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How much do I need to save for emergencies? Using Bills.com Emergency Fund Calculator.

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  • Emergencies happen, but are you prepared?
  • The Emergency Fund Calculator helps you calculate if you have enough reserves for unexpected events.
  • A good rule of thumb is to keep six months of expenses in a special savings account.

Do You Have Enough Savings in the Case of an Emergency?

Who doesn't face an unexpected event and a surprise bill? The most common are medical expenses, home repairs, car repairs, and unforeseen travel expenses. A sudden loss or drop in income can make almost any bill challenging to pay.

Use the Bills.com Emergency Fund Calculator to figure out how much money you need to save and protect yourself in cases of distress.

Emergency Fund Saving Calculator

Calculate Your Emergency Fund Needs

Use Bills.com's simple Emergency Fund Calculator to find out how much you need to save in an emergency fund. Calculate the amount you need, based on your income and budget, and the number of months that you want to cover. Once you have your target, compare that to your current available emergency fund savings.

My Annual Income is…?
Monthly Income, Based on Average Annual Earnings
$ 0
I Keep A Budget?

Keeping a budget helps you understand how you are spending your money. A deeper analysis allows you to discover which are your basic expenses. Do you keep a budget?

You will find it easy to calculate your monthly expenses.
You will need to guesstimate your monthly expenses. Consider starting a budget.
My Average Monthly Expenses Are..?

Calculate your essential monthly expenses. Think about a case where you don't have income for a short-term and you need to cover you essential monthly expenses. You can cut out luxury items, but there are may bills that can't be avoided.

My Essential Monthly Expenses are:
$ 0
I Want to Cover … Months of Emergencies?

There is no one size fits all answer. However, most experts recommend at least three months of living expenses in an emergency fund savings account. Our recommendation, is that you set a goal to have at least six months of liquid assets that are in a safe andn easliy accesible account.

Total Required Emergency Fund
$ 0
Are You Short, or Do You Have Excess Savings?

Now check your actual savings against the amount you need in an emergency savings fund. The calculator willl assess your situation and give you a quick recommendation.

Put in the amount of money you have in a liquid savings plan, that you can draw immediately without any penalties.
You Situation is...

Emergency Savings and Your Financial Health

Your emergency fund is a vital part of your overall financial situation. However, it is crucial that you make savings a part of your overall game plan.

Take Bills.com's Financial Health Survey to analyze how you score on Spending, Borrowing, Saving, and Planning. Get recommendations and tools. Then take steps to improve your financial health.


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  • BC
    Jan, 2021

    Should I stop saving for emergency funds if I can't afford my credit card payments?

    • 35x35
      Aug, 2021

      Hello Betsalel. 

      Thank you for reaching out today. Please, do not take my answer to be legal advice as I am not an attorney. Only attorneys can offer legal advice. 

       Everyone's debt is different, so the first step is figuring out what might be the best solution for you. Our partners can help you learn more about debt relief options like debt resolution, consumer credit counseling, paying off debt more efficiently on your own, or using your home equity to consolidate debt or consolidation loans.

      We would encourage you to save money in case of an emergency. If you can not afford your credit card payments you might also find saving money difficult. 

      If you would like to learn more please contact Freedom Debt Relief at 800-852-1431. You can also look them up online at https://www.bills.com/paying-off-debt/debt-settlement. 

      Regards, Josh 

  • E
    Apr, 2019

    Thanks for the calculator. Not only did I realize how much I needed to save, but I immediately started a new account. I decided to put away $400 each month. Once I build up my emergency account, I plan on putting away money to buy a home.