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About Huntington Mortgage

Huntington Mortgage offers a wide range of loan products with both conventional mortgage loans and jumbo mortgage loans. Additionally, Huntington Mortgage offers interest only mortgage, balloon mortgage loan programs, and FHA/VA/USDA mortgage loans. Huntington Mortgage does follow through on their commitment to offer a high level of customer service and stress free loan process, but has high fees and strict underwriting process.
Columbus, OH
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Huntington Mortgage was founded 140 years ago and headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. Huntington Mortgage has a strong presence in the Midwest Region and has become one of the top banking institutions in the US. With more than 600 branches in Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Indiana, West Virginia, and Kentucky, consumers can easily visit a local branch to find out Huntington Mortgage offers a mortgage that's right for them. Huntington Mortgage is a bank whose size makes people feel right at home, yet is more than large enough to provide them with access to all the resources they need.
Flexible loan programs, easy pre-approval
High fees, overly strict underwriting

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Equity line of credit

by | November 22, 2013
Stay away from Huntington!! They commit and do not follow, no phone calls returned. Second time I entrust them with a home loan and very disappointed! Do not go with them, unless you absolutely have to!

First time home buyer

by | September 14, 2012
I was attempting to purchase my first home. I opted to choose my local Huntington Branch because I have been banking with that office for numerous years. Needless to say I (after a terrible 4 months) regretted my decision. I had the worst experience that you could ever have trying to obtain a mortgage. I never had consistant contact, I was told I was approved to find out 3 weeks later I was actually denied. STAY AWAY IF YOU CAN AVOID IT!!! I was approved through Wells Fargo shortly after.

poor customer service on home mortgage

by | March 25, 2012
When taking out a mortgage on a second home I had a mortgage broker that was almost impossible to work with. They had no one else for me to work with. To my regret I went ahead. You could not ask a question without getting a lecture. When it came time to lock the rate I found out she did it without my knowledge or consent. I was stunned! Of course at a higher rate. Had to raise heck to get it changed. Within a week of closing they made me change dates on my home insurance. This almost blew the loan!

insurance issues

by | February 8, 2012
if you have your own insurance instead of through escrow account, they will screw you every year as they never receive the renewal letter sent to the same address every year and therefore are able to take out a policy on your behalf costing well over twice the amount it should, done it to us for the last 4 years and we have EFT payments and somehow we got hit with an extra $160 even though we provided proof of insurance and received notice that they had received it - very unhappy with Huntington about this!