Judgment & Public Record

Judgment & Public Record

Is a judgment a public record and how can I make it private?

I'm being sued by one of my credit card that I wasn't able to make payments on. And they are trying to get an judgment against me. And it will be on my public record. I'm in desperate need to avoid having the judgment on my public record. And I need some advice on how to proceed from here.

A judgment is a public record, and as such it is now possible for anyone to get a copy of your judgment by contacting the court in which the judgment was filed.

Accordingly, the best way to make a judgment go away is to pay it, or make payment arrangements with the creditor. See the Bills.com resource Collection Advice to learn more about the collections process.

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BBill, Jan, 2010
This answer assumes you have a mortgage on your property. Generally speaking, a junior lien holder has the legal right to foreclose, but the property would be subject to all superior liens. Therefore, given the current housing market, it would not make economic sense for a junior lien holder to foreclose. Connecticut offers an excellent Web page entitled Connecticut Law About Foreclosure. HUD offers foreclosure avoidance resources for people in Connecticut.
llisa, Jan, 2010
Can a credit company after they have a property lien on my home in CT foreclose my house? I want to pay can't head over in debt just want help