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I have a issue with this attorney that is very rude. I am very intimidated by this man and would like advice as to what I need

I have a issue with this attorney that is very rude. He called me last night and said I owed a debt and he was representing the other party. He wanted to get a debit or credit card over the phone to make payment arrangements. This is from 2003. I looked into the case number he gave me at the court house and found that the case was closed in June of 2009. I got copies from the court house and called to send them to him but he started swearing and threating he would file a contempt of court and throw me in jail. He said he would make my life hell. I am very intimidated by this man and would like advice as to what I need to do.

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Well, it's unfortunate to hear that you are being harassed and also in an unprofessional manner by an attorney who is trying to collect on a resolved debt.

You have a few options, ranging from ignoring the attorney, to sending them a cease and desist letter, all the way up to seeking legal representation to sue the attorney if you think he has violated the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).

If I were in your shoes, I would probably start by sending him a cease and desist letter and also a debt validation letter. See this informative site for help on free forms that you can complete yourself:

You can also seek counsel from a local attorney, but hopefully he will disappear, assuming that you did indeed settle the debt in question.

Also, just so you know... I answered a question similar to yours in my blog recently. Please go to the following link to read my answer to a fellow reader:

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