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Vehicle Lease Terms

Mark Cappel
UpdatedApr 12, 2010

Can a person lease a car but insure it for two different drivers?

Can a person lease a car but insure it for 2 different drivers?

What you are really asking me to do is decipher your lease agreement, which I have not read, or speak on behalf of all companies that lease vehicles to consumers.

If you have already leased the vehicle, look to your contract to determine if the consumer who leased the vehicle is required to be the primary driver on the vehicle's insurance. I would be surprised if that was a requirement, although as I mentioned in the first sentence in my reply, I cannot speak to your contract.

In the common law, there is no requirement that the person leasing property (real or otherwise) be the occupier or user of the property. However, lease agreements are contracts, and contracts can contain language that binds the parties to terms and conditions that are allowable by law. It is easy to foresee that a vehicle lease would contain language that the consumer be the primary driver, and that the consumer provide proof to the creditor on regular basis that the consumer has the stipulated insurance.

I realize my question does not answer your question, but I believe the precise answer to your question can be found in your lease contract.

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