How to Find Illinois Wage Assignment Rules

How to Find Illinois Wage Assignment Rules

A judgment-debtor wants to garnish my wages. What are my rights in Illinois?

I live in Illinois, and just received a registered letter stating an unsecured loan I have is going to garnish my wages. I have 20 days to send a a notice revoking their right to garnish. Should I send it or would I be better off just letting them garnish me? Trouble is I have so many debts it's just a matter of time before someone else will garnish me as well. What should I do face them in court or let them garnish me? Could I be fired if one or more garnish me?

Illinois garnishment rules are complex and favor, in my opinion, judgment debtors. For that reason, among others, you should not passively allow a judgment-creditor to garnish your wages.

Start with the resource Illinois Collection Laws page to learn more about the rights you and other Illinois residents share. Employees cannot be fired or suspended for wage garnishment.

See also the Illinois Legal Aid Wage Assignments page, which contains additional information about wage garnishment.

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