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Should I Pay My Original Creditor or the Collection Agency?

Can I make payments to my original creditor instead of the collector?

I had to make payments to a collection department after the original credit card company sent it to them. Now I am caught up with my bill, and I'm getting my statements from the credit card company. Should the collection agency still be collecting or can I make payments directly to the credit card company?

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Many creditors own their own collections divisions, in which case you may be able to make arrangements with the original creditor to remove the accounts from the collection status and return to making payments directly to the original creditor. You mentioned that your have been able to bring the account to a current status, which means that it may not be difficult to have your account removed from the collections department. However, it would be wise to contact the original creditor and ask if you can return to making payments to them and not the collection department, or collection agent.

If your account has been sold to a third party collection agent you may not have the option of making the regular monthly payments to the original creditor. At this point the collection agent now owns the debt, and you would be responsible for paying the new creditor, or collection agent.

To learn more please read Collections Advice. Another good article to read is Collections Agencies, Collections Laws and Your State's Statute of Limitations.

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