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How Much Can You Save?

Saving money is often easier said than done. Everyone knows the benefits of saving, but most of us don’t know where to start. Some even believe they aren’t able to save because their income isn’t high enough. The reality is that there are many ways you can save money. The savings may be small, but the amount you save each week can add up to a considerable amount over time.

With our Savings Machine Calculator, we’ve identified many small expense categories where a small change you make can save you money. Our calculator allows you to see how your savings can grow over time at different projected rates of return. You’ll be amazed to find out how saving $15 a week on coffee can add up to $16,030 in 15 years. Add in an extra $50 savings per week in bars and nightlife and you could save $69,481. Yikes!

To use the Savings Machine Calculator, select an expense category such as coffee, entertainment, or gym. Use the sliders to select your weekly or monthly savings goal for your specified category. Add up to four expense categories and then select your expected rate of return. Choose a time period in which you want to achieve a financial goal, whether it be buying a house, a car, or taking a vacation. Then, see how much you can save. Of course, when doing a financial check-up in addition to a budget check-up the two best places to cut unnecessary costs are to get out of debt and to lower your interest rates and costs of borrowing. You can use two Bills.com resources to learn all about refinance tips and debt relief tips too.

Your savings can be huge and seeing the number in can be just the motivation you need to make a few small changes in your habits. Take the first step and start saving a few dollars daily today.

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  • 35x35
    Portola Valley, CA,
    Jul, 2014
    I love this tool!
  • 35x35
    Portola Valley, CA,
    Jul, 2014
    I love this tool!
  • CB
    Menlo Park, CA,
    Oct, 2013
    Very Sweet calculator. Thanks! Vern
    • BC
      Oakland, CA,
      Mar, 2014
      I will never drink bottled water again!
  • SS
    Shawnee Mission, KS,
    Oct, 2013
    I should stop eating candy bars!
  • WC
    New York, NY,
    May, 2013
    Thanks. I had a fun playing with the Savings Machine and learned something, too. I see a few ways I can save money. Now, the trick will be for me to put that money towards an emergency fund.