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Merrill Lynch Credit Card

I didn't qualify for a Merrill Lynch credit card, should I try somewhere else?

I would like to know if it is worth pursuing my quest to get a Merrill Lynch credit card. the week they sent me my denied letter, my credit union told me I was pre-approved for a small house loan (62,500) and mt credit score is 703. I have a ML account, and some sort of retirement acct with same. I had a mortgage also and paid it off (70,000) what gives. Should I just go somewhere else. I am a state employee (NC) and working to improve my credit.

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While I certainly think the Merrill Lynch credit and debit cards offer nice perks, Merrill Lynch is far from the only credit card issuer that offers points, damage waiver on car rentals, and concierge service.

If Merrill Lynch does not want to do business with you, a customer with a 703 credit score, I am certain you can find another bank that offers credit cards with Merrill Lynch's features that will.

To learn more about your credit card options, visit the credit card information section.

To learn more about your credit score and how to improve it, see the resource FICO Score Calculation.

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