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Georgia Judgment

I now have an above-the-table job. I have a judgment against me from a year ago. Am I facing wage garnishment?

I live in Georgia and have a judgment filed against me for unpaid credit card debt. The judgment was filed in 2009. No payments have been made on the debt since 2008. The job that I had been working at did not report my income. I now have a job that will report my income and I am wondering if they can now attempt to garnish my wages.

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If a judgment-creditor learns of your above-the-table employer, it can garnish your wages. Customarily, judgment-creditors do so by requesting that information from the judgment-debtor. If the judgment-creditor does not do so, then you are under no obligation to volunteer that information. However, if you are requested to provide that information and do not, you may be found in contempt of court.

If the creditor is a government entity, then it can learn about your employment from the Social Security Administration and may have the authority to garnish your wages administratively.

You mentioned you reside in Georgia. See the resource Georgia Collection Laws to learn more about your rights and liabilities in your state.


It is not a good idea to leave a judgment against you linger unresolved. Save what you can each month into a separate bank account.

Read the resource about how to negotiate debt. Once you accumulate 20% of the total judgment, contact the judgment-creditor and explain you want to resolve the debt with a lump-sum payment. Start negotiations at 10 cents on the dollar, and if you hit the 20 cents on the dollar amount explain you hit your limit and even that will be a strain. 

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