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  • Personal loans include nominal interest rates and fees.
  • Your APR, annual percentage rate, depends on the nominal interest rate, fees, and length of the loan
  • Use the APR calculator to compare different loan offers.

Use the APR Calculator to Compare Personal Loan Offers

Shop around to find the best loan. Compare interest rates, fees, and the number of monthly payments. The annual percentage rate (APR) takes into consideration all three parts of a personal loan to give you one comparable price.

APRs make it easy to compare loan offers from different lenders because they include all fees. You can't be tricked by what looks like a low rate only to find out there are hidden fees.

APR Calculator

Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is the yearly rate lenders charge you to borrow money. APRs include all the fees that lenders charge on top of the nominal interest rate.

The length of a loan affects the APR. If two loans of the same amount have the same interest rate and fees, but one loan is for 3 years and one for 5 years, the 5-year loan will have a lower APR. The APR Is lower because the fees are spread out over a longer period. 

However, in general, a personal loan for a shorter payment period has a lower APR. Is that a good thing for you? That depends on how much you can afford to pay each month.

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