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Collection Harassment from Reference

My father apparently took out a Loan and put me as a reference. Is it legal for them to keep harassing me?

My father apparently took out a loan from Missouri Title Loan and put me as a reference. Now they are calling me on my cell phone asking me to have my dad call them. I have nothing to do with the loan or my father's finances. Is it legal for them to keep harassing me after I have told them to stop calling me? It's really irritating because I pay my bills and have no control over what other people do with their finances. Thanks.

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The quick answer is: NO. An overly aggressive collector should not be able to keep harassing you, unless you are a guarantor on the debt (which you certainly are not). In fact, there is an entire federal law that the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) enforces, called the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).

You can request the collector to "cease and desist" future communication with you, and to tell them that if they continue their harassment that they are in violation of the FDCPA. See the resource Harassed by Collection Agent to learn more.

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