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Spouse Not On Mortgage

Mark Cappel
UpdatedDec 1, 2023
Key Takeaways:
  • It is common for one spouse to be on the mortgage and title.
  • The mechanics for filing a one-spouse transaction vary by state.
  • Consult with your real estate agent for details on one-spouse transactions.

What is the form that is used when you are married, but purchase a home without the spouse being on the mortgage?

What is the form that is used when you are married, but purchase a home without the spouse being on the mortgage?

The situation you described is common -- one married person may appear on a mortgage or property title for myriad reasons. The name of what you called a form varies by state. In most states it is not even a form. The letter to the county clerk is often just called "recording instructions" or something equally non-descriptive. It is prepared by the title company or escrow company.

Consult with your real estate agent, title company, or attorney who is handling the transaction for the exact name of this document in your state.

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Mortgage rates November 8, 2023
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Additionally, Freddie Mac reports that the 15-year mortgage rate for November 8, 2023 is 6.81%, indicating a 22 basis points decrease from last week’s rates.

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  • 30-year conventional loan is 7.61%
  • 15-year conventional loan is 6.74%
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