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Anthony Garcia
UpdatedAug 12, 2010
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Ethan Ewing, President of, gives you free information on PMI, private mortgage insurance.

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Ethan Ewing, President of Bills. com, gives you free information on PMI, otherwise known as Private Mortgage Insurance. Bills. com offers consumers free mortgage quotes and tools to help you find, learn, and save.

Video Transcription;

"Hi, my name is Ethan Ewing, and I am the president of Bills. com. Today I want to talk to you about a very common mortgage term, PMI or Private Mortgage Insurance, for anybody that’s going to buy a house and is putting less than 20% down as a down payment you will be required to pay PMI, it just comes across just as a monthly premium, you pay it each and every month, it usually goes into your mortgage payment.

What PMI does is there is no benefit to you as a borrower, even though you are paying it, it is a benefit to the lender, the bank, the servicer whoever owns you a loan, in the event that you default. The reasoning behind it is in situation where a borrower or a buyer is coming and not bring a lot of money – not investing lot of money in that house, the bank wants to make sure they are covered in the event that you default. So, keep in mind, once you get to that 80% level, really once you get to 78% , you have built some equity in your house over time then the bank is forced or required by the government to drop that coverage and they will send you a notice saying that you don’t need to make this payment .

Hope that helps and we will see you next time."


RRose, Feb, 2012
Dear Bill, You stated PMI doesn't disqualify me...that sounds good, who or what "Bank" would you recommend I work with? Here are my stats, Home value (zillow) $129,000 Current Balance: $185,000 with PMI(Private Mortgage Insurance) Fair Credit, Current interest rate 6.75% Monthly note (never late) $1490.00--- So now what? I spoke quite a few Lenders---only for them to say: "We only go up to 125% of the LTV for Homeowners who have PMI. I have consulted with the HARP people and still, lots of red tape! I wish it were HARPO instead of HARP, I might actually get a loan from Oprah---smile! Can you point me in the right direction?Thanks,Rose
BBill, Feb, 2012
The 125% limit was lifted in the HARP 2.0 program. If your original lender/servicer can not qualify you, then you will have to wait till the other lenders are running the automated underwriting systems. The expected date is March 2012, although some might start to take applications earlier. Before you begin to look for lenders, make sure that you have the information about the Mortgage Insurance Company holding on to your PMI. Check back to and get a mortgage quote.