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About iReverse Home Loans

iReverse Home Loans is one of the top national reverse mortgage lenders. iReverse will assign a local reverse mortgage specialist to help you review your options and to see whether a reverse mortgage will be beneficial for you. Like many top lenders, iReverse offers free informational guides and videos for you to learn about reverse mortgages. Consumers who have worked with iReverse Home Loans have often praised about their professional and responsive customer service, making iReverse a top choice for many people who are looking for a reverse mortgage.

Owing Mills, MD
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iReverse Home Loans specializes in providing reverse mortgage loans and is an operating subsidiary of Hopkins Federal Savings Bank. iReverse believes in only providing reverse mortgages in the right situation and will help you understand how a reveres mortgage works as well determine if a reverse mortgage will be right for you and your family.


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Bob Savery

by | September 23, 2014
Bob is amazing he's very knowledgeable and helped us get our dream home with a reverse mortgage for purchase we can't thank him enough!

Top marks for Rich Gause

by | March 9, 2013
I worked with Rich Gause to get my reverse mortgage and am very, very happy with the service I received and the reverse mortgage I got. Thank you, Rich.