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Mark Cappel
UpdatedJan 29, 2010
Key Takeaways:
  • Review options for low cost cancer treatment.

Is there any place where I can get assistance for the cost of cancer treatment?

I recently had 8 weeks of radiation for prostate cancer and my insurance, Secure Horizons, pays 80% of the cost. That will leave aprx. $6,000 for me to pay in addition to other costs for biopsy, ct scan and bone scan. Is there any place where I can get assistance for these costs other than a loan.

A few hospitals and other non-profit medical facilities receive funds from the federal government so they can offer free or low-cost services to those who are unable to pay. Teaching hospitals may also provide such services.

Additionally, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services provides a list of hospitals and health care facilities that participate in the Hill-Burton Free and Reduced Cost Health Care program. See the document Hill-Burton Facilities Obligated to Provide Free or Reduced-Cost Health Care for a complete list of participating facilities.

The American Cancer Society offers a directory of resources devoted to insurance and financial assistance. See Health Insurance and Financial Assistance for the Cancer Patient for a document that covers a wide range of financial options and related issues, including a listing of states with health insurance "risk pools" for individuals who have been denied private health insurance.

There are also Web sites like CancerCompass that offer a range of information as well as forums where questions and answers can be submitted and discussed online.

Help may also be available though church, civic, social, and fraternal groups in the community, as well as Salvation Army, Catholic Social Services, the United Way, Jewish Social Services, and others that can be found in the yellow pages. This is a difficult situation, but you are not alone in facing these hurdles, so reach out these and other reputable organizations.

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