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Child Support & Credit Report

Mark Cappel
UpdatedNov 23, 2009

Why does my old child support order, which I did not pay, appear on my credit report?

How Can Child Support Enforcement report an arrearage as a bad debt to the credit bureaus when the monies were never paid out. 20 years after the fact my Ex decided to take me to court to get child support that was ordered in a motion in 1983 but never revisited or followed up on until 2003. They never gave her money she didn't receive any payments until 2003? I don't understand how it can be a bad debt if it was never collected or paid to begin with!

If I understand your message correctly, you were ordered to pay child support in 1983. You did not pay the child support in defiance of the judge's order. In 2003 your ex-spouse filed a complaint. Today, you are wondering why this appears as a bad debt on your credit report. If those are the facts, your argument seems to be that because your ex-spouse did not hound you for the support payments a court ordered you to make, you are not responsible for them, or at least they should not be on your credit report. If I am interpreting your message correctly, I think the least of your concerns at this point should be what appears on your credit score.

If I am not interpreting your question or the facts of your message properly, please reply with clarification.

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