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  • The most basic part of your financial picture is spending.
  • Before you ramp up your savings, pay off your debts, or build a downpayment, learn where your money goes.
  • Use the Budget Tool to assess your spending habits, and then set your financial goals.

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Savings Balances Calculator

Enter your savings balances for your Money Market Account (MMA), Retirement accounts, and Investment Accounts. Then calculate how that matches up with your income.

Are you Saving Enough?

Start by Entering the amount of money you have in your savings accounts. Combine the total amount for each type of savings, money market and deposit accounts, retirement accounts, and investments accounts.

Total Savings
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What is Your Annual Income?

Calculate your annual gross income based on the average of the last 2 years (if available) tax returns.

Calculate Your Savings Rate

It is important to build up savings for all kinds of reasons: cover emergencies, take vacations, live comfortably in retirement.

One way to check your savings is the Savings to Income Ratio.

Your Overall Savings Ratio is

Savings and Improving Your Finances


Savings accounts are a crucial part of your overall financial health. Liquid savings allow you to pay for emergencies or non-recurring bills. Retirement accounts allow you to prepare for a stable financial situation. Investment accounts help you build wealth. 

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