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Financial Freedom Reverse Mortgage Reviews

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About Financial Freedom Reverse Mortgage

Before they closed, Financial Freedom's expertise and experience with reverse mortgages made them a great company to work with.

Irvine, CA
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Financial Freedom was a nationwide originator of reverse mortgages. It ceased lending in March 2011, and blamed "the regulatory environment" for the change. At one time, Financial Freedom was a major lender in the HECM reverse mortgage market. It started originating and servicing reverse mortgage loans in the late 1980s. Today, it continues to service its loans as a subsidiary of OneWest Bank.




No longer in business

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Reverse Mortgage

by | March 20, 2013
People who have reverse mortgage don't have a clue what they get themselves into. All they know is they don't have to pay back the loan. They took the money and spent every penny then wonder where the money went. Remember this is a loan. It has to be paid somehow.

Explanation of Financial Freedom Terms

by | January 11, 2013
After the death of a relative we contacted Financial Freedom to explain their latest statement. After over 20 minutes on hold, a girl with a Philipino accent answered. She was sweet, however, her lack of knowledge and inability to answer questions was disappointing. We are sending request via certified mail and hope to get the needed clarification for probate and legal team.


by | November 13, 2012
My father passed away in June. The call center people at Financial Freedom are completely uneducated. They lied to me or just didn't know the procedure for the reverse mortgage. Do not trust them. I would advise against anyone seeking reserve mortgages to go with another company

  • AD
    Mar, 2013
    Austin, Te
    What do you know about reverse mortgage ? Your comment makes no sense.

Financial Freedom

by | August 14, 2011
Financial Freedom is not originating loans any longer but still doing anything in their power to obtain the property and assets of the vulnerable seniors they fraudulently sold their product to over the years.

  • SB
    Oct, 2011
    Guerneville, CA
    Financial Freedom reverse mortgage will be remembered for the lives and families they have destroyed with their deception and high fees.

no longer doing reverse at Financial Freedom Reverse

by | March 23, 2011
Financial Freedom is no longer originating reverse mortgages. Don't use them for a reverse mortgage.