than 70%, especially with a credit score of 970. They obviously didn't want my business and were forcing me to go elsewhere.


by | December 20, 2011
Do not refi with Chase. After they get your 395.00 application fee. They have you jumping through so many hoops, you can't believe it! They are deceptive, rude, & UNPROFESSIONAL!

Horrible Customer Service

by | December 16, 2011

Somewhat Frustrating, but Favorable Outcome

by | December 9, 2011
Because of some unexpected expenses I was forced to try a loan modification. Chase appears to excel at losing my documents and constantly changing "primary" contacts (I have several letters from several different representatives). Nonetheless they were able to complete the modification despite my hefty past due balance. I'm sure there are better lenders out there, but everyone I've spoken to in loss mitigation was not only helpful, but very understanding to my situation. I'm a Chase believer, for now.

  • MF
    Dec, 2011
    Jay, OK
    Edward, I am pretty much where you are, this modification has been OVER a year in the works, but i finally got a mortgage representative that really wanted to work to get my HAMP approved. In the past I have had some bad luck with chase, and have had to submit documents over and over and over. But its finally coming to a close, and in the long run.. will all be worth it.. I would have sky dived without a parachute to keep my home. and i will sell organs, or kids (uh, they are grown ups) to keep from EVER keep from being in this situation again. Chase has been a HOME SAVER for me.

  • DD
    Jul, 2013
    Ahwahnee, CA
    Again, another person who claims that CHASE helped them. It's been over a tell us. What do you think of CHASE now? Provide an update...unless, as is my guess, you have been disappointed with the results.

Chase Bank hass Incompetant and Untrained staff

by | November 17, 2011
I had a Home Eq Ln with a bank that was swallowed by Chase. Trying to pay down equity with extra payments took 3 trips to the branch to get straight. I had the money so I paid it off to get away from Chase. Now Chase bought my Home Mortgage from WAMU. The nightmare is back. They slammed me with property taxes that I had already paid. This month they decided not to send statements with no communication whatsoever. When I called they said to just send the payment via mail. Avoid Chase at all costs

(no title)

by | October 28, 2011
Chase Mortgage is horrible.Our family was affected by the tornadoes and we ended up getting behind we contacted chase and were told to do a loan modification we filled out all the paper work and never heard back when i called they said we were denied and never gave us a reason why..We contacted them again and were told to do another loan modification so we ended up applying 3 times and was denied every time without no reason why...Stay away from them they have no idea what they are doing..

  • MM
    Nov, 2011
    Branchburg Twp, NJ
    CHASE Charges Too much in Fees and has Poor Customer Support

Closing costs way too high

by | October 27, 2011
I was extremely disappointed to find that the total closing costs for refinancing my EXISTING mortgage with Chase were at least $2K higher than two other regional banks/credit unions that I spoke with .... despite the fact that I would have saved paying the state mortgage tax (about $2K in my case) by refinancing with my existing lender (Chase)! Get a better deal, go elsewhere, and preferably locally.

1 Hr. 45 Min. of Misery and No Resolution

by | October 24, 2011
In a way it is comforting to know I am not alone in my unsatisfactory dealings with Chase Mtg. Misery loves company. Today I called Chase because I rec'd a registered letter stating I was 2 payments behind on my new Loan Mod. that began May 2011 with trial payments June, July, and Aug. I have complied with all terms yet for reasons nobody can explain, the first 2 pmts. were NOT APPLIED. After being transferred 5 times I am told they will review my account and call me...within 12 business days!

Chase MOrtgage bank makes many mistakes

by | October 19, 2011
I have had constant problems with chase. The most recent was when the escrow paymet went up 3000 dollars with no notice or reason. as my taxes and insurance total 2300 total it made no sense. after many attempts i finally talked to a person. The band said they made an insurance payment of 3200 in april. after a time they admitted the payment should have been made out of someone elses account. this is just one example of the problems I have had with chase. no one you contact...if you can talk to a person...can solve the problem.

Refinancing with Chase

by | October 15, 2011
I was locked in to 3.625% rate for a 10 yr. ARM. The assessor stated my property was vacant. I had not completely moved into my home at that time and do not have the finances to completely furnish it. They don't care. Long story short, they underwriter said that the new rate for non-occupied would be 3.75%. Then they started giving me a hard time about my long commute to work and wanted me to explain it several times. The rate then jumped to 4.25%. Every time I agreed, the rate increased. I didn't proceed.

  • JG
    Feb, 2012
    Las Vegas, NV
    There's nothing locked forever on an ARM loan... FYI ARM= adjustable rate mortgage.

Finally good bye to Chase.

by | October 13, 2011
10 years ago my mortgage was purchased by Chase. 3 years ago, I attempted to get a modification to lower my payment due to a disability. My income was reduced by 50%. After applying, faxing volumes of paperwork at 1 dollar per sheet and many dead-end phone calls to Chase, I was told my refi was not possible because Chase could not verify the address of my home. I can not believe in the age of computers this was possible! I did find a local bank to refi with. Chase is a joke!!!!

(no title)

by | October 11, 2011

(no title)

by | October 11, 2011
I don't know where some of the folks live who wrote the negative reviews, but I had no problem with my Chase refinance. My loan officer was thorough and explained everything to me. There were a couple of glitches on the part of whomever was on the receiving end of my documents, but my loan officer was always available to straighten things out. My only complaint is that Chase sold by loan to Fannie Mae, altho Chase will service the loan. I have NO trust in the crooks at Fannie Mae.

  • KN
    Dec, 2011
    Murphy, TX
    Never refinance with Chase. I get Fico score 810, Credit report clean without credit card own, existing mortgage with Chase over 4 years. They said I will get simple documents, quick process, but after they got my money for application fee $395, they start ask more papers the same buy application. And still ask some stupid documents. I paid regular every month never late in last 4 years not enough credit for them? They are liars.

you will not post a review if you disagree with it

by | October 6, 2011
Chase I hope you read this review since you control what goes on this website. Bottom line, you are an evil institution

  • B1
    Oct, 2011
    San Mateo, CA
    Chase does not control the reviews at

  • GM
    Feb, 2012
    Beverly Hills, CA
    No way you can work in the mortgage industry... So what you wrote seems almost like libel and I was wondering if they did listen to you once you understood? Did you ever read the paperwork involved with your loan? They are a legit bank and I'm sure anything that is done is explained in detail on contract.

  • GM
    Feb, 2012
    Beverly Hills, CA
    Dude it sounds like your spreading wah-wah's... This isn't chase it's Did you default too? Remember if you get a home when you can afford it you won't struggle (with good credit). If you can't afford it or can kind of afford it you will struggle for repayment. Everyone is mad at Chase, but in most cases all I see are defaulted loans and people exercising poor credit choices.

  • BN
    Apr, 2012
    I am just gonna say this GERALD -- since you think that all these people are on here because they didn't read the fine print -- did it ever occur to you that our economy is in the TANK? Also that there are many on here that came across circumstances they couldn't control? Death of a spouse? Disability? Health issues? Job loss? Really Gerald? Libel? You have GOT to be kidding me. And, just so YOU know -- I am in the loss mitigation dept -- NOT at Chase, and I read the hardship letters provided by many many borrowers, and I do everything I can to help them. Your pure nastiness towards people who are actually trying to work with programs designed to help people out is apalling. The system is NOT perfect, and the 'rules' are changed often by those who regulate the programs. There were not ENOUGH people helped last year. I believe a recent news report said approx 30000+ people's loans were modified last year -- that is an INCREDIBLY low number. But it is the guidelines that were supplied to those doing the modifications. And, the banks are in trouble for denying too many -- many borrowers don't supply thier paperwork on time. Many borrowers don't qualify. Its not a perfect program, or a perfect system, but we are all working on it.......

Chase Modification

by | September 1, 2011
Modification program is miserable and so stressful you are better off walking away. Save your time, money and well being. DONT DO IT! Hand them the keys and walk away.

  • AT
    Sep, 2011
    Baltimore, MD
    It is interesting to note everyone else's woes in dealing with Chase. I thought it was just me and I let them know that they are not interested in helping and also are unfriendly. They told me to go to one of their help offices since I didn't understand what they were trying to say. What they are doing is giving me the run around and treated me as if I was stupid. I let them know that I have a high IQ and not to treat me as if I am stupid. So in other words, I have to take off time from my job only to possibly get the same run around. Now that I earn more money, they don't even seem interested in taking it from me so that I may hold on to my house. I think they really are out to force people out of their properties. That is my opinion.

  • RT
    Oct, 2011
    If you have a loan with chase,refinance with someone else.If you are thinking of financing with them do not. My company does roofing and construction.My client was approved in march for a roof. the check was made out to chase and the homeowner. All the other mortgage companies would sign the check and send it back to the homeowner to get their roof put on except chase. they keep the check for almost 6 months with petty things like they needed the date of storm which was already approved by the insurance company.They made interest off the insurance claim at the expense of their customer while his roof needed repair.They are horrible do not use them america.

Unfair modification practices

by | August 26, 2011
Chase's modification program does not help, but it causes people to be set up to have you short sell your home or have it foreclosed on. We lost a lot of income in 2010 and had to do a mod through Chase. Took my payments down $150.00 per month. The thing is we lost close to $1000.00 a month. Could not make 1 mod payment. Now, instead of trying to lower payment just a little more where we can make an affordable payment they intend to get us out one way or the other. Hey, that is just the how the banks stay rich.

  • KB
    Nov, 2011
    Cumberland, IN
    I have found out Chase has done the same thing to me. I lost my job back in 2004 and went a long time struggling to keep home and make payments. When income became more stable thought Chase was putting me on the FHA-HAMP Modification program. Found out today be doing more research that there are two different programs one by FHA and one by your Lender. Chase increases the balances on borrower's home to give them the higher mortgage payment and keep them in distressed status. As I am in the mortgage business I should of found this out earlier. I have also discovered that Chase does not tell you if you make your mortgage payments on time for the 12 months along with your other installment debts. You can do a short sell on your home and not have to wait 3 years to purchase another FHA mortgage. This is only allowed on FHA mortgages. I will be calling Chase to let them know all that I have found out and if they don't follow correct procedures I will be consulting with an attorney.

horrible and complete nightmare with Chase Mortgage.

by | July 7, 2011
Horrible! Horrible! Horrible! Do not go to Chase for an FHA Loan. They have no clue on how to process an FHA loan. We originally signed a contract to purchase a home on April 14, 2011. Chase came back and said that the "90-day" rule applied to the property so they could not finance it. The seller agreed to wait until May 17th, at which point we recontracted because on that date it "seasoned" and Chase could then finance it. Still waiting, and every two weeks, they keep asking for more time!

  • LV
    Sep, 2011
    Clovis, CA
    in july of 2010 I asked Chase Mortgage for a modification. Required tons of papeprs to fill out and went on forever. They are so disorganized, the chase is to track anyone down who knows what is going on over there. Now, i AM DROPED IN SEPT FOR NO REASON.

Refinance Loan Mortgage

by | May 25, 2011
These people did nothing to help then I went through the whole process and comes to find out they never even submitted my loan modification. The customer service was terrible they never even wanted help or give information. I would not recommend any service from this company.

refinance with Chase Mortgage

by | May 25, 2011
I was going to refinance(or at least try) with chase mortgage. After reading the reviews, I decided to skip the hassle for an extra 1% savings. Thanks to all the honest people for their warnings!!!!! Good luck to you all.

mortgage modification from Chase Mortgage

by | March 18, 2011
I am still waiting on Chase Mortgage for modification papers,have been making mod. payment for 13 mos. They are incredibly slow at Chase in responding.

Chase Mortgage Loans has poor customer service

by | January 12, 2011
It would be nice to get someone from Chase Loans on the line who can speak fluent, clear english after waiting 40 minuites!! They either have poor customer service or bad systems or just too many loan requests, but I cannot work with them anymore.

home modification

by | January 8, 2011
I have been dealing with chase since 8/09 for a home loan modification that was finally appoved in august of 2010. papers were sent to me 3 times once signed my first payment was due nov 1, 2010. once I tried to make payment I was informed that there was a hold on my acct which no one could tell me why. I was then told an error was made on chase's behalf. I inturn faxed 98 pages then was told they have all documents needed and would call within 2 weeks. Chase never called and instead a notice was sent saying was not not approved. Unreal.

  • KS
    Sep, 2011
    Greenfield, WI
    Hi, I read your post on modification. I have been dealing with this mod program since 08-09 and still have not been given approval or not. my home has had 2 forecloseure actiones against it. The first was dropped since chase did nothing woth the case for a year. Now I an back in the routine od sending faxes, followup phone calls and getting nowhere. This is amazing. So was your case settled?

  • DA
    Sep, 2011
    Warren, RI
    I have been trying to get a Chase Mortgage remodification since 08. major run around. they tell you not to pay your mortgage so it won't mess up the numbers. it's been 3 years, have faxed 50-70 papers a month, and they never have enough I was approved once, started making payments, after three months the remodification agreement was lifted, back to the old paymetn. they said it was only temporary, to REAPPLY for a permanent one.. I now owe over 30,000. It is a nightmare!

  • JG
    Feb, 2012
    Las Vegas, NV
    What do you mean? I am confused? Did your credit rating change between the "approved time" and the "funded time"?

REFI is taking way too long

by | January 4, 2011
I started refi process with Chase in August,2009 and as of today, January 4,2011 the refi loan has not closed. I submitted all requested information in a very timely manner. The time spent submitting an unbelievable amount of documents and the frustration of dealing with Chase makes me wish I had gone somewhere else for this refi. Maybe this will come to a conclusion soon but I am not optimisic on that happening.


by | January 3, 2011
Simply put, numbers given to me during my investigative quotes, were not accurate. Closing costs were increased by over $2000, and it was too late to turn back as rates increased. Very tedious process, took over 6 weeks. Actually needed to fax page one of my bank statement, titled this page left blank intentionally. Get the point. Loan officer quoted me inaccurate numbers. I should have realized during presale, when he kept saying, this will be a very easy process. BAIT and switch. STAY AWAY.

Mortgage Refinance

by | December 28, 2010
Everything that could go wrong went wrong. Incompetence. The left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing. No one cares about your closing date. The loan officers are too busy to do their job right. Go elsewhere!

  • JM
    Jul, 2011
    Neodesha, KS
    I have had a similar experience on the other end. We are selling our home, and the buyer is using Chase. Due to Chase our closing has been pushed back twice and yesterday I drove over an hour and 45 mins one way for yet another attempt at closing. Guess what... Chase once again didn't have all the paper work faxed and wanted more changes. They are terrible.

Chase was helpful on my mortgage loan, but not great.

by | December 2, 2010
When I got to closing and saw the fees that they charged me I would have thought that I would have gotten a lot better service than I got, but I am happy with the loan getting done although they were really slow and unresponsive unless I kicked the process forward on my own.

  • VS
    Dec, 2010
    Santa Monica, CA
    I would never refinance with Chase after the nightmare I went through with them....also be sure to check the fine print on the 1% need to have your payment come out of a Chase checking account (which means they get even more of your money if you don't already have an account with them). They also have no incentive to give you the best rate since they already have your loan. I would suggest going elsewhere to refinance, or parallel path with another bank and then finishe the loand with whoever makes it happen fastest for the best rate. You will be amazed at all the delays that will come up, and how little they care about expediting your loan. The "closing date" is a random date they know they have no chance of meeting but by the time you find out, months are wasted. It's not too late - go elsewhere!

  • GJ
    Jan, 2011
    Vero Beach, FL
    I started my refi with Chase in August,2010. The appraisal was completed by the first week in September,2010 and it is now January,2011 with no firm date for completing this loan fiasco. I provided all the information requested in a very timely manner but I still have not closed on the refi. Information sent to them was lost or misplaced and now they are requiring a "recertification" of the appraisal due to the length of time that has passed without the refi being completed. I have never been so frustrated. This process with Chase has taken WAY TOO LONG.

  • SP
    Jan, 2011
    Saratoga, CA
    I'm in the exact same situation with BofA. I was under the impression that my broker was dragging his feet. But if you're having the same problem with Chase, I wonder if there is a systemic reason for the delay. I wonder if anyone's closed a refi with either chase or BofA in the last month or so ?

  • PP
    May, 2011
    Franklinton, LA
    Chase has the worse service I have have ever experienced anywhere!!!!!! I was actually trying to get the loan modification they told me not to catch the note or I would be declined and the next thing I know my home is in foreclosure now I had to pay attorney fees to get my home out of foreclosure when that was done they told me I couldn't get the modification because the loan was current. I will never do business with chase again.

  • DP
    Mar, 2012
    Woodhaven, NY
    RE: CHASEs HOME REFINANCING SCAM....The same thing happened to me- TWICE. It means that your loan has been denied, they just are avoiding telling you. You can and should get your appraisal fee back- but you have to pursue it. I went through the whole process and then... nothing. No return calls, no information, and when I called I could not even get any infromation- for almost 1 year. After months and months of no return calls I called the main Customer Servcie department and made sure they listened to me. They "claimed" that my refinance was rejected, but no one ever told me that. In fact, they told me the opposite the last time I spoke with them. So, over 1 year later, I fought and got my appraisal fee back- I felt it was the least that I was owed. I am moving my mortgage and accounts to a Credit Union- so should everyone! They also kept telling me that Chase would not go through the process knowing they were not going to refinance- they said "why would chase do that for a measely $375.00"...THINK ABOUT IT: THEY GET A SMALL FEE OF $375 FOR THE APPRAISAL...BUT IF THEY GET THIS FROM MILLIONS OF PEOPLE THEY HAVE ADDED A LOT TO THEIR BOTTOM LINE!!

  • SR
    Mar, 2012
    Huntington, TX
    How did you get your home out of foreclosure?