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Community Tax Relief offers the standard authorized resolutions to IRS and state tax debts. OIC, CNC, Installment Agreement are all available.

Chicago, IL
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by October 9, 2014

Community Tax Relief has been nothing but wonderful, and I do not know what I would have done without them. I researched them, along with other companies, and felt that they were the perfect company to handle my tax situation when I was searching for help. They did not call me. I contacted them. This is a first. These "Omni Financial" and other companies who have to use leads to get business, I have no use for them. l also do not go by the rating that the BBB assig

Great Service
by September 30, 2014

I understand that MONEY makes the world go round and if you own a company, and weren’t in it for the money then you wouldn’t own a business, but I can honestly say that Mr. Dayan is also in it for his clients as well, he has went out of his way to help me with understanding, and compassion to my situation. If anyone out there is in need of help I would strongly recommend this company. At the completion of my arrangement with the IRS, Community Tax will have saved me almost 10,000.00 dollars!

Tax Resolution
by August 19, 2014

Again Daniel Urban solved my Tax Problem - Excellent service I would highly recommend the services of Community Tax Relief. My Tax Director of Resolutions, Daniel Urban, who is result driven, has done a brilliant job resolving my pending tax matters. Daniel Urban takes pride in his vast knowledge and experience in understanding the IRS Tax Laws. Besides, his knowledge with experience, he is attentive to my case by returning phone calls in a timely matter. My Federal problem is gone - Daniel Thanks

Tax settlement
by July 8, 2014

Would definitely recommend services, they helped me lower thousands of dollars on my taxes owed.

Genuine & Sincere Service
by May 29, 2014

I could not have dealt with my IRS debt without Community Tax!! They had my IRS tax debt reduced tremendously!