Buying a Car with Brother

Buying a Car with Brother

I have a question about a car deal that did not go as planned, please help!

I was in the process of buying a car with my brother who was going to pay cash. He is out of state and was going to send a wire transfer if the deal was right. We anticipated a trade-in but it was never written on the contract I signed. They delivered the car to my house without me realizing they were going to do so. My brother never signed any paper as co-buyer. I signed as co-buyer. The next day I asked what the trade-in amount was going to be on my trade in and they finally told me. My brother said it was to low and we did not want the car. They said I was responsible regardless. We returned the car within 12 hours and they told us we could not leave the car. We left it anyway. They have no money since my brother was going to wire the funds. They asked me to give a check for $29,000.00 for them to hold untill the money was wired. I told them I did not have that amount of money and they said that was OK. I stopped payment on the check. Is my brother who signed nothing, responsible?

You would have to consult with an attorney to know for certain if you had any legal way to hold your brother responsible. That said, he most likely is not legally responsible for anything, given that he didn't sign any contact. Courts tend not to enforce verbal agreements like this, especially when it essentially boils down to two brothers engaged in a he-said-he-said argument. Unfortunately for you, you did sign a contract with the dealer, so the dealer may keep you on the hook for this car.

So if you are interested in finding the specific legalities involved in this transaction, such as who can be held responsible for what, I suggest you consult with an attorney in your area. The American Bar Association (ABA) has a terrific website that can connect you to a free attorney-referral service in your area, including those that specialize in helping people with limited financial resources. Visit

and simply select the state in which you live to find the legal service providers in your home state. The ABA's website also has additional self-help information and contact information that may help you with this situation.

Best of luck, I hope that the information I have provided helps you Find. Learn. Save.




ppat webber, Jan, 2012
two weeks ago i purchaced a truck with my car as trade my boyfriend co signed i have a settlement coming in within the next day or so the 1st payment is not due i live in fl and i am going to payoff the truck before the 1st payment is made .How do i get his name off the title?
BBill Admin, Jan, 2012
First, get a clear title from the creditor. I suggest you pay off the loan using the form included in the statement the lender sends you. By doing so, you will be assured the payment is credited to the correct account and is sent to the correct address. Second, after the creditor sends you a clear title where its name is removed, then you and the other co-signer should go to the local DMV office and complete the necessary paperwork to change the title to your name alone.