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About CitiMortgage

Focusing on residential mortgages only allows loan officers to be more knowledgeable about the loan products offered, helping to make CitiMortgage a great option for new buyers and experienced home owners looking to refinance. CitiMortgage provides good customer service and takes the time to walk consumers through every step of the application process, ensuring that you understand what's involved when applying for a mortgage. With various loan programs available, CitiMortgage will work to find a mortgage loan that matches your situation.
St. Louis, MO
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CitiMortgage is the mortgage lending division of Citigroup and is one of the top national mortgage lenders in the US.CitiMortgage prides itself on matching the right product to fit a borrower's needs, whether a home purchase loan, a rate-and-term refinance, or a Citi debt consolidation refinance. CitiMortgage strives to make the application process easy for customers. CitiMortgage offers a large range of mortgage products from conventional fixed-rate and adjustable mortgage to nonconforming jumbo mortgage loans and refinance products. CitiMortgage has plenty of financing options to help consumers purchase or refinance their home.
CitiMortgage has competitive rates and good loan servicing. CitiMortgage has a national footprint and many loan officers.
Tight underwriting. Citimortgage's large size leaves some clients feeling they are lost in a maze. Many online complaints and allegations that CitiMortgage has been a scam for borrowers in default, so do your own homework.

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2016 and nothing's changed

by | May 6, 2016
Several years ago I hit hard times and tried to get a loan modification through Citimortgage. They told me "miss 3 payments then call us back, we'll be able to help then". That was a lie! Thankfully I value my good credit and refused to do that; later a realtor told me had I missed any payments I would not be eligible for any help! Fast forward to 2015. Started the process for a HARP loan in December; it's now May and we're still not closed, despite being told we were approved in January 2016! Every month they say "don't make the next payment because we'll be closing" but if we listened to that we wouldn't be eligible for the HARP loan as it must be current, no late payments.

mortgage - new loan - 99 days passed and citi cant get their act together to close.

by | July 9, 2014
My loan has not closed in 99 days.... mortgage - new loan - 99 days passed and citi cant get t citi did not ask certain questions till after the contract end date/close date. I asked why were these questions not asked back in the 90 days prior to the contract closing date the entire 3 months citi was "processing" the loan. If these questions were asked at any point in the 3 months they had the application, the questions could have been answered before 10 days after closing and after closing extension.


by | July 9, 2014
Please explain to me why Veterans are punished if they fall on hard times and request a loan modification, forbearance or any other kind of help. The new programs that are available are supposed to be there for these instances of unemployment, etc. But Citi will tell you that because you have a VA loan, you do not qualify. If you then speak with a VA representative, they will tell you that is not true and Citi only used them as a scapegoat. It is Citi's underwriter's that make decisions. Veteran's Beware!

Go ahead and refinance, ours went smoothly

by | June 14, 2014
We kept getting no-closing-cost refinance offers from Citi but were hesitant after reading these reviews. Finally did in late spring of 2014. The process was simple - two phone calls, one fax, and then a notary came to our house and we spent 30 minutes signing the paperwork. We had 18 years left on our mortgage and reduced it to 15, plus our payment is $22 less per month now. Huge savings in interest. I think now that the refinance rush is over and they're not so backed up, Citi refinances go fine.

If I could give zero stars, I would

by | June 7, 2014
This lender has been trying to foreclose on me for over 3 years, even through bankruptcy. They have lied, wrongfully foreclosed once (I sued and won) and then lied again about trying to get my loan modified - they foreclosed instead! Never EVER believe anything their reps say and just invest in legal representation even to obtain a loan mod. Citimortgage should not exist, they get away with murder.

Citimortgage combative culture of staff

by | April 30, 2014
My husband and i have been dealing with Citi for over two years. Douring the modification process the regularily claimed documents were not received. Foreclosed on us, but sent us a new modicifation application so we submitted forit. Citi accepted it and sent in writing that we were approved, then the next week received eviction notices. Ten months later made charge to escrow which will hike payment another $300. Crooks

The worst mortgage company, EVER!

by | April 21, 2014
I am in the middle of refinancing with Citimortgage, for a few months now. This was a condo conversion loan, so there are 2 other co-owners refinancing with me and we all had to close at the same time. Mai Thao has been telling me we were all good to go. 2 days before targetted closing date (4/11), Laura D Fox, hhe loan processor started asking me for more papers and she's not aware we were to close soon. It is 4/21 now and they still ask me for more papers everyday.

CitiMortgage makes the situation more difficult.

by | April 3, 2014
I am trying to refinance my home to consolidate debt. The mortgage is currently with CitiMortgage. They will not cooperate in any way with getting the documentation to me that I need to refinance with another company. I call them over and over and they always say they are faxing the docs but they just don't show up. What thieves.

Do NOT use Citi Mortgage

by | April 1, 2014
My mother has had citi mortgage for the past 10 years on her home.She is a senior with excellent credit.She is downsizing to a condo due to her age and not wanting the responsiblity of managing a house.Citi Mortgage has done nothing but cause her heartache and grief-to a woman who has always paid her mortgage on time.In this day and age when people are failing to pay their bills on time-you have a person who is a model customer, yet you punish her by making her move an impossibility.Shame on CitiBank!!!

Thank you reviewers

by | March 31, 2014
I thought about refinancing my Citi Mortgage loan with Citi. I talked to a "consultant" at Citi. My credit is 760, my existing loan with them perfect and has been for a decade and a half. I wanted to lower my interest rate and continue to accelerate the pay off date. My home is worth 325k and my mortgage balance is 76k. My home is in a great neighborhood and climbing in value at the rate of 2% per year. It was and is a no brainer. I read the reviews as I was dealing with the "consultant". I stopped. thanks

Loan Modification or Scam

by | March 26, 2014
Their way of helping is to start a new 10 yr. loan,yes lower payments but we only have under 3 yrs left on our mortgage now giving them a lot of extra interest in the first few years of a new loan and us stuck with 10 yrs. of payments. All this because we had to be late due to a delay in SS Disability. Really that is help? Yes, helping Citimortgage make more money when all I needed was at the very least have them forgive my late charges or place one payment onto the end of the loan. SHAME ON YOU CITIMORT.

ClueLess or Theives

by | March 21, 2014
Because the length of time it took and the many errors made when Citimortgage modified our loan 5 1/2 years ago we CANNOT refie with anyone else. We are stuck with what evere type they offer us, no other options. No matter what, finance with some other mortgage company.

Being Held Hostage

by | March 21, 2014
In 2008 we filed bankruptcy, but trying to keep a car and the house. We wanted to have keeping house placed in the bankruptcy agreement, but because it took citimortage over a year to modify or mortgage it wasn't included in the bankruptcy @ the time it was completed. Also because of processing errors and delays we can't reopen bankruptcy case to have it updated because it's been to long. We recently tried to refinance to get a lower & fixed interest rate, but because of citimortgage we can only refy with

Mortgage Holder Passed Away - CitiMortgage is Refusing to Deal with the Administrator of the Estate

by | March 10, 2014
My Mother in Law passed away suddenly in Dec. without a will. CitiMortgage was notified of her passing the day she died. My husband was named Administrator of the Estate in Feb. and we faxed the death cert., letters of admin. & cert. of appointment to their research dept. as requested. They still refuse to deal with the estate and seem bent on foreclosing-all they see is an account with a low balance. The house is in a terrible area. If they choose to foreclose instead of work with us, they will lose $

Loan offer apply now.

by | March 3, 2014
Have you been looking for where to get a loan? Have you been trying to get any kind of loan at citimortgage? be sure to apply in several places if you want to get an affordable loan.

Waiting 8 Months for Modification

by | February 20, 2014
My husband was put on unpaid leave for a month in May 2013. I contacted Citimortgage immediately and they suggested a loan modification. It is now February 2014, 8 months later and I have had no less than 5 notices that we are in the last 5 days of review. I have had 5 Homeowner Support Specialists. We are two payments behind and our credit is being ruined. I was told I'd have an answer on 2/19/14. I called today and the customer support said no one should have told me that. LIARS.

DO NOT USE...Citimortgage - 6 month nightmare!

by | February 19, 2014
Horrible Customer Service - VERY UNCARING, we were trying to sell our house, Citimortgage paid a tax payment, our check was returned from the county. It took 6 months to get the escrow account closed, I called repeatedly and each time a different rep would tell me a different solution, I would do exactly that and it would not solve the problem, in the end it cost us $2K more on principal when we sold our house, they misapplied the payments, I would call get that corrected and then more mistakes - NIGHTMARE

Refinance was horrible experience

by | February 11, 2014
I rec'd a letter from Citimortgage offering to reduce the int.rate on the mortgage I had with them. I started the process, but it was constatnly stalled by them, reasons unknown. The loan office assigned to my case refused to return my phone calls. I started emailing so I could document this lack of customer service. It was only when I started labing my emails "2nd request," "third request," etc. that I finally received replies. End result - no refi, no reason, no response to my complaints to management.

Scamming the tax payers

by | January 28, 2014
They broke the terms of my loan modification 3 months into my payments. The payment went from $600 to $900 because they didnt realize there was a negative balance in escrow account when they made the terms of the written agreement and wanted to change the loan modification. They would not except agreed upon payment of $600, said I had to pay the $900 nothing less(this was after arguing with their escrow and loan modification dept. for days. Currently working with Attorney General of Michigan on issue to sue

CitiMortgage Is A Theif and a Cheat

by | January 8, 2014
For nearly two years these bastards have been holding money from my insurance company that was sent to me to complete repairs on my kitchen. They continue to lie and find ways and reasons not to send me the money that was issued to me by my insurance company. If your insurance company issues a check made payable to you and Citimortgage do not endorse it. It will be stolen from you and Citimortgage will not send you the funds to complete repairs on your home. Citimortgage is a company that steals money.


by | January 1, 2014
First they sign away loans that end up costing taxpayers billions, and now they won't refinance stable customers with top credit ratings without months of scrutiny.

CITI Mortgage is the worst!!!!!!!!!

by | December 18, 2013
2 years and hundreds of faxed documents and their solution was to raise my monthly payments.

Waste of valuable time

by | December 11, 2013
I am so happy/sad to see I am not the only one who had a TERRIBLE time with Citi. I was trying to do a Debt Consolidation, so they would have ended up with a very nice loan financially speaking, but they were horrible. The first person I spoke with disappeared. It continued downhill from there. My main contact person was horrible. Never returned a phone call; took days to return an email; & lost everything. And after 2 months of repeated re-sending paperwork, I was turned down. What a waste of time.

Worst mortgage company period

by | December 10, 2013
We have these clowns, they bought our mortgage after we bought the house. They brought up a loan modification to lower our interest rate, but after 3 months of them losing our paperwork(they are not losing it, they are lying) and us sending it again we said hell with it. They even told my wife we could quit paying our monthly mort gage, i believe as a precursor to foreclose. These crooks are after YOUR HOUSE AND LAND!!! Believe nothing they tell you on the phone PLEASE! ..................CROOKS!!!!!!!!!!

Do not use citiclowns for your mortgage needs

by | November 26, 2013
Like many other reviews here about Citibank, i have been stuck in the refi process now for three months straight. It always seems to wind up that i'll get a call or an annoying reminder on my e-mail that i need to send two months of paystatements and banking statements. This past monday marked the fifth and final time i will ever send them anything like this again. Very poor customer service, Very poor attention to details, Very poor communication. Just all around bad.

Terrible communication

by | November 5, 2013
It took us six months to find out that our loan was not actually assumable, their customer service is deplorable, the departments do not communicate, they lost several documents we overnighted, they give misinformation out of ignorance of their own products. I highly suggest NOT working with CItimortgage, we are trying to pay off our loan ASAP to move to a new bank.

Worst Mortgage Company

by | October 9, 2013
I have a second mortgage with Citi with an interest rate of 7.9. The only way they will lower the rate is if I apply for assistance which will ruin my perfect credit. I said no thanks so they proceded to send me letters by Federal Express insisting they wanted to help me. When I called to ask them to stop they wouldn't talk to me unless I gave them private information. They became extremely rude, yelling at me and then hung up on me. I complained to my states attorney but Citi lied so nothing was done

Citi mortgage incompetance

by | September 29, 2013
Started our refinance process after receiving a letter from Citi stating they would lower our mortgage fees in of now we are still being harassed for more documentation.Not even sure our lock in is still in affect. The saga is the same as everyone else on this web site. We have been switched to 4 different mortgage is obvious they don't want to process the loan due to higher rates.I too will contact CONSUMER FINANCIAL PROTECTION BUREAU 8554112372 & file a complaint ATTRNY GENERA

Rate lock fees?

by | September 24, 2013
So, all of you are complaining and stating that Citi brought you to your rate lock expiration on purpose so you would lose the low rate you were locked in at? Can ONE of you say that Citi didn't cover the extension fees so you closed with the same rate you applied with? They were swamped, as ALL lenders were, with the home affordable refinance rates that were being offered at that time. No company can be prepared for their work load to multiply the way that it did for all lenders.

Horrible and stressful refi experience!

by | September 24, 2013
I wish I would have read these reviews before deciding to rfi with Citibank. They are intentionally stalling the refi process asking for more stupid shxxt time and time again. Now they are charging us daily extension fees. Have we no recourse? We've paid fees already, but I am sick of being mistreated by them ( hard to get ahold of, repeated errors in paperwork, rediculous demands od superfilous paperwork, letters...they even asked us for many copies of the same damn driving licenses!). I rate them -10!

Closing Tomorrow...Comments Making Me Uneasy

by | September 23, 2013
After 11 yrs. I have not had any of the issues written by some. I began receiving calls and letters to refinance through HARP. We finally landed on a deal. They have been very professional and prompt with info. The folks i've dealt w this last round have been better than the first. I've been assured Citi owns the loan but I'm not sure. Closing is tomorrow. These comments have me hoping I'm making a wise decision. Refi is for 15 years.

The WORST!!!

by | September 20, 2013
Actually zero stars would be more honest. This process has taken months (over 6 ). Like other reviewers said, there is a continual stream of ridiculous paperwork . They say" just a couple more things". You submit them, wait, and then "a couple more things". Most are not even relevant to the loan or your record of payment. It truly is beyond belief. I had a lot of money in Citibank and have financed home loans there previously. I pulled all my money out of ANY account. Go somewhere (ANYWHERE) else!!

Customer Service Nightmare

by | September 20, 2013
We currently have a loan with CitiBank, and were seeking to refinance to get a lower rater and a shorter time. After talking with a rep, I told them to go ahead with the application, credit card was charged $460 the next day for the appraisal. The day after I found they wouldn't do the original loan length, so I cancelled the transaction. 12 days later, no refund for non-appraisal. Called and was told policy was to refund in 10 days. It's now 30 days, refund came in for $360. No explanation, no calls.

Former Employee

by | September 18, 2013
I actually worked for Sutherland Global Services, a company that Citibank contracts with to do some of their refinancing. Why Citi uses them is on me. I resigned after just six weeks because of the chaos behind the scenes. These people don't know what they're doing. Soooo many frustrated customers. I witnessed customers being mislead and misinformed. Taking months to close. A big mess.

Didn't pay my homeowner's insurance

by | September 13, 2013
Got a mortgage with Citi Mortgage a year ago and setup escrow for taxes and insurance. A week ago I received a letter from my insurance company that my homeowner's insurance was past due because the mortgage company had not paid. Turns out Citi received an incorrect policy cancellation letter from my insurance company. Rather than let me know about it they simply decided to not change to escrow, just stop paying. I had to spend multiple hours on the phone and call them 3 times to fix it.

citimortgage mortgage servicing

by | September 11, 2013
They have been mishandling my mortgage payments since 2011. Now they can't even post a escrow payment. If I had not seen this myself I would have never believed that they are actually a mortgage "servicer". Do not deal with them, avoid them at all costs!

False Delinquency

by | September 8, 2013
Citi changed our escrow. Our payment changed by $92. Our mortgage is paid automatically through our bank. We were short the $92 b/c we didn't change the payment. We immediately paid the difference, then requested an explanation of the escrow change. It never came. We again paid the original amount b/c of no explanation. They took the $1,826, but told the credit bureaus we were delinquent...after FIVE YEARS of being a solid customer. explanation of escrow change. Furious.

Citimortgage refinance

by | September 5, 2013
Thank you citimortgage for refinancing my mortgage in a timely manner. The entire process was only three weeks, I received about two calls to explain each step. Everytone was so nice and polite, I am just too excited that I finally got a lower interest rate and lower mortgage payments . I feel like I won the lottery!!! Honestly I am so happy I have to make myself believe it really happened to me.

To big to fail???

by | September 5, 2013
I'm dealing with Citi at this point for over 4 years to get my Mortgage with discrepancies ( according to Citi ) fixed, I contacted the BBB and the CFPB so far no luck , Citi doesn't even bother to answer to them. I'm still making monthly payments on a account with "deficiencies" At this point I have to write a complaint letter to get Citi to answer a question about my account. I feel like an Ant fighting an elephant, but lots of Ants will bring down the elephant, we all need to keep complaining,and fig

Citimortgage SUCKS

by | August 29, 2013
I have been struggling to make payments due to a loss of income & a downward spiral financially between house problems & vehicle problems. I have asked for assistance repeatedly & got so frustrated that I got the Attorney General involved. CitiMortgage stated that I had a modification (2009 which they said it was in 2010 and was not eligible.) They told me to help get caught up that I can $1800.00 for 6 months, if I can't make payments of $1200.00 a month then how am I to do the $1800.00?

Citimortgage has procedures that the mortgagee has to follow but Citimortgage doesn't

by | August 29, 2013
Citimortgage is a nightmare to deal with. They have procedures the mortgagee has to follow but they don't follow their own procedures. The mortgagee has no recourse. Citimortgage had $26,000 dollars of my money. I refused to pay my mortgage until they sent the money they owed me. They agreed they owed the money and said they sent it but never did. For 15 months I attempted to get my money from CitiMortgage. They finally sent the money they owed. I paid my mortgage immediately but they refused it.

HORRIBLE Customer Service

by | August 28, 2013
I've been in the process of refinancing my mortgage with Citi since the beginning of June & it has been the worst process ever. I've never dealt with a company with such poor customer service. The incompetence of these people is unmatched. WORST COMPANY EVER!!!!!

Curious about how many people complaining have actually had to pay extention fees!!! ZERO

by | August 28, 2013
Citibank is extremely slow in their processing times. They know. And have been covering all extention fees. So everyone here who has listed a complaint didn't bother to mention that they outstanding rates they locked in at were honored.

Do They Really Want to Refinance Their Own Loan?

by | August 27, 2013
I thought it would be easier to refinance with the company I already had a mortgage with! WRONG,they sent me 2 packets after the first time I spoke with them and that was confusing,numerous things I had to do even an appraisal and it had only been 5 years.They drug their feet on getting an underwriter and now are saying after 3 1/2 months our credit rating went down and they can't do our loan!! It was over an insurance payment of 16.60 on JC Penney card.Yet in those 3 months we paid off 3 large credit cards

Breaking CitiMortgage's Refi Code

by | August 21, 2013
Started my refi on a jumbo loan 6/18/13 and closed on 8/20/13. Given the BEST rate at the time of 3.375%, which included nearly 0.50% credit at closing. 2 weeks into the refi I read the reviews here and got very worried since I too was having to constantly send the same documents that I had submitted already. Came to the conclusion they were over marketing their program and could not handle the workload. This caused me to go into "sqeeky wheel mode". Call/email everyday or every other day. SUCCESS!

Nice and Easy

by | August 21, 2013
Very professional specialist. Very accurate timelines. Nice website to follow progress, required documents, etc.

Made a hardship harder

by | August 18, 2013
In 2010 after a deployment and several painful family issues I was transferred to my new duty station. We put our home up for sale and my wife and kids stayed behind while I moved to my new posting (June 2010). In August 2010 my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. I talked to Citi and the VA to let them know. Two years later my renters took off and my wife's cancer returned. I did all I could with Citi but they told me nothing thy could do and foreclosed!

Worst thing to happen to me.

by | August 18, 2013
I have never been treated so poorly in my entire life!!! This re-fi has been going on since before March 2013. I finally told my therapist how awful this process has been and how nobody will call me back ever. She had the nerve to tell me to ask for a manager, as if this would solve all my problems. I wish my therapist would go through this process so I could get some better mental advice.

Avoid at all cost

by | August 16, 2013
Worst bank for mortgage. Their underwriters have no common sense. Asking for copies of cancelled check when I explained it was done thru EFT.....just one example. If it was not for the rate lock I could go to any other bank in a heart beat.

Unbelievable incompetence!!

by | August 14, 2013
Have been in the process of refi for over 6 months. Multiple copies of paperwork sent. New things needed every few weeks. We have a ten year track record on the same home with Citibank. We have always paid early and extra. We are only financing 20% of the value of the property (based on citi's own conservative assessment). Credit score 800. Truly no one there knows what they are doing. Never seen people so incompetent at a job!!

Refinance taking ridiculously too long - is it a scam?

by | August 12, 2013
I have my mortgage with Citi. Decided to refinance when the interest rates were low this past spring. Checked several banks & Citi offered the best rate. I'm having the same nightmare as the 3 people who posted before me. Delays, no communication, my lock out rate is about to expire & I have no idea what is going on. Are they delaying until the expiration date in order to keep my current 'higher' loan active. Starting over with another bank means incurring additional expense and higher rate. Lawyer needed?

Citi Fi and Vanderbilt Mortgage

by | August 11, 2013
Do the research--Oakwood,Vanderbilt Mortgage,Clayton,Berkshire/Buffet, Chase Bank,home insurance are all connected. My home was broke into,,locks changed, payment was sent. So logically payments stopped and went to chpt.13 on underwater trailer on paid lot. Someone called Brian harrases and threatens in person,along with female telemarketer. All connected to the same Trustees,and legal firm as Citi Fi.Citi Fi disclosed our PII and sold the repo mortgage.2010-2013 and no reimbursement on over $100,000 paid.

Wish we had found this site first

by | August 10, 2013
Citibank has been a nightmare! We applied for a refinance to lower our rate, having had a perfect payment record and no credit issues with previous lenders for decades. Since sending the loan to its underwriter, Citibank has been stalling with numerous unreasonable piecemeal requests for documents verified by CPAs (at our cost) - e.g., verifying our son's hobby business was no longer in operation (total revenue: $100). It has been 7 months, rates have increased. We are considering legal remedies.

Requested Letter of Explanation for residence from over 30 Years Ago! =)

by | August 9, 2013
Our Mortgage Loan Coordinator, Joshua Matigian, has the audacity to ask for statements explaining properties from years and years go. How this bank works is they receive the financial statements requested, then the processing time takes so long that they constantly request paperwork because they become outdated. Feel free to send him your CitiMortgage complaints at We are based in Orlando, Florida and been requested redicious documentation from years ago.

Same song second verse

by | August 8, 2013
This refinance process thru Citimortgage has been a nightmare. I have been assigned 3 loan processors, my phone calls never get returned, my emails don't get answered and this delay has caused a lot of aggravation and stress. My locked in rate expires on August 20th and i have no assurance that my locked in rate will be extended. I think this is a scam, since the rates are on the way up they have nothing to lose considering i already have money into this refinance for an appraisal.

Great Job

by | August 8, 2013
Just closed with CitiMortgage my contacts did a great job of keeping me posted on the process and super job forwarding additional information to the underwriter. I highly recommend CitiMortgage to anyone looking to refinance. I do agree with some of the other comments about the time frame it take to close, but this was explained to me up front.

Horrible Refinance Process

by | August 8, 2013
Like many others on this site, I had a horrible experience with Citi. I have refinanced many times in the past and it has never taken more than 6 weeks start to finish. My complaints are not that Citi asked for many documents, etc. My issue is that this process took 3 MONTHS and my loan officer absolutely refused to return my calls. My rate lock was about to expire when I finally got word that we were going to close. We were in the dark the entire time. DO NOT WORK WITH CITI FOR RE-FI!

Shoulda done my homework

by | August 5, 2013
Having been a long time Citi Mortgage customer, I thought a refi would be easy. Was I EVER mistaken. People who don't know what they are talking about. Paperwork that took several tries to get to my file. Three different people calling about the same thing--within minutes of each other. No records of conversations. Now it has been 35 days and my rate lock is about to expire, so I should pay them about $30 per day to extend. If loan rates had continued down loan would have funded quickly. Lawsuit time? YES!

Refin Scam With Citimortgage

by | August 1, 2013
My wife and I have been a Citimortgage customer for over 10 yrs and in May 2013 I fell for there refinance scam. As like others we have gone through the B/S of lost documents confusing us with other customers, non responsive email/calls and other unprofessional tactics that should not be allowed in this industry They have gone from throwing money at people a few years ago to screwing people who are doing the right thing. When there is a class action suit please let me know. My rate expires on August 18.

citi stinks

by | July 31, 2013
I have never dealt with such a bunch of morons in my entire life. You never get the same answer and when you ask to speak to your specialist's mgr, they don't have a clue. You might as well go find your spot under a bridge because they are no help what so ever. They could not find a post-it note stuck to their forehead. ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTED

Terrible Appraisal!

by | July 31, 2013
They have been very difficult to work with and offered terrible customer service. They required 500.00 up front to pay for the appraisal, flood cert, and something else. The appraiser valued our home 10,000.00 below our county tax appraisal, which is historically at least 10,000.00 below market value. Our appeal was a waste of time. Now they want us to pay PMI. We have lived here 13 years and never paid PMI. We are refusing to pay PMI, and they won't let us speak to a supervisor.


by | July 31, 2013
I have been dealing with trying to re fi since March 2013. It is now end of July and I have gotten no where. I had to subordinate our home equity loan, this finally got done and still we have no closing date. I am so beside myself.


by | July 30, 2013
I, like many others on this site, am experiencing the terrible CitiMortgage refinance process. I've been waiting 60 days now for an "Underwriter to review my file" and my rate lock is due to expire tomorrow(how very convenient now that the interest rates are creeping up). Earlier this year I had a refi done on a rental house thru Quicken Loans and from initial contact to closing took exactly 3 weeks so when I say that CitiMortgage is pitiful in their refinance process, I'm really being nice.

The worst mortgage company, stay away!!!

by | July 29, 2013
THEY HAVE THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!!! I've had an issue and two months later nothing has been done!!


by | July 29, 2013
Just closed with Citi on a refinancing. Overall they did exactly what they said they were going to do. Underwriting was definitely thorough but was able to get the deal done in 6 weeks. Got the escrow check back after a weekend. Nice job Citi, thank you! -Ryan

Do not use Citimortgage

by | July 25, 2013
I have been trying since March to refinance my mortgage with Citimortgage. You are passed around from person to person with the previous person not knowing what the last person did. They have messed up my deal to the point that 2 closings have been cancelled....still not done. These reps are not trained and have no idea what they are doing. I had a friend use Quicken Loans and she had her refinance done within 3 weeks.


by | July 23, 2013
Do not use Citi Mortgage is you want to refinance or have a home loan. This place is a zoo. They are so *&^% slow and they hire the worst people. For example, the appraisal person cancelled twice before he finally arrived. Then he went around snapped a few photos and left. He did not even notice any of the extras, he was in a hurry, his wife was waiting on him. Then he decided not to turn in an appraisal at all, so he sent Citi a cancellation notice. But I paid for it out of my pocket. And no refund.

Financial Trickery!

by | July 20, 2013
Had a mortgage with Citi for four years. Always paid on time, plus extra payments every year. Rental property. Offered a refinance. Got it. One year later they have just sent me notice of a "mandatory" wind insurance, retroactive to May, which will raise my payment to more than it was before the refinance. Unethical. Will be calling my lawyer and whatever agencies I can to make these practices known.


by | July 19, 2013
I'm currently in the process of re-financing my mortgage with CITI bank. They hold the current mortgage. I started in March of 2013. Nothing was done with my application until the week before the rate lock was set to expire. I have been bounced to 4 loan officers already. This is absurd. They will continue to ask for the same document over and over. Will be requesting my money back and going with someone closer to home.

Don't refinance with citimortgage!!!!awful customer service

by | July 17, 2013
I wish I had looked for reviews on citimortgage and found this website before I started to refinance. Sadly I didn't.I am in middle of refi and its been a mess.I am not an experienced home buyer and so I don't understand some of the documents being requested or how to obtain them. None of my emails or phone calls have been returned. just tried to call the number and it says the persons voicemail is full so can't leave message. I'm not going to continue the refinance process.

An absolute disgrace!

by | July 17, 2013
This has been such a bad experience for 3 months I am trying to pay down my mortgage and have gotten no where. After finally getting to the underwriter they want even more updates . I have more than enough money to pay this mort. however I was talked into downsizing. I am now losing sleep and so frustrated . I will never refer anyone to this bank. My experience was relentless!!! I just need to get my initial deposit back and pay it off completely.. Wish me luck

Stall Tactics - Shame on Citimortgage

by | July 16, 2013
I've been a citimortgage customer for over 7 years with a perfect track record. They contacted me to refinance and I sadly went for it. Since April they've had all my documents and now they just keep asking for the same ones over and over again. Clearly stall tactics for the locked rate to expire since they've gone up so much. I'm out over $700 for an over priced appraisel. I plan to file a formal complaint and recommend others do as well. Looks like this could head to a class action lawsuit.

  • MP
    Jul, 2013
    San Luis Obispo, CA
    Please include me on your class action. I'm very upset with this process and feel the damage is worth 30 years of $600 month savings or $22,000 over the life of the loan.

  • DR
    Jul, 2013
    Glendale, CA
    Fully agree, @JohnC! I'm going through the same thing right now - got the "Conditional Approval" letter + "Additional Conditions Rider" last week, but can't get anyone to return calls or emails to answer questions! If they charge my cc for the appraisal, I shall dispute the charge until I have a resolution. Keep us all informed if you start a Class Action Lawsuit - I'll be IN!

  • TR
    Aug, 2013
    San Mateo, CA
    I am having the same exact problem!!!! if rates were going down after we locked they would have closed our loans!! they suck!!

Citi Mortgage Nightmare

by | July 12, 2013
I paid off my Citi Mortgage and HELOC in 2012 yet Citi Mortgage recorded the HELOC as a settlement and a short sale. I have had nothing but a nightmare trying to get a live person to help clean this up and have been told it is paid in full yet can not get a letter to that affect. Customer Service says it was paid in full and not a short sale but will not correct the records or furnish a letter... NEVER, NEVER, NEVER use CITI MORTGAGE FOR ANY SERVICES WHATS SO EVER!

  • SI
    Jul, 2013
    Thonotosassa, FL
    I've read the comments posted here and I am in the same ugly situation with Citibank/mortgage ; I'm curious to know if anyone after all the headaches have actually secured the refinance loan and went to closing?

  • DR
    Jul, 2013
    Glendale, CA
    @John: Me too! If you take this any further up the class-action ladder, keep us all informed! All it takes is a large group of concerned and angry citizens to topple this giant. DR


by | July 10, 2013
Save yourself a world of pain and aggravation by avoiding Citimortgage. My experience is exactly like the others posted here. I got lured in by the letter from Citi to refinance and it has been a headache ever since. So many delay tactics by needing more and more documents. Then after 2 weeks they decide that the documents you sent are blurry and you need to send them again. I will never, ever use them again.

Wish I could give zero stars

by | July 3, 2013
Can't even begin to describe. Wish I saw this site 4 months ago. Worst purchase experience of my life. Ideal buyer who should have given up a long time ago and went to a different bank.

Discriminates against the good customer

by | July 3, 2013
Citibank doesn't want good payers they want people who will miss payments so they can collect big late payment fees. They don't have respect for the person who works and pays his bill and treats his finances responsibly Am going through a REFI with Citibank now 45 days in and nothing was being done, same BS as other people posted, lost documents request for the same documents. Only got action when I posted my complaints on the facebook page, suddenly mangers are involved and every thing is now moving.

Wish we had read these reviews first.

by | June 29, 2013
We are in the loosing refinance with CitiMortgage. We are retired with assets to pay our loan off if we wished. Last refi with them was 3 years ago at 4.75. They contacted us and said we were qualified for a 3.5 loan. Its been two months with multiple requests for duplicate information. Now they say they never received our UPS package with all the requested information. They want us to resend all the information or will cancel offer by 7/3. Stay away from Citi!!!

WE had the same negative Experience

by | June 28, 2013
We have All of the same problems everyone has mentioned.I wish I would have read this before we started the refinance.It would have saved us alot of time and trouble!

Same as the other 95% of you!!!

by | June 27, 2013
I currently have a mortgage with Citibank. Contacted them for a refi over 3mos ago - 30yr to a 15yr at 2.75%! Credit score over 800, net worth of several million. 3 months of feet dragging and no returns on my calls/email. Rates were rising the entire time. "Underwriters" wont approve without my producing the tax returns for the private company I work for!!!??? Refi is for $120K!!! I have more than that in my checking acct!!! And make over $750yr!! RIPOFF!!!! Feet dragging saved them the loss of 2.75%!!!!

  • SV
    Jul, 2013
    Houston, TX
    oHHHH may God! I am just reading these concerns. These are not complaints these are authentic concerns. We need to something about this. I am literally confused baffled and totally perplexed. We can keep letting corporations with $-clout humiliate us whether we are on time or not. We don't deserve this type of treatment.

Horrible customer service

by | June 24, 2013
Never ever use CitiMortgage! Refinancing...forget it Loan modification?...5 months, multiple requests for the same info, requests for taxes ( they pay the taxes) , request for divorce decree ( I'm married!) they take their sweet time and then say " you're information has expired!" This is the number one run around company in lending. AVOID at all cost. ( ps my credit score is 815, and I am a doctor)

Stay Away! Worst bank to do business with!

by | June 20, 2013
Take your money out of CITIBANK as quickly as you can. I had money transferred from Europe and they cheated me on the exchange rate by $2000. Also, we tried to do a refi on our condo 6 months ago and their rep. Ann Gashan (the worst of the worst in the mortgage business.) in Glendale,CA branch has been feeding us lies after lies. Now, she tells us that they might not be able to do it. It's a nightmare! Feedback appreciated.

Refinanced with Citimortgage EASY

by | June 19, 2013
We were advised by our financial advisor to REFI through the HARP program before we retire to bring our house payments down a bit. We have been receiving so many offers for this we didn't know who to go through, but our current mortgage is with CitiMortgage and I could just do it online. Once I completed everything online I received an email confirmation the very next day with our preapproval. They immediately sent a packet out and we closed with a new loan in a week! Great Customer service! Thanks Citi!

Shocked at the horrible experience I had with Citi

by | June 17, 2013
After years of banking with Citi, I thought it was a no brainer to use them for my first mortgage. This was the worst experience I could have imagined. When it became apparent that they waited until AFTER my mortgage contingency and days before my closing date to even start work on their end, I started to look at other options. When we were at risk for losing the home because they couldn't get their paperwork together on the 3rd closing date change, we paid cash (luckily had that option).

  • CG
    Jun, 2013
    Attention all citi refi hostages......Please contact the consumer financial protection bureau at 855-411-2372. They are who governs banking practices..File a formal complaint.Also contact the attorney general and file a complaint.If they are not held accountable fo there bait and switch practices it never ends!!!

BAD Company

by | June 11, 2013
Do not use this company unless you just want to be stressed out. 5 months and still no refi, have to resubmit info, lock on rate expired due to time. I am writing a detailed letter to the AG of Kansas. Nobody deserves to be treated this poorly. Class action lawsuit? lots of people, including me have lost money due to this company.

Recommened I refinance the loan that's almost paid off (for another 30 years) or do a short sale

by | June 10, 2013
Have 2 loans since 1991/2006. Income dropped 20% in 2012, another 20% this year. Struggled all last year, finally called in Jan to ask for help. Said didn't qualify, then said did but had to be current on both loans, took hardship withdrawal from IRA to pay & was sent paperwork to fill out, said never got it (they did) so they cancelled application, then said I told them to cancel it as I was refinancing. Charged late & delinquency fees, threatened with charges for monthly inspections. They make me sick!

Hardship is more than MOrtgage

by | June 5, 2013
Through no ones fault we have been thrown to the dogs, medical bills have crippled us and loss of income too. Citi approached us to help with mortgage, refused Home affordability because they say we have not had our loan with them before 2009 - a lie, we have had our laon with them since 2001, now qualify for hardship status but our new payments are more than our old ones, tell me where the hardship is being taken into consideration. Complied with all they wanted to including tax returns for 3 years

Have to say this was the very best refi and it only took 3 weeks.

by | June 4, 2013
I have to say after reading all of the negative comments I was quite leary. My story, I was called directly by Citi and was told I could apply for a lower rate with no income verification. Knowing all of the horror stories out there I thought it was a scam. I was sent a packet only needed to send them my home owners insurance policy and borrowers agreement along with another form ( cant remember exactly what it was but it had to do with the lawyers.) I faxed everything over and qualified withing 2 weeks.

  • LB
    Jun, 2013
    Twp Of Mahwah, NJ
    Is it true that a HARP loan costs NOTHING??!! No closing fees, no penalty for early pay off, can reduce my monthly payment? Citi says they sent a letter & I don't have a copy of it. No one can produce it for me to see that this is all true.

  • BA
    Jun, 2013
    San Mateo, CA
    Linda, I am not sure what type of letter you are referring to. Perhaps it was a promotional letter, so the terms would not be binding. You can speak to their customer service department and attempt to get a copy of the letter. In general, a HARP loan has closing fees including lender fees and third party fees. An appraisal is often required and the borrower bears the cost, although in some cases a lender can waive that requirement (manual underwritten loan or an Automated Valuation Model). You need to speak to the lender about the terms of the loan including the interest rate and fees. Also, in general there are no pre-payment fees on a HARP loan. Your new payment will be lower if you take the HARP loan for a longer period. Also, if you refinance into a shorter term loan, then your payments may still drop, due to the lower interest rate.

Please let me give a Negative Star!!!

by | May 31, 2013
6 Months into a simple re-fi still asking questions and losing my paper work. No joke have sent them over 10 Pounds of required statements, tax returns ect.... loan still not done and still asking Questions!!!! The final straw, they did My appraisal($850) and now they have taken Soooooo. long that the appraisal is OLD and the want me to pay for a New One!!!!! (appraisal value came in fine on first one) I have a net worth of 2 million + and am asking to Re-Fi a $101K loan. RUN AWAY,It must be a scam!

Punish the customer

by | May 30, 2013
I have a mortgage with CitiMortgage. About 18 months ago I went through a bankruptcy. My mortgage with Citi was not discharged in the bankruptcy and is being paid on time. Citi had no loss in relation to this bankruptcy. Now I find out that due to the fact that I filed for bankruptcy I am now banned from having online access to my mortgage. Customer service says that is the policy and there is nothing I can do about it. I am still at a loss to get the connection between a bankruptcy and online access.

Refi dragging on and on

by | May 30, 2013
I have a loan with Citi, and they called me to refi. We started the process in Feb, and I still haven't closed. My asset docs, pay stub, credit report, and rate lock have all expired. Six weeks until my $940 out-of-pocket appraisal expires. They can't tell me when it will close because it's at the underwriters.I have excellent credit, own 60% equity, and have enough money in the bank to cover the balance of the loan. My house is in a hot market. This is getting totally ridiculous.

  • IM
    Jun, 2013
    Milpitas, CA
    Hello Jane. We are in same situation! Would you be so kind and contact me? I would like to talk to you more about it. Please, email me - M8R-wv3tjt Thank you. Ina, Sunnyvale

Worst refinance ever.. Going on over 130 days!

by | May 28, 2013
I am currently refinancing with Citi. The current loan is with Citi. For the past couple of months now, I have been asked questions that were addressed already and have sent over forwarded emails threads. It seems like we are going round and round and I see no end in site. I've am with a team lead now who has asked me for the same HUD that I send her already. It wouldn't bother us so much except,they take about a week or 2 to respond back to you asking you for the same docs. HATE I would stay clear of Citi

No knowledge of mortgage loans or homeopath loans

by | May 22, 2013
I am Siddharth Dua, I applied for home path loan and citi mortgage processor Steve Modde, help me initially and later on send the appraisal guy to my property. When he knew that my loan is home path loan, and you can't send the appraiser for that. But he did that and to cover his mistake he denied my loan . And also my whole time to get the loan for my contract was gone. And I have to loose my escro money $1220. And Los home inspection money $325. Even his colleague Michael Hitchcock was involved. Help me..

Maybe we just got lucky,

by | May 22, 2013
but we refinanced with Citimortgage and didn't have to lift a finger.We went from 1120.00 a month to 766.00 a month at 3.75%.I know that's on the high end for rates. All I did was fax the "permission to proceed" document, and they called three days later and said all I had to do was sign.They sent a mobile notary to my house, and that was it.Spent about an hour refinancing.Perfect payment history with a credit score of 781.The whole thing took about two weeks.Self selected groups can give false impressions.

  • MR
    May, 2013
    Orlando, FL
    We were also very happy with the refinancing, after a few months we found out that Citi make so many mistakes with the loan process that we have to hire an attorney to fix to the issues, our loan close in Nov 2012 and we are still trying to correct all the errors. To make matters worse a large amount of money disappeared from our escrow account and no one at Citi can give us an answer of were it went.

senior citizen, change of SS and pension payments due dates

by | May 21, 2013
Citibank will not change a due date on the mortgage payment, have advised them several times that our SS and Pension payment date do not match up with CitiMortgage payment dated, they refuse to change the mortgage due date, and continue to charge us late charges. We have never missed and payment. Poor customer service thats for sure!

Fast, Friendly Help when needed.

by | May 21, 2013
I lost my job in 2008 which meant we lost $48K a year in income. Our mortgage payment was $1482 a month on a home we were upside in. Called Cit mortgage at first sign of trouble making payments and they did a re-modification on our home. Took $120,00 off the initial loan amount and lowered our payment to less than $500 a month. This was all handled within a week on the phone and with one fax signing the new terms. Couldn't have been happier with the customer service and deal they made with us.

  • AA
    Jun, 2013
    Jonesboro, GA
    Do you have the name and number of the individual you dealt with at CitiMortgage? Please provide.


by | May 17, 2013
My wife and I divorced 2 years ago and she got the house. Citimortgsge received the paperwork stating me ex was to get ALL the paperwork from that point on. But every time I moved, Citi changed the mailings to follow me AFTER changing back to my ex's. The last time I called, They told me that request for an address change came from an off-shore department that had no number. 2 years, 16 letters and over 30 calls and they still won't fix this. HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS COMPANY!!!!!!

CITI Runaround

by | May 14, 2013
I can't begin to say it all except I have never dealt with a more inept organisation. Steer clear of them and protect your sanity!


by | May 8, 2013
Let me just say right of the start that I can't even say this companies name without getting sick to my stomach! Our story is similiar to everyone else's. I am glad to know we are not the only ones. Funny I am reading this because I was about to call tomorrow to try to refiance. NOT! I will try other companies to help us! I can only hope one day our mortgage will be SOLD to another company! I feel for everyone that is having the same issues as us!

Relese of Name on Mortgage

by | May 6, 2013
Have held a mortgage with Citi for 15 years! Paid on time -- refinanced 2x. Went through a divorce 2 years ago and was ordered by the court to remove my ex from the mortgage. Took 14 months, 3 lost fedexes, dozens of calls, no follow up, 5 months in underwriter's hands -- to remove a name from the mortgage! Extremely PAINFUL. AM CURRENTLY LOOKING INTO REFINANCING AGAIN -- BUT LOOKING WITH OTHER BANKS

  • JH
    May, 2013
    San Diego, CA
    Please contact me asap! I am in the same situation and would like to know how you removed the ex from the note Jane 619-708-2806

Worst Customer service EVER!

by | May 2, 2013
Citi Mortgage is my 2nd lein holder4 and while refi'ing my 1st mortgage they've drug their feet the entire time delaying my closing for over four months. Every employee I've talked to including Maria (employee # TRT009)has stuck to "it's the policy" and will not allow us to talk to the underwriter directly - will only send them a request to call us, which they rarely do - when they do call they never leave a phone # to call back and don't leave any pertinent information on the VM. What a nightmare!!

My ordeal is ALMOST over

by | May 2, 2013
I've had a mortgage with Citi for 13 years now. Two years into my 30 year I refinanced, lowered my rate and cut my years to 15. During that process they constantly tried to charge me extra fees, add expenses to the process and otherwise wring every dime out of me they could. I swore then I'd get even! They must know the jig is up because they sent me an express mail offering me the sun and the moon to refinance out to 10 years again so they can keep they hooks in me. Never! Avoid at all costs!

Incompetence Beyond Belief

by | April 20, 2013
Tried to refinance but they lost paperwork approved the loan but never closed even after multiple conacts. Cancelled loan claiming documents weren't provided (after approval letter.) Sent certified letter day later inviting me to refinance. After enough screaming agreed to fast track loan back through but at the end wanted me to pay a 2nd $500 for another appraisal. Send me approval letter one day followed by closing loan letter the next then another certified inviting me to apply for refinance. DO NOT USE

The Worst

by | April 17, 2013
Wish I had read these reviews before I refinanced. I had a mortgage for 15 years with CitiMortgage, always paid on time, have a 790 credit score and they have been the most obnoxious process you could imagine in my application to refinance with them. Endless requests, each of them urgent when they have not communicated with me in weeks. They are unbelievably poorly organized. Go to your local bank.

Horrible, Horrible, Horrible

by | April 17, 2013
They sent us information about a HARP refinance. I had to project manage our process from the start, and our loan person would NEVER call me back. I had to basically harrass him weekly to get any information. Then, after all that I track him down today, and he says our 2nd disqualified us, and -- oops they should have noticed it sooner. I am so pissed! They do not have their act together at all!

Spent $350 on an appraisal, but ready to walk away

by | April 15, 2013
We started refinancing several weeks ago. Our sales rep, Joshua, was helpful & we got our application packet promptly. Then I decided we needed to change our loan from 10 yrs to 15 yrs & that's when the fun started. Joshue said no problem to switch - he'll send new paperwork. A week later we still didn't have it. He wouldn't respond to my voicemails, so I called & complained to 2 other reps. Finally I get ONE of the corrected forms I need. Sent an email today requesting a call back - no response.

The 'C' in CitiMortgage should be replaced with 'Sh'!

by | April 5, 2013
Very poor customer service. Tried to combine my first and second mortgage and that is a no-no with them. My income has dropped 75% and tried to save my home thru about run around. Saving my money plus tax return to re-fi with another bank, hoping that CitiMortgage does not buy my mortgage AGAIN!

3 hr phone call - got NOWHERE!

by | April 3, 2013
Called to see about refinancing a second mortgage that they currently own. Called TEN different numbers, every number given would transfer us around at least three or four times before getting disconnected. ***A representative transferred us to a sex talk line! *** Completely insulted, disgusted and there is not ONE intelligent person to speak with at this company!

Fudging the numbers on refi

by | April 1, 2013
We had our mortgage for 5 years and decided to refi for a lower interest. After 2-3 months of paperwork our payment went down $300 a month. A year later and we got a letter saying our mortage is going up $115 a month because of a county tax increase. We found our county tax increased only $20 for the year, not the $900 they stated. We discovered they paid into our escrow at the refi to lower the payment amount for the first year, bluffing the numbers, then said we were paying $900 less than we were.

Same dismal experience as others-- go someplace else if you have the option

by | March 29, 2013
I had a mortgage with citi for 15 years, with a perfect payment record, , have a credit rating of 780 but when I went to refi with them they are making me get all kinds of documents to them and it has been three months and still not done. Pathetic customer service. I wish I had gone someplace else. I did not know how bad they are. Next time they need a bailout, I will vote to crater them.

Over 4 months and still waiting

by | March 26, 2013
My experience is similar to every one else on here. Terrible service.

Scam, Fraud or Just Incompetent

by | March 26, 2013
A simple refi of an existing Citi loan is in its 4th month. The number of lost docs and resends is beyond laughable. Go elsewhere.

Why is CitiBank doing this?

by | March 26, 2013
I currently have a mortgage with Citibank. About a year ago I refinanced to lower my rate. It was painfully slow, full of incompetence, but did happen. The rates continued to fall so I thought why not do this again because I still had all of the paper work. They offered a lower rate, no fees etc. However, just like 99.9% of the people at this site the problems began..lost documents, documents I sent that they could not find, requests for items unrelated to a refinance. Write or call your congressman.

Refi Closed in 90 Days

by | March 26, 2013
I followed up on a letter from CitiMortgage back in late Dec 2012 stating that I qualified for refi and they had been trying to contact me. I responded since they are my original lender now held by Fannie Mae and applied for a 15 yr fixed term at 3% cutting my rate nearly in half, cutting my term 5 years, and lowering my monthly payment. All this without having to provide proof of income so I was skeptical. I have great credit and no late payment history. Eventually I learned this is done through Harp 2. The hardest part of the refi has been waiting but I kept up on my progress and my inquiries were generally returned promptly and my refi just closed. I see the majority of reviews are negative, and hopefully there are others out there like me who were able to see things through.

Dont not do business with this lender

by | March 25, 2013
Back in 2009 i got one month behind with them due to a divorce. They started adding late charges that were more then my mortgage payment. I asked them to work with me. What a joke. I talked to 13 different service reps and faxed my paperwork to them 15 times.Every time i would follow up with them they said that person was not with the company anymore and i had to start over.After doing this for two years they said they were going to sheriff sale me. My only choice was to file bankruptcy. Run away from them.

CitiMortgage Incompetence

by | March 23, 2013
I currently have a second mortgage with CitiMortgage, the previous mortgage servicer sold this note to CitiMortgage seven years ago. Over the course of these seven years, CitiMortgage stops sending the monthly payment coupons about 25% of the time every year. I have to call and have them restart the statements at least a couple times per year. I tried paying extra every month toward the principal balance; however CitiMortgage applies the extra to some slush fund that doesn’t show on the statement.

Waiting on Refi

by | March 22, 2013
I received a letter from Citi back in Dec and decided to reply seeing they have been servicing my mortgage from when I originally purchased my property. They basically offered me an easy stated income refi at a good fixed rate for 15 yrs. I submitted the package in late Dec. So far they have asked for nothing else and I'm told it's in the initial review stage due to close sometime in April. Will see what happens.

Months of Waiting and still no answer

by | March 20, 2013
This has been the worst bank to work with. Everyone I know who has used this lender either ended up being turned down after months of waiting or has to resubmit paperwork 2 or 3 times because one person doesn't pass it along to underwriter. On top of this, whenever I complain, i am told "we're really busy" but why not hire sufficient staff?! We have literally waited 4 months for an answer and submitted everything they asked for upfront, its just a refinance offer we responded to. How do they get away w/ this?

citimortgage nightmares

by | March 20, 2013
I have nothing to say good about citimortgage. citi sent pre-approval refinance paperwork for lower rates I applied, they lost paperwork repeatedly. After 6 months of this bull, we were turned down. Reason was to many credit reports pulled in a 6 month span, we found out citi pulled our report 9 times in 6 months, taking our credit score from 806 down to low 600. We have never been late on any payments. I feel they screwed us totally. They don't want you to get a lower rate, there making to much money.

  • B.
    Mar, 2013
    San Mateo, CA
    Robin, I recommend that you look at a copy of your credit report ASAP. You're entitled to a free one when you're turned down for a loan. Repeated inquiries can lower a score, but I don't think that can explain a drop of over 200 points. Make sure that there are not inaccurate entries on your report that are harming your score.

Suddenly Late Chages For No Know Reason after being in good standing for over 5 years.

by | March 14, 2013
I pay my mortgage online. My account shows current and no late fees. Yet, CitiMortgage is mailing me statements showing $300+ in late charges. I have called them numerous times and no one knows why, but yet the next statement shows these charges. They sent me a letter today with a print off of my payment history since January 2011 showing $00.00 for monthly late charges and payments paid on time, yet a letter is enclosed stating as a courtesy they have waived January and February late charges and the credit is a totally different amount than the charges! I am so frustrated with their incompetence and would love to know what I am being charged late for?!

Same story as the others

by | March 12, 2013
Five months of lies and runaround from Citimortgage. They told me in October 2012 that the loan was approved; then it sat in "underwriting" for 4 months. In March they asked for a bunch of new and largely irrelevant documentation, and substantially increased the fees associated with the loan. They are either inept, dishonest, or both. Stay away!

Early Home Payoff

by | March 11, 2013
Just tried to get a payoff statement and found all sorts of undisclosed fees. Learned I have a forced insurance policy on the mortgage and will be paying prepayment penalty and closing fees. Does it make sense that if I payoff early it is going to cost more than my current mortgage balance??

  • B.
    Mar, 2013
    San Mateo, CA
    The purpose of a prepayment penalty is to make it more expensive than your payoff balance to end the loan before a certain date. Prepayment penalties are normally associated with adjustable loans, as an offset for the lower rate that comes with the ARM. Prepay penalties stay in effect for a set number of years, as specified in your agreement. Having a prepay penalty should not be a surprise. The presence of a prepay penalty was required to be disclosed to you on the Truth in Lending statement you signed at closing. Perhaps it was not explained to you verbally and, with the large number of documents you signed that day, you did not realize it was there.

Pleasant experience

by | March 11, 2013
We received a letter in the mail about doing a no cost refinance back in late July 2012. We sent all the documents they asked for and had our closing in our own home. Our interest rate dropped from 5.75 to 3.60 and saved $500.00 a month. No out of pocket expenses what so ever. When we were in the process of the whole thing I read reviews and must admit they scared me. We have never beed late on our mortage and have equity in our house. There customer service department needs some training though.

  • JM
    Mar, 2013
    Boston , MA
    What type of documentation did they require for this process? I recieved a similar offer. Thanks!

refi lower rate

by | March 7, 2013
This nightmare started first week of January. I think I need to look elsewhere. Wish I had read this page first.

Closing Cost Question

by | March 5, 2013
Chris, zero out of pocket? What was your closing cost? And completed in 1 month? I was told a min. of 3 now with so many applications. Also to all other readers, an agent quoted me $3500 closing fee with $1000 deduction if I transfer my investment portfolio to Citi. He has confirmed it includes all third party costs. Can it be that low?

no problems with refi.

by | March 4, 2013
no problems with my zero out of pocket refi with Citi. went smoothly, and they did what they said they would. it was completed in less than a month ! quite pleased

  • GH
    Mar, 2013
    LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL Ok so now there is 3 shi@tybank employees on you have no idea what a refi even looks like let alone knowing what department your in??????????

  • MB
    Mar, 2013
    Huntington Beach, CA
    Surprise your refi was No Cost. Ours cost us $500+ and only sved us $200 per month. They, tho terms remained the same, we started to get harassing calls in early morning and evening hours even tho mortgage is not due till 16th (day we ALWAYS pay and ALWAYS WILL PAY as that is how we arrange our finances. It is just more convenient. Late only once in 13 years, bny only 3 days and it was reported as 60 days late to the credit reporter. You can do much better than this company.


by | March 3, 2013
Just like the rest of you on here I am also another one being scammed by the biggest crooked bank corp EVER...Even worse than BOA and that’s saying something. THOUSANDS OF NEGATIVE COMPLAINTS AND ONLY 2 POSITIVE’S. THEY CANT EVEN GET THERE EMPLOYEES TO DO THAT RIGHT!!!!

Same Problems With Citi Mortgage

by | March 1, 2013
I have been reading the complaints about Citi on this board and guess what... we are going through the exact same thing. Already had our mortgage with them for years, credit scores are good and have never missed a payment even when my husband was out of work for 8 months and it was a struggle. Sent the first info to them in December from their Welcome Packet and over 2 months later they are still requesting information. My question is, has anyone filed a complaint with FDIC or BBB or anyone?

I only wish you could rate them at less than 1 star!

by | February 27, 2013
I began our refinancing in December 2012. It's now the end of February and we're still responding to rediculous requests from the underwriter. We've been a customer for 10+ years, have a credit score in the mid 800's, made extra principal payments more than 2x the amount scheduled, were trying to refinance less than 45% of the value of the home that home that their appraiser came up with and still a run around. Then try to contact ServiceLink, their recommended settlement company, good luck! Never again.

  • MM
    Jun, 2013
    Highland Park Bor, NJ
    I had ALL OF THE ABOVE HAPPEN TO ME from Citimortgage! I had the problems for YEARS! But then I told them I would COME AFTER THEM for their illegal, abusive actions (losing all docs over and over again while doing a loan modification)....and I told them I was going to my local Congressmans office....Congressman Frank Pallone. Within 2 hours of that threat, while walking through the door of the Congressmans office, they fixed and finalized that modification for me that they had been dragging their feet on and unethically handily for 18 months. Glad a few of you had unusual luck.....but these folks should be brought up on charges. TRY YOUR LOCAL CONGRESSMAN IN THE MEANTIME.


by | February 27, 2013
If I could give this company less than 1 star I would...I didn't pick them, my mortgage was sold to them. I have had nothing but issues and dealing with disrespectful employees when I call for help. They say they can help but don't, all they do is belittle and degrade their customers. Argumentative employees at best. I think my dog has a high IQ than those that work at this company.


by | February 27, 2013

Service among the worst

by | February 25, 2013
New operator answers the phone EVERY time one calls for help. Endless run-arounds within the organization with each operator contradicting the information already provided by previous operators, so one really never knows whether one has accurate or truthful information. Apologies abound, results almost never seen. I would recommend steering clear of this corporation, unless you like dealing with faceless bureaucrats!

Worst Experience Ever! Dealing with the Death of My Mother and Her Mortgage

by | February 25, 2013
My Mom died in June intestate and with no insurance and suddenly. I am attempting to pay off a 19k mortgage. EVERY time I call, they cannot find my authorization, although they will happily take the payment, they cannot discuss the account with me. I was contacted by the Estate department and sent them her death cert, and my Executor information. I don't even know why that was required because nobody can ever find it! On top of the loss of my mom, their disorganization makes it worse!

Not bad overall

by | February 19, 2013
My overall experience is actually on the good side. Our current mortgage has been with Citi for over 12 yrs, and my sister's was too. She rec'd an application for a HARP refinance at no cost to her. It was quick easy and done in less than 6 wks. I called and asked if we could get the same thing. No, but close. It took closer to 3 months, but our processor was always available to answer questions about paperwork and it went smoothly overall. Went from 6.375% down to 3.25% easily.

My refinance in Florida was flawless!!!

by | February 16, 2013
Already had our loan with Citimortgage. Wasn't looking to refinance, but received a letter about a streamlined HARP. We are not "underwater", so didn't think it applied to us. But they said we qualified, so we signed up. Didn't have to send any documentation, no cost, lowered our interest rate 2.0%. Started in 11/2012 and closed in 01/2013. Our rep called every week with updates, and responded to emails by the next day. Notary even came to my work so we could sign. Got a refund check from escrow. Perfect!

Don't Use Citi for Refinancing

by | February 15, 2013
I'm very frustrated. I started the refinance process 10/01/2012 and still no word when the underwriter will review my paperwork. I emailed both my loan officer and processor and they continually state its in line waiting to be processed. I can never get them to tell me how much longer I have to wait. They get you to do the appraisal right away so that you won't move on since you paid out of pocket. I am so disappointed with my experince with Citi and all the time wasted.

Conflicting Update

by | February 13, 2013
We decided to go ahead and refi ours with Citi at no cost. It has been about 3 months. After several times of resending copy of documents they've misplaced, we started receiving conflicting news. One day, one call is about our loan that is finally approved and literally few hours later, we would receive another one stating that one last document is needed. Talk about wasted champagne. This happened at least three times already. HEY, CITIMORTGAGE... ARE YOU THAT MESSED UP. THE ANSWER IS EITHER YES OR NO!

Do yourself a favor...don't use Citimortgage

by | February 4, 2013
Don't use Citi for refinance. I am a a 10 year customer, and all in all they've been pretty good, but the refi was amateur at best. After delaying my closing by 4 months due to lost paperwork, it finally went through. Their title co. sent me a refund check, and someone else's too. After shredding the wrongly sent check (as instructed) they put a stop payment on mine and cost me 25 bucks. Citi sucks, their subsidiaries suck, and the way they treat their customers sucks. Can't wait to move and leave them.

Very bad

by | February 3, 2013
I had a terrible experiance with Citi mortgage. I started refinancing with Citi in Oct.2012 with good interest rate and gave them all the paperwork they needed with in 2 days of their GFE. They preapproved us and order an appraisal which cost me $850. Appraisal came through and their was a long pause for almost 3 months.In the mean time I was keep asking me the status of our loan and few times they answered it is almost done.The person I started the loan application Melissa Laroach and Loan officer Monica Day.Worst people in the world never answered my emails or answer my phone. In Mid Jan. 2013 they told me my DTI is higher and we have to show more income. Since in 2012 I worked more and had increased pay I asked my employer to give me my W2 early so I can show them. As I mentioned they preapproved us stating that they need 38%DTI. Now they switch it to 31% DTI. I gave them all our current W2 etc. stating the higher income and now our DTI was good to go.There was no problem .When I called Citibank there was one agent told us our loan has been approved and now it is ready to close.Monica day is preparing your closing papers. After one week Melissa called us and told the underwriter want our 2012 Tax return.What???? I told them we haven't filed our tax return since we don't have all the statments from our mortgage company,bank etc.How come we can file.In the mean time they were keep asking lot of documents.I am very organized person so was keep sending the documents with in an hour of their asking. They were taking their sweet time and purposely delayed our loan by not replying to us. Our rate was uppose to expire on Feb.4 2013.Luckily I have filed my tax returns on Jan 25. and told them about it.Now since they knew they have no arrgument they came up with new thing that we have to pay $200 each day until loan close .What the now they want to extract money from us . Monica day refuses to forward our tax documents until we sign the consent to pay $200 everyday. That was just too much because it took them 4 months to reach to the point where they are still waiting to approve us by underwriter. It was not a matter of 1-2 days,it could take another month since underwriter still need to review our tax returns and if she approve us then lot of days for closing. By this time I had enough of their demands and their most incompetent service. Now I wanted my money back which I paid for appraisal$850.Bt sure enough nobody answer to my calls,their main no. they are saying we can email to our supervisor who will call you. Sure enough haven't heard from them. I wasted 4 months with them now the interest rates are high. We wasted our time and money with Citi. I hate them and those 2 person and really wish bad for them.DON"T DON"T DON"T go with Citi mortgage.

  • SS
    Mar, 2013
    If you are having problems with a mortgage be it refinance or purchase in CA give me a call or email.

I didn't have a problem getting a loan

by | January 31, 2013
The lowest rate we have ever gotten...but I gotta wonder about these other people...I didn't have any trouble. It just took forever to get the loan, 90 days. I never had trouble with Citimortgage and I am in CA, 2nd loan with them. They did what the was a breeze

Citi Has done good by me..

by | January 31, 2013
I currently had a mortgage with them...I was contacted by them and offered a lower rate at no cost to me. Someone contacted me on a weekly basis to let me know how things were going. I actually had to ask her to call me only if they needed something else. I think it was in the matter of maybe 2 months give or take a week or so. I wasn't in a hurry. They were very nice, answered all my questions and also came to my place of employment to do the closing. Great Service.

Try anybody else if you're trying to refinance a "cream puff" loan

by | January 31, 2013
Started the refinance process with Citi on October 1, 2012. LTV is 32% Credit Scores 795-810. Outstanding balance about $220K. Got all the papers in the day after I received the request. They took my money and scheduled an appraisal which was completed. Since then, NOTHING but "due to unprecedented volume..." Its been 123 days, no firm estimate of when they might get the loan application and docs to underwriting. Promises of 60 days to close, then 90 days. then maybe 150. FORGET THESE PEOPLE

I think a Class action Lawsuit is in Order!!!

by | January 30, 2013
It is absolutely criminal what this company is doing. We sent all of the necessary documents for our refi. Faxed over 60+ pages to our assigned Rep. "Gwenetta". She lost several KEY pages. We refaxed. She lost several other pages she told us she had. It's been two months so far and I have never been so frustrated in all my life. This is people's livelihoods they are dealing with. America needs help, and there is nothing but a Clown School, running the show over there. She was illiterate. So disturbing.

writer of good reviews

by | January 23, 2013
I believe the two persons who wrote the good reviews are any of the following: a. manager of citi mortgage b. officer of citi mortgage c. wife or family member of a citi employee or officer.

  • GH
    Mar, 2013
    Totally Spot on.... I was going to write what you said but you beat me to it. NICE ONE.

CitiMortgage Terrible on all aspects

by | January 21, 2013
CitiMortgage is the worst company I ever had to deal with in reqards to the business, employees and helpfulness. Their employees have no idea what they are doing and takes no blame when they tell you the wrong thing. They are very unprofessional and they don't try to help their customers they just want the customers property and homes if they can make money off of them. They do not try to contact the customer to find out what the problem is and try to help they just start forclosure proceedings.

  • GW
    May, 2013
    Little River, SC
    They are dragging their feet on my refi. I should have went through Quicken Loans. I was told I would close on May 10th, now they say it is still in underwriting. I have been a customer for a long time, and I am disappointed and frustrated with CitiMortgage at the moment. If anything improves I will post again; right now I cannot recommend them.

Stay away from Citi!!

by | January 18, 2013
It's a month past the date my buyer rec'd his conditional commitment but the bank still hasn't cleared the file - "working on it every day." Yesterday they actually called my buyer to say they lost his employer verification info and could he resend. Means they haven't even LOOKED at the file yet. 3 months and a week since we went into contract. Buyer has great credit and put 25% down. I'm losing $2300/month in rental income from empty apt I need to keep free for the buyer. No end in sight.

Should have been easy

by | January 11, 2013
Although it started out well enough, it took five months to do a streamlined HARP. Citi sent the wrong forms to the other lender which caused the other lender to deny the subordination agreement and it took several days to fix the error. Went a month past the deadline and into the new year. I had to call every day for two weeks to get it over the finish line.

We're is my tax escrow?

by | January 10, 2013
I recently refinanced my mortgage thru cities. I had an exciting loan with them. So I though it would be an easy refi. Thru the whole process it was difficult to stay in contact with them. Then when there title company. Call onechour before closing the paper was wrong.They were escrowing my favorite insurance witch was never supposed to be in escrow.when the agent came the paper was still wrong this time no escrow. The agents tells me all is alright it can be added later.Since then I have been on the phone.

Horrible Customer Service

by | January 10, 2013
Wow...what a clown show they run there. We've had our mortgage with them since 2003 and decided to re-fi under their "free" HARP program to reduce the rate. Process started over a month ago and finally received a call from one of their "specialists" yesterday, who stated that our mortgage was not eligible because it is held in a LLC - the same LLC as when the loan was originated in 2003. Asked them how to get new financing. The response, "NOTHING WE CAN DO" Suggested to take business elsewhere...WTF?!

Over 4 months to close

by | January 8, 2013
I had an existing mortgage account with Citi. But due to low Mortgage rates decided to refinance with Citi again. I decided to opt for Citi since it is a preferred vendor for my employer and i didnt have to pay a single fee thus saving me money. But my refinance process was a nightmare. I started my refinance process in August 2012 and finally closed in Jan 2013. They said the underwritters were swamped and it is taking a lot of time for them. The CS was good though. They gave me a $500 credit too.

  • JM
    Jan, 2013
    Chicago, IL
    We started our HARP refinance in May of 2012 and provided all paperwork in a timely fashion. 8 MONTHS LATER WE ARE STILL WAITING TO CLOSE. UNBELIEVABLE. Our loan has been waiting for the flood team to review it FOR MONTHS. ARE YOU SERIOUS CITIMORTGAGE? Our mortage should have been closed by now and we should have been saving money on our mortgage every month for at least the past 5 months. CITIMORTGAGE should be crediting that amout we have lost out on to our closing costs. WE ARE SO DISGUSTED WITH CITIMORTGAGE, FIND SOMEONE ELSE TO REFINANCE WITH IF YOU HAVE THE CHANCE!

Great experience

by | January 3, 2013
We just finished refinancing our home through Citi in less than 6 weeks start to finish. Everyone I dealt with was professional and we had no problems.


by | January 3, 2013
These people at CitiMortgage are a bunch of incompetent individuals. They treat you like crap. I can't get them on phone and they don't reply to my emails.


by | January 2, 2013
I agree with these reviews 100% we started HARP refinance in August 2012 - closing date of November - we are still waiting to close. I'm so done with Citi. My current mortgage began with them in 2006 - a 30 year which is down to 19 years - in 6 years time - never late - decent credit - all i wanted was a lower rate and all I've gotten is pushed around. I am beyond pissed and fed up with them. If negative stars could be left as a rate it would be. Paperwork upon paperwork has been submitted.

Loan modification process

by | December 28, 2012
Citicorp is nothing short of criminal in their dealings with people!! We were told our refi would drop our payment about $500. After a torturous year long modification process where our faxes were constantly "lost" or "never received" and deadlines missed because of the paperwork issue on their end, we were constantly starting over every few months!! Each time we called we received conflicting information than the time before and were never allowed to talk to the same person twice. Nothing but tears!!

I wish I read these reviews before I refinanced

by | December 27, 2012
I started a HARP refinance with Citi on 10/26/12 with a projected closing date of 1/24/13. It's been the absolute worst experience so far. Phone calls are not returned, a 3-page fax results in a response in 10 - 15 business days. It takes them 3 business days to send an email about a response in 10 - 15 business days which is almost a month. I'm very disappointed with Citi.

The worst ever expirence I have ever had.

by | December 26, 2012
Extremely poor performance. 6 months into this refi with citimortgage and still being ignored. I have never suffered this type of customer service whatsoever!

(no title)

by | December 21, 2012
My refinance was disappointing. Every time I talked to someone I was told something different. I was told my social security number was masked. It is not masked I called social security and 3 credit bureaus. Citimortgage even could bring it up on 1 of my calls. I feel that citimortgage unfair since I have a loan already for 8 years.

painless refinance

by | December 19, 2012
took less than 3 weeks to drop my rate from 5.375 to 3.5 percent with no costs to me whatsoever, they even came to my work to sign off the papers

  • JG
    Jan, 2013
    Franklin, TN
    How come only 1 person had a good review of refinancing with Citi?

  • MH
    Feb, 2013
    Methuen, MA
    After my experience and reading all the reviews, I had to come back and see if its still happening. I almost think there is no consistency with those involved writing the loans. Mine was so easy it made me nervous, they never had me send them anything, not even a w2 or bank statement. Reading thru the positives and negatives it almost seems luck of the draw. How can the ratings be 1......1....1....1.....5.....1.......1.....1......5....1......1......1.....1.....1.......5?

great rate - if you can have it after thousands of hoops

by | December 18, 2012
I can't believe how bad my experience is. I got declined with 800 credit score (yeah I am not kidding.) Ever since hurrican Sandy, they have been acting strange. Before, it was slow but at least doesn't seem an issue. After hurricane (our neighborhood was not impacted), they start to ask stupid question and deem the house unsafe, even if the appraisal they ordered did not say anything. What a bunch of idiots! Way to go about the "relief" effort - you reject me who is not even close to the coast!

Stay away from Citimortgage, if you can !!!

by | December 10, 2012
The loan process(refin under HARP) started on 07/25/2012. Estimated closing was 10/23/2012. One month pass.No change in application status. Tried contacting my loan officer, Shannon Johnson (NMLS 869241). All my calls and emails - unanswered. Had to escalate my case. 10/10 : Now loan is assigned to a diff. officer, Ebony Hill (NMLS 968102) Appln now denied for insufficient flood coverage. But the same coverage is fine for the existing loan. Is it because my existing loan is 7.00% and the new loan is 4.00%?


by | November 27, 2012
My wife and I sent the information into Citi mortgage in August 2012. The rate was locked in for Dec 3 2012. We sent them all the docs in Aug and they lost half of them.They did not even begin to work on it till Nov 6.I have 48 emails with the processor holding her hand and telling what forms she needs to use.What you are reading is true!If are using citi you better stay on them every step of the way. Email them call them and email them some more.Do not back off they will sit on it unless you push them.

Worst experience in my life!

by | November 21, 2012
If I could give them a negative rating I would. I have been trying to do a loan modification for almost a year and still have no results and they want to auction my house before they make a decision. They are complete crooks and idiots. I wish my taxes did not go to bail them out with TARP. I hope they rot in HELL, all of them!!!

Worst Customer Service Ever

by | November 20, 2012
Undoubtly the most slimy bunch of people you will ever deal with. Been a Citi customer for 5 years. Never a late payment, high credit scroe and an LTV ratio of 55%. Applied for a refi to lower the rate. I was told not a problem, we can close your loan in 3 weeks or so. 4months later I gave up on Citi and went to an independent mortgage company. They were able to accomplish in 3 weeks what Citi could not do in 4+ months. Citi collected $695.00 to refi I'll never see again. Bye Citi your paid off!!

This site cannot be reputable

by | November 17, 2012
There is no way this site can be reputable with the rating they have given Citi mortgage. I am a perfect customer. Same experience as all those below with refinance. Worst of my life. There is no way on earth that I will believe that their representatives are NOT paid incentive based on delay tactics on a HARP application. This is big banks in action action folks. Take it from a former corporate VP. I have never experienced worse service, disrespect, incompetence, and downright rudeness in all my life.


by | November 15, 2012
I too am going through refinancing hell with Citimortgage. I have what's known as an 80-20 loan, the 80% at 5.875, and the 20 at 8.375%. It has been 4 months now with no end in sight, and they continue to ask for stupid, non-necessary documentation to approve my loan. Today, they asked for my child support decree. I sent it (with SSN's blacked out for my ex wife and daughter). I received an email from Erica who stated the underwriters would need the doucment with the SSNs not blacked out. Terrible

Bunch of Crooks!!

by | November 14, 2012
For some reason every year since I have had them, I have paid an average of $500 per year on a lender forced ins. policy due to their greed and incompetence. Every year, calls after calls to no avail. Just try to call cust. support and after dropping you 4 times, their fake supervisors will tell you all about their company "policies" you MUST pay for! I despise this company and everything that they stand for! Why is customer happiness thrown to the curb any more, GREED!! I HATE their whole essence of being!

  • SG
    Dec, 2012
    Vineland City, NJ
    this only happens if you cannot or do not provide proof of a Homeowner Policy covering the dwelling for the replacement cost, AND having the mortgage company listed as leinholder. Unless you were paying PMI which is required with an FHA mortgage. Something seems to be missing with your story...

No Problem

by | November 13, 2012
I applied for a refi at the end of September and my loan is closing next Monday (11-19). No hassles whatsoever. I lowered my interest rate by 2.0% and it's not costing me a thing!! I have been a Citimortgage customer for 6 years and never had a late payment and my credit score is 380. If you don't have any bad marks on your credit you should have the same experience. Someone with a questionable credit history or no credit history may have a completely different experience.

  • LV
    Nov, 2012
    Jacksonville, FL
    Sorry you are being presumptions if you think there is a reason great customers are treated badly. This is their MO. You should consider yourself fortunate.

Delays, Delays, Delays

by | November 13, 2012
The Mortgage Consultant refused to read the emails I sent and reply to the voicemails I left. I emailed one attachment three times before she recognized the file she was asking for. Leave all the voicemails you want, they will never call back. Email all the explanations you feel like writing, but don't expect them to be read. They are my last choice of banks to work with.

Wish I'd Seen These Reviews Before My Citi Refi Hell Began

by | November 7, 2012
We had a current loan through Citimortgage. Started a refi in April. It is November and we are still going in circles with this company. They ask for ridiculous paperwork and explanations and say things like--"If you send within 24 hours we will close this week." Then after you send it in you hear nothing for 2 weeks. Don't try and call, the voicemail box is always full. Incompetent bunch of fools allowed to hold hundreds of thousands of dollars in their hands. Wish I knew a good lawyer.

So frustrated, glad I'm not alone

by | October 26, 2012
Have had this company for years, no problems. Refinancing is awful! Ask for paperwork, including the backs of credit card statements, and the extra sheet you throw away! Started in July, 10-10-12 was suppose to be done, but then they asked us why they requested a credit check on us on July! Extended for a month, sent 3 employment autorizations to my work in one day, then 2 days later another. Said they do it every 10 days through a loan process. Now set at 11-9, don't see it happening. What can we do?

i understand why they needed a bailout!

by | October 23, 2012
The worst customer service in the world a bunch of idiots who push paper could not even coordinate a order at a drive through fast food joint without taking up their complete lunch hour totally pathetic.they should have been allowed to fail not bailed out

Do not do business with

by | October 23, 2012
I have a mortgage and tried to pay off the house, I send the check to them and see that they still have not cashed it, I call them and am talked to in a bad way and told that they sent the check back to me because they want to try and put a foreclusure on the house even though it is only 3 months behind, they demand I pay in full and then again I tell the person on the phone you were saying you were going to forecluse my home if I did not pay, she said she didn't say that, lying to me, do not do business!!!

Citimortgage doesn't help

by | October 23, 2012
Dealing with Citimortgage was one of the worst experiences of my life. After 10 months of them lying, losing info, and switching processers I have no loan. They said I had to close my $100,000 equity line which I did, said if I paid down my loan I would get the loan, I did and asked me to draw monthly money from my investments I would get the loan. I did all these things and they claimed I didn't submit all the info. It was faxed from my local branch. I have lost money and they will not return my calls

Feeling scammed

by | October 17, 2012
Started a refi with CIti in June for Harp loan. Have new loan #, spent countless hours getting/sending info. Continually having to resend info to them. Charged for appraisal and subordination to the tune of $750.00. Loan finally approved and was a happy camper looking forward to a $400.00 drop in pmt with refi. Too good to be true. 2 days before loan was to be signed they denied us, kept the$ 750.00. Now I am more in debt. CIti is not here to help…and I can't reach anyone who I worked calls back.

Citimortgage (The worst in interest rates & modifications)

by | October 16, 2012
Citimortgage sent to me a telegram in a yellow envelope. They said that I qualified for hardship assistance but when I called them, they transferred me to the modification department. The modification department said that I don't qualify. Their interest rates are ridiculous. I think that it is best to find a company that wants to help. I'm starting today. Citimortgage is the company that don't help their clients instead they will try to take your home if you are 30 days past due.


by | October 16, 2012
Do yourself a favor and run as far and as fast from CitimortgageCitibank! You need a lisp to say their name correctly. Their homeowner support specialist only specialize in doing nothing. The company is full of empty suits. I hate that my tax dollars went toward bailing out this incompetent corporation. Too big to fail...let us hope never again!

Loan Modification- NO HELP

by | October 15, 2012
Citimortgage is not the company to deal with, after years of trying to get a loan modication for a very high rate and monthly payment. I have gotten nothing. They don't help you, I come to believe they want you to loose your house. If you need help don't go to citimortgage. The worse you can find! Struggling - New York

Not for the people

by | October 15, 2012
Citimortage is not willinig to work with people for any reason to get caught up on their mortgage. When illnes makes work impossible or difficult theymake the mortgage holder jump through hoops sent a payment. It is like they are assiting in your failure. Which adds to the person with the illness, depression and over all poor health. Not accepting a payment is morally and ethically wrong. I feel sorry for you Citimortgage. So un Christ like.

Citimortgage Refi Scam

by | October 12, 2012
In June 2012 Citimortgage said it would refi our current loan and we would save $200 a month. We have owned our home for 37 years, over 50% equity, credit score over 800. Demanded lots of dox which we immediately sent. Appraised over 50% equity. Say "approved" but want more dox which we sent. "Approved" but demand we must plug a $30 CO2 detector in the wall and have appraiser TAKE A PICTURE OF IT! "Approved" but demanded new copies of dox we sent before. Just a scam to keep us from refi with another bank!

Re-fi in process for 3 months - CitiM staff seems clueless or just doesn't care at all!

by | October 10, 2012
Last week we were told closing scheduled for 8:30a.m. on 10/10/12 & notary would come to our house. Was told to call loan processor if we hadn't heard from "Closer" &Title Co. by midday on 10/09. No call from either entities. Called loan p. several times&left voice mails. NO ONE showed up this a.m. NO ONE called us. Phoned loan p several times:got V.M Phoned CustSvc:told there was NO WAY that closing would happen today. Can't tell me when. Told we don't need to make current loan payment. Getting nervous.

Never trust a "friend" selling Citimortgage

by | October 7, 2012
My first instinct was not to go with Citimortgage. After all I was already 15 years into a Citimortgage. But I was in a bind with a broken furnace and no financial help in sight. My "friend" extolled the virtues of a Citi refi. Of course, after I got in, she told me that it wasn't working out for them that well either. Too late! I cannot begin to tell you the unethical practices. Where would I begin? Late charges for on time payments, just the beginning. I pray to God that this bank gets caught.

incompetence at citimortgage

by | October 1, 2012
One whole year to do a refi, then they cancel it ! They blame me for not sending in documents, but I've sent them what they ask multiple times. They keep losing it. then they find something else to ask for, and lose that. They're not trained, in their own regs or Fannie's, and certainly not in customer service, don't reply to phone calls or emails, can't think beyond their own little box. And their rates are 1/2 point higher than Wells Fargo's.

Go with someone else!!

by | September 27, 2012
We have had Citi for 8 has been a total nightmare! I have contacted there customer service complaint department and all they do is argue with you. We are upside down and I asked them to lower our interest rate and was told "I can't validate lowering your rate". HORRIBLE!


by | September 27, 2012
Well, at least I'm not alone.

Worst company - do NOT get a mortgage from these rip-off artists!

by | September 25, 2012
We have tried 3 times to refinance - and every time they put us through the ringer - submitting all our paperwork, being assured we will be able to work something out. Just to do all that, and get a "we can't help you unless you let your home go into foreclosure". What kind of advice is that? If you are a good customer, who pays on time every month, but wants a little help to make sure things don't get bad - you are TOTALLY out of luck. The government needs to FORCE mortgage cos. to help - not suggest.

Stay away.

by | September 16, 2012
My current mortgage is with CitiMortgage. It's always been paid on time via electronic transfer. The amount I wanted to refinance is only about a 33% loan-to-value. It's been a nightmare. They have the most disorganized system of reps and account management people around. It has been 120 days and they keep dragging it out. The account person only communicates nights and weekends so it may be they're using a bunch of people who are doing this as a part-time job.


by | September 13, 2012
It has now been 6 MONTHS and I have still not finished my refinance. Citimortage has terrible customer service, is extremely unorganized and incompetent. I am only using them because I have no other option. I would never recommend this company to anyone and would advise against if asked.

Re-Finance existing mortgage with Citi Bank

by | September 10, 2012
Wow, can't believe all the horror/negative comments. I had the exact opposite. I receive a letter from Citi Mtge advising I might be eligible for a re-finance on existing loan. Made the call, aswered a couple of questions and I was told I would have a decision after the title search was completed. Took about 3 weeks, received a call and an e-mail confirming approval. Went from 5.75% to 3.6% on 13 years left on a 20 year loan. They sent a notary to my home; took about 15 minutes and I was good to go.

Citi frustration on a loan

by | September 6, 2012
I am now on the 45th day of getting a new mortgage with these folks and it has been one misstep after another. The worst part is the communication. I would like to write more but I am limited on the amount of characters I can use. Let's just say they are not equipped to handle the volume and I would recommend a local company that you can see eye to eye and hold each other responsible. These folks have too many separate divisions and cannot even communicate well among themselves. Hence the frustration...


by | September 6, 2012
Paid my mortgage for years,then I received a letter in April 2012 informing me I must carry flood insurance equal to the value of my mortgage balance ($18,400.00). I purchased a policy for $20,000.00. Informed on 8/4/2012 they had forced placed me for flood insurance back to 5/7/2012 for an addtional $230,000.00 coverage. Angry, I paid off my mortgage 8/27/2012 with a wire transfer. Received a call 9/6/12. Informing me I still owe for coverage 5/7/12-8/27/12. What a bunch pukes!!! See title!!!

Reported false information to the MERS reporting system

by | September 1, 2012
CitiMortgage provided false information to the Mortgage Electronic Reporting System.They reported us as deactivated-for default or bankruptcy, preventing us from refinancing at a lower rate with a different company even though our loan is current with no issues.CUSTOMER SERVICE IS NO HELP!!!!!!!I have been on the phone for countless hours trying to resolve this. Three weeks later still not resolved-I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND THIS MORTGAGE COMPANY-There should be a rating lower than 1

They will take your money and rob you blind.

by | August 28, 2012
I will try to keep this very short and to the point. Do not go with CitiBank for your mortgage. The appraiser measured my house inaccurately and came back 12% low - I built the house and have had other appraisals, non of which were close to the low figure. When I questioned them about this they would not even return a phone call to explain. They took the appraisal money and ran. Since I have refinanced with 5th/3rd - awesome experience and very accurate and quick.

Poor Customer Service

by | August 27, 2012
Many previous issues with website payments. Just tried calling refinance department at the number the website provides specifically for that topic for a very basic enquiry and was transferred 4 another department that couldn't answer the question and was about to transfer me again. At that point I explained that wasn't necessary because this experience confirmed I didn't want to refinance through them.

Unethical practices

by | August 5, 2012
They took my payment for two whole years on a loan modification.They put my payment in a escrow account and will not let it be shown as a payment, so it forced us in to bankruptcy to keep our home. They have said we own them over $33,000. They charged me twice for money they all ready have, I can do nothing about it right now. I have proof that i have paid the payments. I have them on tape that I have talked with them and they have said that my payments are there in the account, yet no one will help

Mortgage Modification

by | August 2, 2012
I received a mortgage modification (I thought), back in Oct. 2011. I have fallen through the cracks. One person even said I had applied for a short sale (not). Now, I have spoken to several customer service reps and, you guessed it, no one knows anything. I am giving them one week, making my payments as agreed and keeping my lawyers handy.

Misuse of escrow funds

by | July 24, 2012
Citimortgage has failed to pay my school taxes or property taxes accurately from my escrow account - consistently either goes up on my payment to cover negative escrow account (when overpaid taxes) or refunds large amounts of money because escrow account balance is greater than law allows, when they say they have paid the taxes, but the county reports no payments made. Today I received another Notice of Tax Lien - with potential foreclosure - when I contact them, get the same run around.

Worst mortgage company

by | July 20, 2012
Problem #1. Changed home insurance companies to save two hundred dollars per year. Payment went up. They were adding both insurance premiums together instead of using the actual insurance company invoice. After several phone calls to the customer service department and then finally to the escrow department got that resolved. Problem #2. Refinanced elsewhere. Been a month waiting for refund of escrow money. Customer service RUDE. This is MY money! NEVER DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY-THEY ARE HORRIBLE!!! RUDE !!!

Never returned application for mortage

by | July 18, 2012
We were supposed to refinance with them. The mortgage was never approved cause the property was worth it les so they we suppose to give back 400 dollars application. Left thounds of messages and never ever returned my calls. Really bad customer services and they stole my money...

great dissatisfaction with citiMortgage

by | July 17, 2012
My loan was sold out without my approval to a company with terrible reputation. and now we are paying the price. My refinancing was mishandled, instead of getting refinancing this company mishandled my case stretching it for two years, putting our ownership at risk and now we have to pay for legal expanses on top of being stressed.

Citi Mortage Refinance - Terrible Experience

by | July 15, 2012
Citi contacted me about refinance on my existing mortgage. I'm lucky in current economy that I've retained my job and excellent credit rating, but Citibank still can't get a simple re-finance done in a very long time. Rude and incompetent agents - finally talked to a manager and even more rude. Customer service is a joke as they never answer or return calls or emails. Beware! I went to a local bank and refinance was done in 30 days - I plan to never do business with any branch of Citibank again.


by | July 12, 2012
In January they cashed a check for more than $2K and NEVER credited it to my account I've spent hours and hours trying to get this resolved. They claim it wasn't cashed by them. (Copy of back of check clearly says Citibank, N.A.) THEFT!!! ILLEGAL activity here. Got millions in bailouts, and still have to take $2K from a lowly citizen? I'm fed up with them and don't know where to turn. I've trie the Consumer Prot Agency; their legal dept won't return my calls; haven't heard back from the CEO. USELESS

Horrible Customer Service

by | July 12, 2012
I don't know how many times I have called their customer service and received bad advice. When I call back and have to talk to a manager I get the "I apologize for the misinformation." They NEVER do anything to fix the issue. Just apologize. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. They could care less about me and my mortgage!

Settlement with Citi? Forget it

by | June 29, 2012
I tried to keep my home from forclosure. Sent them all paperwork required to come up with a settlment with the first. They dragged their feet and would not accept any offer from the first to go through with a DIL or Short Sale. They also made me send all kinds of paperwork, from IRS statement to my current situation. They are releasing the loan to a second party now for collections. Beware!!! Home is now going into forclosure. We bail out all these people so in turn they can just screw us again.

A very bad place!

by | June 24, 2012
we had been in our home for 22yrs. my husband lost his job. we call every day to get help, they hung up on us, put us on hold for as long as 27 min. and picked up and hung up!!!! this is a bad place. No help at all!!!!!!!!!

when will someone do somehting?

by | June 18, 2012
I even send payments and what is posted is not the total amount according to the Citi website for my account. I call and ask and no one knows where the rest of the money is. There is a special fund that they put money in and you the customer cannot view it! You the customer has to challenge them to find this out. They do not have to be acountable for the money you send them as a payment. What other company can do this and continue to get away with it?

Got a call from a Citi Mortgage consultant last night

by | June 14, 2012
Sounded like a real nice guy. He wants to speak with me about a refinance opportunity. After reading the feedback on this site, I will tell him no. I am truly sorry to read and hear about all your horrific experiences. God Bless you all.

Stall Tactics

by | May 30, 2012
Judging from these reviews we should get out while we can. We've been working with CitiMortgage for months, trying this type of modification or that type of modification. They have been very nice about it but denied on all - so far. I truly believe they are spending Obama's bail out money by going thru the motions and then denying any type of relief to the customer. I am sick of it. I will contact their CEO's office, My State Attorney's office, Congressional and Senate Office's and the Office of Currency.


by | May 14, 2012
I have been trying to refinance, got my documents together, gave my credit card to mortagage consultant to use for an appraisal, they had not even done the appraisal and charged my card, 2X amount than what they said it would be. I am still trying to get the money back and have to file a "dispute" with the credit card company. I have spoken to the consultant, when he returns calls, or answers email, and he assured me the money was being refunded. Don't count on this company, i don't, 30 days and waiting!

this banks sucks....

by | May 10, 2012
Citi Mortgage is the worst by far. Never...I mean never work with them!!!! Their reps are rude, ill-informed and nasty. Hangs are common when you ask for a supervisor to the call back...not a chance. Again, never work with Citi.


by | May 2, 2012
Since 2009, trying to refinance, they ask for documents all the times because after 90 days they said the papers expire, but it is because nobody cares in CITIMORTGAGE about anything. Citimortgage is a VERY BIG SCAM

Do Not Expect Citi To Help

by | April 23, 2012
I've been working with ''; ''; And response is always next week.

As a notary signing agent

by | April 18, 2012
As a notary signing agent working for Citi, you can believe me the horror stories re: refinance are true. Documents do not arrive on time, people are put through months of resending info, etc. - they even do this to their own employees! I worked with Citi for years (2002) and as a notary was not able to comment to borroweres re: their loans. What they did was a crime! My mortgage is with them also (was ABN-Amro who was bought by Citi). Had a problem with Citi from day 1!! Would never do business with the

Based on My Experience

by | April 12, 2012
My Loan was paid in full 5 years ago and the lien was never released. I have yet to find a customer service rep which will see this issue to the end. I can't get a direct contact or phone number and have not been contact by anyone. I am repeating myself each time I call.

  • RA
    Jun, 2012
    Columbus, GA
    I am also having issues with Citi and getting them to release my lien. I originally bought my house with an 80/20 (BIG mistake) with the 20 being one company after another but ended up as Citifinancial/CitiMortgage/Citi-whatever they want to be and since then have had issues like you wouldn't believe. If the IRS were to ever investigate these people, they might be able to balance our national debt! They do not have a single thread of decency or customer service. I am right now in the process of refinancing my first mortgage except Citi has been dragging their feet. Because of this, it's costing me money every single day that I don't get their cooperation of a simple lien release. By the way, the orginal 2nd was only 17500 and that was 14 years ago! It's been paid (over three years ago!) and money was made on that loan more than I can imagine. Right now they're trying to tell me that I owe them close to 9500! Can you believe the gall of this company? They are able to give me some kind of figure that I owe but they can't show any payments made in the last ten or so years. It's a good thing that I'm a pack-rat because I have every bill and every bank statement, etc. on original paper sent. It seems to me that this would give them reason to pause and reconsider telling me that I owe still. What really is disturbing is that this company has been sued so many times from other companies, individuals, etc., and they still have horrid business practices. I do not understanding how they are allowed to perpetrate such modern-day highway robbery and still get away with it. If there were any lawyers who wanted to make a name for him/herself, here would be a perfect opportunity! I'm already looking for legal information about Citi as I know I'll be joining some kind of lawsuit soon! FYI-POTENTIAL CITI CUSTOMERS-RUN! Do not walk to the nearest exit that releases you from Citi. Get EVERYTHING IN WRITING! Sign nothing! Seriously, beware of Citi!!!


by | April 11, 2012
I have an 800+ credit rating, been with Citi since 2008 on a 30 year fixed at 6%. I contacted them to refinance at a lower interest rate. They, in a contract GFE offered 3.5% for 15 years and had me running around getting W2, IRS, bank records, etc. on 3/16/12. All were provided and I was advised closing in two weeks. Then last nithg 4/10/12, I received a call from Nick Klien mortgage consultant who explained they could not honor their GFE and suggested a 20 year at higher rates. I AM MOVING FROM THEM!

Run while you can. Worst company I have ever had to deal with.

by | April 6, 2012
Had a loan with a private bank who sold to Citi. Never was an issue until my husband was injured on the job and had to have surgery, his recovery was much longer than what we expected, he was out of work for 5 months. Contacted Citi and was told they would help all paper work was sent to the underwriter end of December 2012 still no word. I keep calling and if I didn't I would know more information is needed as they do not send request for more information. This is the most ______ up company ever!


by | April 6, 2012
Citimortgage had our loan 1999-2012.We had hardship & a death in my family in 2011.I called citi 9-15-11 for help.The loan spec. asked me to fill out docs & fax.I was assured from9-15-11to3-11-12 via phone,email,&letters from Citi that our loan was in underwriting for loan modifi.&the sale date was postponed.I rece'd a notice Mon3-12-12 that Freddie Mac had declined loan modif 3-5-12 & bought our home w/in24hrs.3-6-12.I recvd notices from Citi our loan was in underwriting as of 3-20-12??Absolutely horrible!

Emotionally Drained and confused!

by | April 5, 2012
We had our first and second with CitiMortgage. Since, 2008 it has been a nightmare. My husband was in a work related accident. We needed a loan modification, was told they would help us. Tried to work with them and keep in contact. Lost the home in 2009. Moved my family and have struggled, and tried to move forward. Told on April 2, 2012. My house never foreclosed and do I want a modification. House was sold last April, a new family lives there. This type of treatment and harassment has to stop.

Working with CitiMortgage is a NIGHTMARE!!!!

by | April 3, 2012
It's horrifying the number of people who have gotten so fed up with having to deal with CitiMortgage and thier deliberate mistakes that thier only choice is to pay an attorney to try and fix the problem. The most horrifying aspect is that a large number of these people did not get thier mortgage through CitiMortgage, but end up making payments to CitiMortgage because their loan was sold to CitiMortgage by thier original leander.

Issues with CitiMortgage....RUN, DON'T WALK AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE!!!!!!!

by | March 30, 2012
I have been dealing with CitiMortgage for over 4 years, since the loss of my job. They say they are willing to assist you, but the fact is they don't give a crap. There is not financial incentive for to help a borrower...NONE!! I've applied for 3 mortgage modifications, all of which ended in disaster....and YOU NEVER get the same Customer Representative end up having to repeat your entire story over and over again. If you have a choice, DON'T use this company for your mortgage!!!!

  • LL
    May, 2012
    San Juan, PR
    agreed! The same happends to me a year a go. They offered a payment modification "to help me" pay less for a short time (life of the modification) with the monthly payment. They never sent the documentation of the enrollment and worst of that I was never told that I will be reported to the credit agencies every month as the payment was never done. So My wife and I end with the worst credit history in our lives and with a bigger amount of payment once the modification ends they sum to your original payment what you did not pay....

GuessThey Don't Want MY Business

by | March 26, 2012
I'm a current customer of Citimortgage - never a late payment. Wanted a HARP refi, but after the appraiser said the floors were sloping and they might need a foundation inspection, Citi demanded I pay for this and pay to repair all foundation damage found. This is a 90-yr-old house & this issue was present when I purchased the house.I have $69K equity, folks, and Freddie Mac is guaranteeing the loan. No wonder you're in such bad shape. Can't wait to find a new lender!

Would never deal with them again...

by | March 25, 2012
I have my mortgage with can never get an answer to any after call.. no two people know the one answer... refinace fees recently were all GREED... they are not here to help you.. now I just received notice that they just put their own policy on me for more Flood Ins... I guess they joined the new "FORCED FLOOD POLICY' GREED GAME........

the worst

by | March 21, 2012
i have had my mortgage with Citi since 06'. every month i send an additional 200-500 dollars in principal...i have 150,000 in equity in the property and have never missed a payment for anything in my sept i applied to re-fi to lower both the rate and term..... this is the single worst experience ive had in my loan processor never returned any of the 15 voicemails i left her...not 1.... they dragged their feet until middle of december i will never in my life in anyway sha


by | March 13, 2012

Run around and unethical

by | March 13, 2012
Never have I dealt with a company that is any more unethical and uncooperative with the borrower. I received the royal run-around in trying to talk with my manager. Over the past two years I have had multiple account managers. In fact I was contacted by the executive complaints department and when I returned the call, the run-around began again with a full voice mail box, no rep to talk to. Citi goes as far as it can before it oversteps the legal line. Citi's adding excessive late charges is shameful.

Don't Believe anything they say

by | March 12, 2012
My son lost his job and citimortgage said that they would work with him. In October he got forclosure papers and called them. Talked to John and was told not to worry about it, that when he got his taxes in January, he could get caught up and they would modify is loan. In December, he got a letter that citimortgage had sold his house to HUDD in October. He has a wife and 3 kids, 4,5 & 9. Trying to quality at HUDD to stay for 6 mo. so they can find a home. NIGHTMARE ! ! ! !


by | March 7, 2012
After 3 years of working with umteen different CITI customer service people who had know idea how to complete a loan modification, I got approved! Got my letter in October 2011 saying CONGRATS YOUR MODIFICATION WAS APPROVED! I made my 3 trial payments, November, December and January.. never heard a work until FEBRUARY 8th when a man came to my door and said he purchased MY HOME IN A FORECLOSURE auction!!! 3 years of dealing with these idiots and I lost my house after living here for 24 years!

(no title)

by | March 6, 2012
I'm in the same boat right now with my modifications, it's going on two years, it's been a nightmare, I will not even begin to recall it. I'm reading all this stories about modification, this is not a accident or coincident, my house after 12years is going be sold tomorrow while I'm still in the modification process, by the way this is my third time around.There is something wrong somewhere, it is really painful. I don't wanna let go, we need do something.

I will never work with this bank again...

by | February 24, 2012
I had my mortgage for 4 years with CitiMortgage. I wanted to refinance. I have excelent credit, no other loans or credit card balances of any kind, never had a late payment and I had 30% in equity (I paid extra towards my principle every month). They would not modify my loan so I chose to refinance with them. The first attempt they lost all my paperwork. The second attempt I never got a followup calls after leaving tons of messages. After the 3rd attempt failed again, I refinanced with Chase.

I wouldn't choose Citimortgage again for ANY of my lending needs

by | February 23, 2012
Citi holds both my 1st & 2nd TD. In the almost 7 years that I have owned my home and paid my mortgages ON TIME has Citi ever thanked me. And after calling Citi to see what we could do about refinancing my house, not once did a loan officer offer me any product info on FHA (am kicking myself for not being as up to date on FHA's R/T guidelines) because I could have refi'd my house, combined my 1st & 2nd and been done with it while I still had a steady job with solid income.

Terrible Customer Service on Refi

by | February 23, 2012
When I agreed over the phone to a HARP refi and was conditionally approved then, after receiving the "Welcome" package from Citi and upon review of the terms, rates, FEES, etc. I called the person back (her personal desk phone whcih she gave to me) with a few questions concerning "points". I have left 3 voice mails and haven't heard a word since. That was 3 days ago. Since they hold our mortgage in the first place, and offered a lower rate, we went w/ them. So far, LOUSY CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! nO nO!!!

False Credit Reporting

by | February 21, 2012
In 2007 my credit report showed that CitiMortgage was reporting that i had a pending bankruptcy. I contacted CitiMortgage in regards to this mistake that was made and after six months recieved a letter stating the mistake and that it was being removed. Now in 2012 I am still dealing with them to remove this remark from my credit report. I am currently in the process of buying a new house with my spouse using his VA loan and am afraid that we may not get the VA loan approved due to this error.

  • KW
    Mar, 2012
    Rocky Point, NY
    I have been in my house for 12 years now, have been in financial trouble for the last four.As soon as we saw there would be a problem we contacted citi who refused to help unless we were behind on our payments. I didn't want that to happen but it did. Then they refused to accept my payment sent them back and then they refused to speak to me. Instead referring me to a lost mitigation specialist who never called me or returned my 100's of calls. I've tried so many different things to no avail .My credit statements say my mortgage was released in bankruptcy,which is not true. Ny doesn't forgive a mortgage. I hired a lawyer to help us with a modification or some thing. We were served with a foreclosure papers. We responded with a prosay answer,sent registered mail and have not heard a word since. Not the lawyer or citi. I've tried so many different things to reach some one but the mail box is full or you are transferred from dept to dept. Now last week someone was here to find out if the property was occupied or not. I think they foreclosed without telling me of a sale date. And like i said even the lawyer to #%&@ us over! Beware of lawyers who say they foreclosed can represent you in these matters and SHAME ON CITI FOR ALL THEIR BACKHANDED TACTICS .

  • PC
    Feb, 2013
    Columbus, OH
    I had a hart attack got 3 mos behind went to make 2 payments would not take my money told me I had to make up all payments or none said they would work with me to get refi. in 9 mos time went from never being late on payments to being thrown out of the home my wife has lived in since 6 mos old sheriff put eviction notice on door one week before thanksgiving gave us 30 days to move 50+ yrs of belongings and find a place to live

Beware of Citi's new "government sponsored Home Affordable Refinance Program"

by | February 16, 2012
Citi is sending an urgent offer letter via UPS express service which claims they can lower your payment with no costs (fees or closing), no apprasial and a fixed rate. What bothers me most is the letter contains two options with Option 1 being Extended Term and Option 2 being Maintain Term. My issue is with Option 2 claiming to mainttain the current term of my loan. I have only 6 yrs left on my mortage and the "Maintain Term" is a 10 year note. This is down right deceitful.

  • JW
    Feb, 2012
    Brighton, MI
    This is because the no cost HARP refinance doesn't offer any terms less than 10 years. So if you have 6 years left like yourself, they can only offer an extension to 10. The second offer is always just labeled "remaining term" because it is rare that they offer this refi to borrower's with less than 10 years. If you lowered your rate and still payed it off in 6 you could still save money. Just saying.

  • RG
    Apr, 2012
    I think all you people need to get together and contact yourselves a lawyer I think you all have a pretty good case and you need to do a civil lawsuit. I also think you will find out that you are not alone.

Citi trying to take advantage of Florida Residents

by | February 15, 2012
I contacted Citi to refinance my home loan. We have had our mortgage with them for 9 yeas and have never missed a payment or made a late payment to them. Our goal was to lower our interest rate and term. The costs where $420 for an appraisal (high but okay) and fees would be $5,100.00! for a $215K loan! When I balked he said we need to make money and it is expensive to do a loan in FL. FU Citi! Wellsfargo did a rate reduction on our last loan for $550 plus appraisal. Taking my business to a credit union

  • BC
    Feb, 2012
    Billie Mae
    Sellersburg, IN
    When we bought our home, we were told that our roof was good for another 10 yrs. I saw a man sitting in a car one day and I think he was the person making the roof inspection. Didn't even get out of the car!!! We had to replace the roof approx 5 yrs later. I don't think that the real estate salesman or Citimortage was truthful about anything in this house!!! Billie Clark

Lie after Lie after Lie

by | February 13, 2012
First let me say, I would not have given CitiMortgage a poor rating because in my eyes, that would be to good for them. However you have to rate them in order to submit your review and I was being extremely generous. They should not even be able to do business with the public. I am 7 months into a loan modification for my mom and have gotten no where. (same as most of you) They tell you one thing and do another if they do anything at all. We get the run around day after day. Time to look at another lender!


by | February 13, 2012
Lots of problems had mortgage for 7 years and was moved 3 times between citicorp. citimortage, and finally citibank. each time gave a new account number and they ended up loosing payments. impossible to find anyone on the phone who can answer questions. ended up in a long year an a half court battle in which we won. and took another year for them to recognize it and am still waiting for a corrected ledger from them. Horrible just move on to the next company.

Citi Mortage Stinks

by | February 13, 2012
No help beyond daily harrasing calls. Scared my mother who is almost 92 into sending in $2000,00 to save house after, being notified by me that house was being paid off now waiting for money to be sent back. They received it special so we would have proof they say they sent it regular mail and since my account is paid in full and they can't take a &185,000.00 home for $35,000 all I get is put on hold, I didn't choose them my mortage was sold and I have had to deal with them far to long.Poor Service.

no one will help me!!

by | February 11, 2012
I've tried for almost a year now to get help with my payments. I would rate the expertise, knowledge, and customer service a zero. I have talked to numerous people at citimortgage and each person tells me something different and had different answers. From being told something different each time to have a "specialist" not keep my phone appointment, I have no idea what to do next! These people don't understand that they have my family's home/life in their hands and they could care less! I'm feeling helpless

  • DT
    Mar, 2012
    Greenwood, IN
    Just this last Tuesday, a police man showed up at my door. Said it was a visit to let us know the morgage company Citibank, would be there to move us out. Next day, Wed another police man showed up and told us we had a hour to get what we could out of the house. When morgage company showed up we were not allowed back into our house. No other warning, said the house was going to tax sale. If we wanted our stuff from the house we would have to pay for them moving it and storing it. The american Dream.

I gave them one star only because I had to.

by | February 9, 2012
Customer Service doesn't exist at Citimortage. They constantly send a service out to my property knowing that the property is a rental. The service hassles the tenants and when the property is vacant they enter and turn off utilities, winterize (even in July) and change the locks. My loan is current when this happens. This is a constant hassle. NEVER again will I obtain financing with Citimortage.

Theives and robbers

by | February 9, 2012
After cheating the American tax payers out Billions due to miss management, they won't help you if your not already in forclosure even tough they helped to cause the current situation. I have lost almost 70% of my homes value and these crooks won't even talk to me about at least lowering interest rate even though by doing so they still stand to make about $200,000.00 on me. The corperate officers all belong behind bars. And they don't even give you the satisfaction of a 0% rating.

Good Experience

by | February 3, 2012
My LO offered lots of suggestions to help me make the best decisions. He wasn't pushy at all; only wanted to make sure I knew all the facts. I really appreciated that. I had no problems at all; it took abut 3 months which seems a bit much, however, it was at a time when the rates were really low so I'm sure they were swamped.


by | January 27, 2012
When I became unemployed in Oct of 2009 I tried to get a loan modification. I was told how much the pmts would be along with the % rate, and told that if I got all the paperwork in on time it would become permanent, I got it together, verified ahead of time that I had everything. Now 2 1/2 yrs later I'm still trying to get the mod., I have submitted the paperwork 5 times now, and they are still sitting on their hands. I am now going to try to re-fi thru someone else, and citi can go straight to ****.

  • MH
    Jan, 2012