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About Comerica Bank

Comerica Bank offers excellent services in personal, small business, corporate and wealth management, though it is only located in a small number of states.
Dallas, TX
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Excellent customer service, quick and courteous, no ATM fees
Many local locations but only in select states

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Don't Get a Mortgage from Comerica

by | April 16, 2012
Comerica is a horrible bank to get a mortgage from. I have a credit rating that is excellent and was buying a house that I could afford (I am able to pay off the loan in two years rather than the 15 year length of the mortgage). Yet Comerica waited so long to make a decision that the closing had to be delayed. Now I want to pay off the mortgage early (2 years in). Comerica is doing everything in their power to stop or delay me from paying off early.


by | January 28, 2012
My husband and I have been trying to close on a mortgage with Comerica and have run into unprofessionalism and costly mistakes. We have excellent credit /low debt ratio. The loan officer has 1.) failed to return many calls 2.) sent closing documents with numerous errors 3.) Stated he "didn't understand this stuff and neede to as (his) supervisor to explain it to him 3.) Failed to lock our rate because he "had to rush his pregnant girlfriend to the hospital." I will be taking my business elsewhere!!!!