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Mortgage Refinancing CostApr 19, 2024
Learn about the cost of refinancing your mortgage. Find out if you should refinance into a lower rate today.
Mortgage Closing CostApr 19, 2024
Learn about the closing costs of a mortgage refinance from the mortgage experts.
Private Mortgage Insurance InfoApr 19, 2024
PMI and private mortgage insurance video tips from What you need to know about PMI.
What Is LTV?Apr 19, 2024
Mortgage Calculator video tips from Ethan Ewing, President of, gives you free information on Loan-to-Value, also known as 'LTV.'
Mortgage CalculatorApr 18, 2024
Mortgage Calculator Video Tips from
Debt to Income VideoApr 18, 2024
Learn about Debt to Income (DTI) and get mortgage refinance tips from
Refinance Tips VideoApr 18, 2024
Video on how to Refinance My Mortgage. Ethan Ewing, mortgage expert and President of, explains how to refinance a mortgage loan.
Refinancing TipsApr 18, 2024
Five tips on Mortgage Refinance Loans and how to get the best loan in the shortest time.
Getting a Mortgage LoanApr 18, 2024
Advice and tips, from President Ethan Ewing, on getting the best deal on your mortgage loan online.
Understanding the Impact of DebtApr 9, 2024
Understanding Debt: The Impact of Debt and Debt Options for Consumers. video featuring Brad Stroh, CEO.
Debt Settlement Info VideoApr 9, 2024
Watch this debt settlement video to learn whether this is the right solution to your serious debt problem.
CNBC Refinance Video InterviewApr 9, 2024
CNBC interviews Andrew Housser on Mortgage Refinance.
Debt Coach Finovate VideoApr 3, 2024
Debt Coach, a new tool to help consumers resolved their debts, was unveiled by at Finovate SF. Watch the full interview here.
Reducing Debt VideoApr 3, 2024
Reducing Debt | Watch's Founder and CEO Brad Stroh speaks with Fox News 5 in San Diego about helpful ways consumers can save money and reduce their...
Student Loan Consolidation VideoApr 3, 2024
Watch the student loan consolidation video to discover the rules regarding federal and private student loan consolidation.
Debt Consolidation ServicesApr 2, 2024
Find debt consolidation services, resources, and advice that will help you get out of debt. It is all here at
Paying Down Credit Card DebtFeb 18, 2015
Virginia Sullivan of gives you four tips for paying down your credit card debt.
What is 22, 2015
What is Video | CEO, Brad Stroh, gives a quick introduction to tools and features of the website.
Credit ScoreJan 22, 2015
Credit score video, from Co-Founder Bradford Stroh, to help you learn how credit score and credit history impact you financially.
Reverse Mortgage VideoJan 22, 2015
Reverse Mortgage Video with free tips on the reverse mortgage process and what you NEED to know, from
Improve Your FinancesJan 21, 2015
Brad Stroh, CEO of, gives advice on ways consumers can save money and improve their financial situation.
Stop Wasting MoneyJan 21, 2015
Stop Wasting Money - Financial Planning Tips from
CNN Credit Card DebtJan 21, 2015
CNN TV segment on how to tackle credit card balances and get debt relief fast.
national payday loansDec 1, 2010
National payday loans | Payday loans should be taken as a last resort. Be aware of the risks, if you are considering a payday loan.
Credit SolutionsDec 1, 2010
Looking for credit solutions? has the credit information and solutions you need to save money and get out of debt.