Loan Articles, Information, and Testimonials

Loan Articles, Information, and Testimonials

Find loan articles, information, testimonials, and more, and get help with all of your loans at

Are you looking to get a loan? Are you wondering if you'd even qualify for a loan? If so, you've ended up on the right page. Here you can browse through various articles, guides, and other resources to help you understand the loan process and how to qualify for various types of loans. Start reading today!

Loan Sections

Home Loan - When you're looking for a home loan, make sure you have all of the information you need. Find home loan articles and more right here.

Payday Loans - Find out about payday loans, why to get one, and why not to get one in our payday loans section.

Student Loans - Everyone needs a little financial help these days for going to college. Discover student loan articles and everything you need to know about student loans right here.

Auto Loans - If you're thinking about buying a car, you need to learn how to apply for and get the best auto loans. Get your questions answered here.

Loan Articles

How to Apply for a Home Purchase Loan - Before you apply for that first home loan, learn the steps you need to take to make sure you will qualify for the amount you need.

Auto Loans - Learn the hidden dangers of auto loans and how to get one that you can actually afford.

Auto Loans for Bad Credit - Even people with bad credit can get approved for auto loans. Read how to do it in this article.

Online Home Refinance - Learn how to find the best refinance rates for home loans online.

Cash Advance Payday Loans Information - Payday loans are now conveniently online. Discover the best way to get yours today.

How to Compare Home Purchase Loan Rates - Find out what affects interest rates for home loans and how to get the best rate.

FAFSA Online - If you need student loans to fund your college education, then you need to become familiar with FAFSA. Get started with this article and read all student loans articles.

Your Home Loan Application - Read this article to find out what information you need to provide on applications for home loans.

LTV: Loan-to-Value Ratio Definition and Data - Want to know what the loan-to-value ratio on your home is? This article will teach you how to calculate it and what it means.

Home Loan Calculator - It's always important to know how much you can afford before buying a home. Use this calculator to figure it out.

Instant Payday Loans and Information - If you're in a financial bind, read this article and other payday articles to find out how payday loans can help you.

National Payday Loans and Information - Find out why people get payday loans and if it really is the best option for those in financial need.

New Car Loan - Where is the best place to get car loans? This article, and all of our car loans articles, will let you know what you options are and which one might be best for you.

No Fax Payday Loan Information - If you are in need of getting a loan fast, then no fax payday loans could help you out. Find out what to look for in our payday loan articles.

Payday Loan Application and Information - Find out what it takes to apply for payday loans and the money that you need quickly.

Preparing for a Home Loan - Knowing the basics of home loans will help the process of applying and getting one much easier.

Refinance Car Loan - Refinancing your car loan is possible, and doing so can actually save you money. Find out how to do it right here.

Repaying Student Loans - What You Need to Know - If you're about to graduate, you'll soon have to start repaying those student loans. Learn the basics from our student loans articles.

Signs of Reputable Lender - Not every lender has your best interests at heart. Read how to find a reputable lender for your next home purchase.

Student Loans 101 - Learn the basics of student loans and the difference between federal student loans and private student loans.

Student Loan Services - Navigating the Loan Maze - Find out where to get student loans and how to cover the cost of your college education.

Student Loans - Federal, Perkins, and Stafford - Learn about the different kind of federal student loans that are available to both you and your parents with our student loans articles.

Federal Student Loans Versus Private Student Loans - You can take out federal or private student loans to help pay for your college education. Find out which one will work better for you.

Suitable Car Loan - You have many different options when it comes to car loans. Read more to find out what they are.

Types of Student Loans - Confused about all of the student loans that are available? Our articles will answer your questions.

Used Car Loan Information - Understanding how car loans work will help you purchase the car you want at the price you can afford.

Which Loan is Best - Learn the difference between the three types of home loans and which one is best for you.

You and Your Loan - Need a personal loan? Get all of the details about how to get personal loans and how they work.

Loan Testimonials

Auto Loans Testimonial - Read about one woman's journey of learning how to find the best auto loans and negotiate the best deal on a new car.

Home Loan Testimonial - A coffee shop worker discovers one the customers is a loan officer and learns about how to apply for her own home loan.

Loan Testimonial - Learn more about loans and how credit and interest rates work through one woman's own learning experience.

Payday Loans Testimonial - Read about one person's good and bad experiences with payday loans.

Student Loans Testimonial - Learn how one college grad finds ways to lower monthly payments and begin repaying student loans.