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Advice and Articles about Credit Scores

Review the wide range of articles about credit scores. Review what causes your credit score to rise or fall, how to establish  and maintain good credit, and what steps you can take to rebuild your credit if it has been damaged.

  • Daniel Cohen
    Free Credit Check
    Consumers have three ways to check their credit score, including signing up at Credit Karma, asking a lender for your score, and signing up a for fee-based...
  • Mark Cappel
    Foreclosure and Credit Score
    Record numbers of Americans have credit scores less than 600. Review how specific credit problems, like bankruptcy and foreclosure, affect a credit score.
  • Daniel Cohen
    7 Ways to Improve Your Credit Score
    Learn 7 sure-fire ways to improve your credit score quickly and efficiently. Most of these techniques are simple and easy to accomplish...
  • Get a Score!
  • Daniel Cohen
    Bankruptcy & Your Credit Score
    Learn how bankruptcy affects your credit and what steps to take to repair your credit after your bankruptcy discharges. Make sure that you...
  • Mark Cappel
    All About FICO
    Learn what a FICO score is and how it is calculated
  • BS
    Credit Score FAQ
    Learn about how your credit score is determined and how your credit score affects you.

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