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How to Update Basic Information in a Credit Report

Mark Cappel
UpdatedMay 12, 2009
Key Takeaways:
  • Learn the process for updating a credit report.
  • You can update your credit report online or via the USPS.
  • Use this handy form letter to update your basic information.

I need to update my address on all 3 credit reports, I am getting denied because my address is not updated. How can I do this?

I need to update my address on all 3 credit reports. I am getting denied because my address is not updated. How can I do this?

That should be relatively easy. You just need to ask!

Keep in mind all the credit reporting agencies, called credit bureaus, now have provisions to dispute items online, but in most cases you will need a copy of the respective report and other information to do so. Once you are ready, you can contact each of the three bureaus at the contact information provided below:

You can learn more about, credit, credit scoring and credit repair at the Credit Information page.

Tell the consumer reporting company, in writing, what information you think is inaccurate. Include copies (NOT originals) of documents that support your position. In addition to providing your complete name and address, your letter should clearly identify each item in your report you dispute, state the facts and explain why you dispute the information, and request that it be removed or corrected. You may want to enclose a copy of your report with the items in question circled. Your letter may look something like:

FTC Sample Letter of Deletion
Date Your Name Your Address Your City, State, Zip Code Complaint Department Name of Company Address City, State, Zip Code Dear Sir or Madam: I am writing to dispute the following information in my file. The items I dispute also are encircled on the attached copy of the report I received. This item (identify item(s) disputed by name of source, such as creditors or tax court, and identify type of item, such as credit account, judgment, etc.) is (inaccurate or incomplete) because (describe what is inaccurate or incomplete and why). I am requesting that the item be deleted (or request another specific change) to correct the information. Enclosed are copies of (use this sentence if applicable and describe any enclosed documentation, such as payment records, court documents) supporting my position. Please investigate this (these) matter(s) and (delete or correct) the disputed item(s) as soon as possible. Sincerely, Your name Enclosures: (List what you are enclosing)

I hope the information provided helps you Find. Learn. Save.