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3 Tips to Improve Your Financial Future

Daniel Cohen
UpdatedJan 21, 2015
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Tips for Improving Your Financial Situation

Brad Stroh, CEO of, offers three money-saving tips that could improve your financial future. This advice includes building and maintaining a game plan for your finances, creating a budget to help determine expenses and income, and finally making sure that all your plans for long term savings are set in place properly. Try our awesome new tool DEBT COACH and see what option is the best to help you get out of debt.

Video Transcription;

"If you are thinking about your financial future, the first thing we recommend is, have a game plan and know where you’re going. If you don’t know where you’re going there’s no way you’ll be able to get there. It’s not always fun but come up with a budget and figure out where your cash flow is going, both what your earning and what your expenses are. Build savings and wealth over time, a great forced savings mechanisms that you are just along for the ride are; 401K’s, make sure you max it out. IRA’S and certainly be paying down your mortgage as quick as possible. has a ton of great tools and resources for people to really simplify complicated money decisions, everything from calculators, tools, and advice to really innovative tools like Bills I.Q. where you can get your financial score. And also Ask Bill, you can ask questions for free and get great answers on how to solve complicated money problems.