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Mark Cappel
UpdatedAug 5, 2007

How do I get off a mortgage after a divorce?

I don't know if anyone can help me but I'm going to try. I got divorced 7 years ago. I didn't want the burden of the house and my ex did so I gave it to him without taking any money or part of it. I feel fine about that however I was ignorant. I knew my ex did not pay his bills (one of the reasons for divorce). I did not know my name would not come off of the mortgage and that every late payment would go on my credit. Now at this point he hasn't even made a payment in the last 6 months and the bank is listing it I believe as a charge off as in the town they are in there is absolutely no market and now my ex has let the house run down to the point it probably is not salable. Every month another black mark is placed on my credit rating. I did notify a credit reporting agency of the problem to try and get it removed from my credit score but without explanation they decided not to change it. I assume that is because I am still on the mortgage. Is there any hope or am I never again going to have credit. The bank won't take me off the mortgage I assume because I am the one who always held a steady job. I have not contacted them again because I fear they will go after me for the money my ex owes. Please help me.

You are in a difficult financial situation. You have, essentially, one 'hail mary' strategy -- try to get the lender (whoever the mortgage company is) to remove your name from the account and also to try to get them to take your name from the credit report updates... then contest the trade line with each of the credit reporting bureaus.

My best recommendation is to contact the mortgage company, explain your situation, and ask if the lender will allow you to be removed from the account. I would tell you, however, that this is very unlikely - as they will not want to lower their risk by removing someone from the account.

If you are struggling with debts after divorce, you should know that you are by no means alone in this predicament. Divorce drives more Americans to the edge of financial disaster than almost any other life event. It would have been helpful if you had a legally binding divorce decree, but just so you know... even a court mandated divorce decree is not necessarily enforceable by your creditors -- so you may have been in the same situation.

I would certainly recommend sending in a letter, explaining the situation and request that this letter be included in your credit file.

There are three major credit bureaus that offer credit reports, if there is something that you want added or removed, you should contact them directly:

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I with you the best of luck in resolving this situation, and I hope this information helps you Find. Learn. Save.


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