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Information on benefits of mortgages and advice

Mark Cappel
UpdatedJun 19, 2024

What are some benefits of a Home Mortgage

What are some benefits of a Home Mortgage? Why should I avoid a Home Mortgage? What banks do you recommend to inquire about a Home Mortgage? Why? What are common questions and answers people ask when they go to a bank? Why should I pursue a Home Mortgage? How will a Home Mortgage help me save money? What are some disadvantages of a Home Mortgage? What are some advantages of a home mortgage?

If you wish to purchase a home and do not have enough money to pay the purchase price up front, a home mortgage is likely the only way that you will be able to buy the home. However, a mortgage, like almost any other loan, will charge interest on top the purchase price, so the cost of the mortgage will be significantly more than the actual purchase price of the home. Most Americans see a mortgage as the only viable means to become homeowners, and they willingly pay the interest charges for the benefit of home ownership. While you will pay interest on your mortgage loan, if you purchase wisely, the equity you build in your new home could more than outweigh the cost of the mortgage, so in the long run, purchasing a home with a mortgage can be a very wise financial decision. However, you must be careful when choosing a home and a mortgage to make sure that you will have an adequate income to make the monthly mortgage payments; if you default on the mortgage payments, the lender may foreclose on the home.

When shopping for a mortgage, it is imperative that you fully understand the terms to which you are agreeing. Ask the lender what the interest rate will be, if the rate is fixed or adjustable, and what fees and closing costs you will be expected to pay. Most borrowers prefer a fixed rate mortgage, if financially feasible, as fixed rate loans generally provide a set monthly payment amount for the life of the loan, allowing borrowers to better plan for the future. When shopping for a mortgage loan, I encourage you to consult with several mortgage brokers, as speaking with various lenders and brokers will help you determine the best interest rate and terms available to you. If you submit your contact information to the Savings center at, we can have several mortgage brokers contact you to discuss the mortgage options available to you.

You should keep in mind that most mortgage companies have significantly tightened their lending standards in recent months due to problems in the credit markets, so you may have difficulty finding a new mortgage unless you have a very good credit rating. If your credit is less than perfect, you may want to spend some time working to improve your credit score before trying to obtain a mortgage loan. For more information about credit ratings, I encourage you to visit the Credit Information page at

For further information about mortgage loans, I invite you to visit the Home Mortgage page at I wish you the best of luck in finding a mortgage loan that fits your needs, and hope that the information I have provided helps you Find. Learn. Save.



Mortgage market update: the latest

No surprise that mortgage rates fluctuate. If you are thinking about purchasing a home or maybe considering refinancing your current mortgage, then you want to be up to date on mortgage rates.

Mortgage rates April 10, 2024
According to Freddie Mac, the 30-year mortgage rate for the week of April 10, 2024 is 6.88%. This represents a 6 basis points increase from the previous week's rate.
Note: A basis point is equal to one-hundredth of one percent (0.01%). In numerical terms, if the mortgage rate changes by 20 basis points, it means the rate has changed by 0.20%.
According to Freddie Mac, the 15-year mortgage rate for April 10, 2024 is 6.16%. This is a 10 basis points increase from last week’s rates.

Understanding the impact of mortgage rates on your finances
When it comes to determining your monthly payment, mortgage rates are a key factor to consider. Here are the avergage interest rates (APR) for April 14, 2024 based on Zillow data for borrowers with a high credit score (680-740) in the United States:

  • 30-year conventional loan is 7.09%
  • 15-year conventional loan is 6.29%
    Based on the provided rates, a $279,082 30-year mortgage would result in a monthly payment of $1,874. Alternatively, a 15-year mortgage would require a monthly payment of around $2,399.

Simplify your mortgage journey: Shop around and get pre-approved today!
To make the home-buying or refinancing process a breeze, we highly recommend shopping around for mortgages and getting pre-approved. So, why not Check Out mortgage rates now for the best options available.