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Anthony Garcia
UpdatedDec 1, 2010
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Key Takeaways:
  • The credit solutions available for you depend on your credit goals.
  • Start by pulling your credit report annually and making sure it is accurate.
  • Solve credit problems quickly, and get credit and debt help if you have problems.

Credit Solutions and Information

What Credit Solutions are Available to You:

If you are looking into different credit solutions, how can you choose the best one? A key first step is to define your goals and what specific credit solutions you are looking for. Whether you need debt help, credit related loans, or help with your credit report, can help you evaluate all possible credit solutions and help you find the best provider for your needs.

Which of the various credit solutions available is best for you will depend on what you are trying to achieve, as well as on your current financial health. Are you a homeowner? Then perhaps the best of the available credit solutions will involve using the equity in your home and getting a mortgage refinance loan. Is it credit card debt that is overwhelming you? If so, you will need to decide if your goal is to get out of debt at the fastest speed — or to lower the amount you are paying each month in monthly payments. You will likely want to examine both debt settlement programs as well as debt consolidation and credit counseling programs. Both of these credit solutions have pluses and minuses. Depending on what you wish to achieve, one credit solution approach will be better for you than another.

No matter what financial goal you are looking to achieve, please use as your online resource for looking at all different credit solutions available to you.


YYvonne, Feb, 2012
In 2004 I was 18 and had my daughter I was already married but was not put on my husbands insurance but I had Medical the doctors had me going to the hospital twice a week to have non stress test and had my medical information on file when it came time to have my baby they said they had my information and than a year later the hospital sent me a bill saying I owed them 3,421.20 for my hospital visit I told them I had medical at the time and they told me to fax a copy of my card because they didn't have it on file I did and never heard from them again now its almost 8 years later and I have received a letter from a lawyer that I owe the amount . What can or should I do? There is no way I can afford this.
BBill, Feb, 2012
The first step is to validate the debt. Secondly, check to see if the statute of limitations has passed. In most states, a debt that you have not paid on for eight years would be past the SOL. Don't pay a penny before you determine if the SOL has passed. The lawyer can still sue you, if the SOL has passed, but you can use it as a defense in court to avoid paying.
CCarrie, Feb, 2012
I have a credit score of 530 due to many deliquent accounts that are a couple years old. This year I was able to pay all of them off as well as a student loan that was in good standing. I have a credit card with a small limit, but I do my best to maintain less than 30% on it. These are all things that I am just starting to do to rebuild my credit. My question is how long should I use my new credit card before applying for a different type of loan? I know that hard inquires also affect your credit and credit card that I have I have only had for 3 months. I only have 2 hard inquires on my credit right now, but I know that I am major liablity with a low credit score, which makes it harder to get a new line of credit.
BBill, Feb, 2012
There is no definite answer to your very good question, but I advise that you have six months of payments in good standing on your new credit card, before you apply for a different loan or another unsecured, revolving line of credit. In the interim, you could apply for a secured credit card, as a way to boost your credit score.
SSharon, Sep, 2011
4 years ago my husband had several affairs and we are no longer together. I supported him while he attended and eventually graduated from college. During that time I took out an unsecured loan to pay his tuition and the nloan is in my name only. When our marriage broke up I was unable to pay the loan and he said he would repay it for me. Well he did not and I have been sent a collection letter from a debt collector with a pre-legal notification. I have no assets except I own my home. I will retire from teaching and will not have the disposable income to pay this debt. I have no children. I am afraid the debt collector will have a lien placed on my home. I understand that in PA there is a 4 year statute of limitations before a collector can file a lawsuite but how do I get the last date that an account was not paid from original account? All my credit report states is the debt will be removed in 2014.
BBill, Sep, 2011
Consult with a lawyer who has family law experience regarding the debt that benefited your ex-spouse that you are now repaying. It is unreasonable for you to pay this debt, and I think a judge would agree with me.

You may need to file a lawsuit against your ex-spouse regarding the debt, and file for bankruptcy to remove your liability for the debt if it is large.

You mentioned a lien. That is a possibility. Again, time with a lawyer to review your liabilities and options will be time and money well spent.
ssharon, Sep, 2011
Thank you. Your reply was very helpful and a lawyer is what I need. I have been to three and find them very intimidating and not 'kind'. I don't want sympathy. I realize that they are not in the business to hold my hand and supply tissues but a little empathy would make me feel better. I just wanted to get this off my chest! Again, thank you and I will try again.
ttammi, Aug, 2011
I filed bankruptcy in 2003. I can't get a store card nor a loan at all. I am told i have NO credit. How do i get credit if no one will give me any?
BBill, Aug, 2011
There are definitely steps you can take to start building your credit. You should look into getting a secured credit card, as a first step. Then, apply for a gas station credit card. This type of credit card often has less strict credit requirements.