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Buying a Home While in Chapter 13

Mark Cappel
UpdatedDec 28, 2009

I am two years into a five-year Chapter 13 plan and want to buy a house. How do I convince the trustee to allow me to do so?

I just completed my 2nd year of repayment for a 5 year Chapter 13 bankruptcy. I am interested in purchasing a home through FHA, but I'm told that I need to get authorization from the BK trustee or judge. My BK attorney tells me that I need to start the homebuying process, locate a home and go under contract on a home before he can start the process of getting the trustee to authorize me to get a home loan. In addition, the attorney charges $750 for the service. It seems a little backward to me to go under contract on a home before getting the trustee's approval to get a loan, not to mention the fact that the loan officer has already told me that I can't start the loan approval process without the trustee's authorization. So, it's a catch-22. I don't know what to do, plus I can't afford to pay $750 to my attorney. Please give me some advice. Can I file on my own, and if so, what form do I use? And do I really have to go under contract before I get authorization to get a home loan from the trustee?

I understand your frustration. I also admit to being baffled by your message. I wonder how you can afford a house payment if you are in the midst of a Chapter 13 plan, but I will assume you have a steady income and can afford the plan and a mortgage. However, if that is the case then you should be able to afford paying your attorney $750 to help you accomplish your purchase. Let me set my confusion aside and answer your questions.

The bankruptcy trustee does not want to issue you a virtual blank check to buy a house without knowing the exact terms of the purchase. Therefore, you need to convince the mortgage broker or loan officer to give you a conditional or contingent letter of credit for a mortgage/deed of trust in the amount of the loan you seek. If the present loan officer/mortgage broker is unwilling or unable to do so, then find another. The mortgage business is always very competitive and if you cannot find a broker willing to work with you then find another.

Regarding the forms required to petition the trustee to allow you to purchase the home, yes, you can do this yourself. Do not. Most people who attempt to file their own bankruptcy fail. The process is not rocket science, but it is not obvious or easy, either. Work with your attorney. By doing so your petition will be correct, and if it is not you have recourse if the attorney committed malpractice.

To learn more about buying a home while in the bankruptcy process, see Buying a House While in Chapter 13.

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BBill, Mar, 2010
First, see the resource Where Can I Find a Mortgage After Filing Bankruptcy? Second, I suggest you contact another mortgage broker who might have a better understanding of your financial situation. Finally, continue to consult with your bankruptcy attorney regarding your options. He or she has a better understanding of your situation than I, and can advise you accordingly.
TTray, Jun, 2011
Has anyone that is in Chapter 13 bankruptcy been able to successfully find a lender to refinance for them? Which lenders made it possible?
mmargene, Mar, 2010
My husband and I filed chapter 13 2 and a half years ago in wisconsin now living in texas.My husband works in construction and can get a great deal on having a custom home built.We make alot more money now than before,we have the land to build the home on and have the mortgage broker lined up.In order to get the home approved we offered to pay $400. extra than the normal monthly payment.After waiting 3 months we were denied the loan.Our attoney gave us 2 choices dismiss our case have the home built and then declaring chapter 7 in texas or converting it to chapter 7 right away which would cost us $1000. to do.I asked him if we make more money now how could we claim chapter 7 all he said was it would get approved because we make less than the average income for a family of four.I am confused is this true.