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Mortgage Refinance LTV

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Anthony Garcia
UpdatedJan 21, 2015
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Learn all about Loan-to-Value, also known as 'LTV.'

ethan ewing, president of, gives you free information on loan-to-value, also known as "ltv". visit for free mortgage quotes and more information. also, check out the new mortgage calculator or click here to see if you can save with a refinance loan.

video transcription;

"hi, i am ethan ewing, president of bills. com. today i want to talk to you about a mortgage term called loan to value or ltv, you will hear this from any mortgage lender, any mortgage broker, any bank when you are looking to refinance or buy a house. loan to value is quiet simply the amount of the loan compared to the value of that home. for example, if your home is worth $100000, and you have a loan amount of $80,000, your loan to value or ltv is 80%.

this is a very important piece of information for any mortgage underwriter, any bank, when they are considering a loan. right now in the current market, you need at least 10% equity, now your ltv cannot be any more than 90%, equity is the difference between your loan to value and the actual value of your home, to refinance and most lenders prefer 20% . home value struggled recently, so it is really something to consider as you go to refinance do you have enough equity will your ltv level off. hope that helps, see you next time."