Alabama Lien on Homestead

Alabama Lien on Homestead

In Alabama, can a lien be placed on homesteaded property?

What does the law in Alabama say about can a lien be placed on property that have a homestead, monies in an IRA, and monies received from life insurance?

Read the resource Alabama Collection Laws to gain a basic knowledge of the three common means of collecting money on a judgment in Alabama.

Alabama is slightly confusing because the law uses the term "garnishment" to refer to seizing money once from a bank account, and intercepting funds on an ongoing basis from wages.

Regarding your question about the homestead, I can see no exemption from lien for a homestead in Alabama. Readers with a deeper understanding of Alabama law are invited to correct me in the comments below.

Retirement funds are generally exempt from levy (i.e., garnishment in Alabama).

However, money from a life insurance benefit have no protection.

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