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  • Here are seven tables that condense important consumer-related laws for California residents on one handy page.
  • Learn more about California statutes of limitations for debt.

California Statute of Limitations, Collection Law, Payday Loans & Bankruptcy Limits

Each state legislature wrote its own set of laws protecting state residents. This page contains seven tables that condense important consumer-related laws for California residents. Because seeing all seven tables is a bit overwhelming, we hid them until you click on links to reveal them. Click on the appropriate link to see the information you wish to see. To learn more, we include links to state and resources you can trust.

California Collection Law

Account levy, liens against property, and wage garnishment are allowed in California. Learn the collections rules for California debts, and related laws. View or hide California Collection Laws tables

California Collection Law
Collection Law Garnishment Account Levy Exemptions (debt) Homestead law Homestead exemption Doctrine of Necessaries Probate rule
California rule Up to 25% of earnings Allowed Vehicle: $2,300
Household: "Ordinary & reasonable"
Home improvement materials: $2,425
Jewelry & art: $6,075
Health aids: "reasonably necessary"
Tools of trade: $6,075
Commercial motor vehicle: $4,850
Principal dwelling including condo, mobilehome, or boat $75,000 if alone
$100,000 with family member
$175,000 if debtor or family member is
• age 65
• disabled
• age 55 & low income
Yes Estates > $150,000 must be probated
California statute CCP Section 703.010-703.150, 704.070, 706.010-706.011, 706.020-706.034 CCP Section 704.010-704.210 CCP Section 703.010-703.150 and 704.010-704.210 CCP Section 704.910-704.995 CCP Section 704.710-704.850 Family Code Section 914 Calif. Probate Code resource California Collection Laws

California Statute of Limitations

A statute of limitations provides an affirmative defense should a creditor file a lawsuit against debtor for a consumer debt. View or hide California Statute of Limitations Laws table

California Statute of Limitations
Statute of Limitation Credit Card Written contract Spoken contract Judgment
California rule 2 or 4 4 2 10
California statute CCP Section 335-349.4 resource California Statute of Limitations

California Bankruptcy Rules

Learn the bankruptcy exemption amounts for California residents. View or hide California Bankruptcy Laws table

California Bankruptcy
Bankruptcy Means Test Standards
California rule Food, Clothing & Other Items1 $534
Health care1 65 $144
Housing non-mortgage2 $358-$479
Housing rent or mortgage $805-$2,458
Transport private2 $236-306
Transport public3 $182
Vehicle ownership costs $496
Statute Census Bureau, IRS Data and Administrative Expenses Multipliers
1 National standard one person
2 California standard varies by county
3 Regional standard resource Bankruptcy Information

Plan 1 CCP 703 Exemptions

Plan 1 CCP 703 Exemptions
Plan 1 Exemptions Individual Joint Calif. Code of Civil Procedure
Alimony, Support, Or Separate Maint. Unlimited 703.140(b)(10)(D)
Any Property Selected By Debtor $1,175 $1,175 703.140(b)(5), 703.150
Crime Victims Reparation Benefits Unlimited 703.140(b)(11)(A)
Disability, Illness, Or Unempl. Benefits Unlimited 703.140(b)(10)(C)
Health Aids Unlimited 703.140(b)(9)
Homestead, Cemetery Plot $22,075 $22,075 703.140(b)(1), 703.150
Household Furn. ($525 max. value for any particular item) Unlimited 703.140(b)(3), 703.150
Jewelry $1,425 $1,425 703.140(b)(4), 703.150
Life Ins. - Unmatured, Accrued Div Interest or Loan Value $11,800 $11,800 703.140(b)(8), 703.150
Life Ins. Contracts - Unmatured Unlimited 703.140(b)(7)
Motor Vehicle $3,525 $3,525 703.140(b)(2), 703.150
Pmts. - Life Ins. Contract Unlimited 703.140(b)(11)(C)
Pmts. - Loss Of Future Earnings Unlimited 703.140(b)(11)(E)
Pmts. - Personal Bodily Injury $22,075 22,075 703.140(b)(11)(D)
Pmts. - Stock, Bonus, Pension Or Annuity Plans Unlimited 703.140(b)(10)(E)
Pmts. - Wrongful Death Unlimited 703.140(b)(11)(B)
Public Assistance Unlimited 703.140(b)(10)(A)
Tools Of Trade - Books, Equip. Etc. $2,200 $2,200 703.140(b)(6), 703.150
Veteran's Benefits Unlimited 703.140(b)(10)(B)

Plan 2 CCP 704 Exemptions

Plan 2 CCP 704 Exemptions
Plan 2 Exemptions Individual Joint California Code
Alameda/Contra Costa County Trans. Dist. Empl.'s Retir. Ben. Unlimited Util. Code § 25337
Bond Posted By Employee Unlimited Labor Code §404
Burial Plots Unlimited 704.200
Commercial Motor Vehicle $4,850 $9,700 704.060(d), 703.150
Earnings Paid Unlimited 704.070, 703.150
Escrow And Trust Funds Unlimited Fin. Code § 17410
Escrow Funds; Trust Funds Unlimited Fin. Code § 50202
Exemption And Use Of Proceeds From Sales Of Unused Lands Unlimited Health & Safe. Code § 7925
Health Aids Unlimited 704.050
Homestead - $100,000 (debtor member of family unit) $100,000 $100,000 704.730(a)(2)
Homestead - $75,000 $75,000 $75,000 704.730(a)(1)
Homestead (debtor over 65) $175,000 $175,000 704.730(a)(3)
Household Furnishings Unlimited 704.020
Insur. Benefits - Health, Disability Unlimited 704.130
Insurance - Fidelity Bonds Unlimited Labor 404
Jewelry, Heirlooms & Works of Art $7,175 $7,175 704.040, 703.150
License To Engage In Business Unlimited 695.060
Life Insurance - Proceeds Of Matured Unlimited 704.100(c)
Life Insurance - Unmatured $11,475 $11,475 704.100(b), 703.150
Life Insurance Policies - Unmatured Unlimited 704.100(a)
Motor Vehicle - Equity & Insurance $2,725 $2,725 704.010, 703.150
Municipal Utility District Officers/Employees Unlimited Util. Code § 12337
Partnership Interest (To The Extent Allowed By Ex. Laws) Unlimited Corp. Code §16504
Partnership Property Unlimited Corp. Code § 16504
Personal Injury & Wrongful Death Claims Unlimited 704.140(a), 704.150(a)
Proceeds From Pers. Injury Or Death Unlimited 704.140(d), 704.150(c)
Property Not Subject To Money Judgment Unlimited 704.210; 695.030
Public Benefits Deposit Account Unlimited 704.080
Public Employees' Retirement Benefits Unlimited Gov't Code §21255
Public Entity Retirement, Death, Disability Benefits Unlimited 704.110(b), Gov. Code § 21201
Relocation/Dwelling Displacement Payment Unlimited 704.180
Residential Building Materials $2,700 $2,700 704.030, 703.150
Retirement Benefits - County Employees Unlimited Gov. Code § 31452
Retirement Benefits - County Firefighter Unlimited Gov. Code § 32210
Retirement Benefits - County Peace Officer Unlimited Gov. Code § 31913
Retirement Benefits - Private Unlimited 704.115(a)(1), (2)
Retirement Benefits - Self Employed Unlimited 704.115(a)(3)
Retirement Benefits Received - Public Unlimited 704.110(d)
San Francisco BART District Unlimited Cal. Pub. Util. Code § 28896
San Joaquin Regional Trans. District Unlimited Cal. Pub. Util. Code § 50146
Santa Barbara Metro. Trans. District Unlimited Cal. Pub. Util. Code § 95836
Santa Cruz Metro. Trans. District Unlimited Cal. Pub. Util. Code § 98196
Students Financial Aid Unlimited 704.190
Tools Of Trade - Books, Equipment etc. $7,175 $14,350 704.060, 703.150
Trust Fund Accounts - Prisoners $1,425 $1,425 704.090
Unemployment Compensation Benefits Unlimited 704.120
Union Benefits (Labor Dispute) Unlimited 704.120(5)
Vacation Credits - Public Employees Unlimited 704.113
Welfare & Fraternal Society Benefits Unlimited 704.170
Workmen's Compensation Benefits Unlimited 704.160

California Mortgage

California offers a limited anti-deficiency law for California residents who fall into foreclosure. Also, learn the maximum amount of an FHA loan in California. View or hide California Mortgage Laws table

California Mortgage
Mortgage FHA & Fannie/Freddie Loan Limits Lawyer needed for home purchase Anti-deficiency rule Foreclosure type Foreclosure minimum timeline
California rule $417,000 to $625,500 No Yes, for purchase money loans Both, non-judicial preferred 200 days
California statute FHA Mortgage Limits   Calif. Civil Code § 2920-2944.7 & CCP § 580b Calif. Civil Code 2924 resources Mortgage Home Page
California Mortgage & Refinancing
California Mortgage Foreclosure Process
Is My Home Loan Recourse or Non-Recourse Loan in California?
California Eviction

California Payday Loans

California allows a consumer to borrow up one $300 payday loan at a time. View or hide California Payday Laws table

California Payday Loans
Payday Loans Allowed by Law Maximum Loan Maximum Fee Maximum Loan Number Internet Payday Loans? State Loan Authority
California rule Yes $300 15% of loan amount. $15 NSF collection fee One Yes, but must be Calif licensed  
California statute Calif. Financial Code § 23000 to 23106 Financial Services Licensee Address Listing resource California Payday Loan

California Consumer Protection

What is the maximum interest rate a consumer can be charged in California? What is California' Lemon Law? Where can a California resident find no-cost legal services? View or hide California Consumer Laws table

California Consumer Protection
Consumer Protection Consumer Protection Authority Debt settlement allowed Credit counseling fee restrictions Usury rate Utility Regulator Labor Complaints office Unemployment Lemon Law, Used & New Legal Aid Contacts Credit Report Freeze Laws
California rule Calif. Dept. of Consumer Affairs Yes $50 enrollment. 8% monthly & $35 max 10% consumer loan California Public Utilities Commission Department of Industrial Relations Employment Development Dept. Both ID theft victims: free
>age 65: $5 per credit bureau
California statute California Constitution Article 15: Usury Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act at Civil Code § 1790 California Office of Privacy and Civil Code § 1785.11.2-1785.11.6 and 1785.15

California Facts

Learn the California population, sales tax rate, average income, and more. View or hide California Facts table

California Facts
Consumer Facts Population Employment Statistics California Average Income State income tax? State income tax rate Property tax rate (average) Sales tax rate State Student Loan 529 plan
California rule 37,253,956 10.9% $29,020 Yes 9.3% maximum rate for individuals 1.157% 7.25%- 8.75% ScholarShare College Savings Plan
California statute US Census Bureau Calif. EDD Report 400 C US Census Bureau 2011 California Tax Rates and Exemptions Calif. State Board of Equalization Annual Report: Table 14: General Property Tax Levies As Compiled For Computation Of The Average Tax Rate Calif. State Board Of Equalization California City and County Sales and Use Tax Rates

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