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Our credit is getting to be a problem and we have collection people calling us - Help!

Our credit is getting to be a problem and we have collection people calling us. We are working on fixing the problem but they have started to call family members. My Brother claims that our credit is hurting his credit. Is that possible? Can my bad credit affect my Brothers?

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The only way that your delinquent accounts should have a negative effect on your brother's credit rating would be if he had co-signed a loan with you on which you have now defaulted.

Simply being related to someone with bad credit should not have any effect on one's credit history. If your brother thinks that some of your delinquent accounts are appearing on his credit report, he should pull a copy of his credit reports from each of the three major credit bureaus and carefully review them to verify that there are no inaccurate listings. If he finds that your delinquent accounts are appearing on his report, he should dispute those listing with the credit bureaus. See the Federal Trade Commission document FTC Facts for Consumers: How to Dispute Credit Report Errors for more information.

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    Arlene, I am not sure as to which account you are referring to. is an information only portal, and we are not a bank. If you were matched with a lender when you used our service, you will have to contact the lender directly.
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    Mar, 2009
    I have an account with your bank through Preferred Financial, I need to find the balance that is in my account, if any. Please tell me how to get to my account. E-mail your response.