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About Lending Tree Loans

Lending Tree Loans is a reputable mortgage company providing great customer service. The Lending Tree team does a great job throughout the entire lending process, helping consumers to understand the various loan options and responding quickly to the consumers' requests. Although Lending Tree Loans offers competitive mortgage rates, LendingTree Loans can have high closing costs.

Charlotte, NC
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Lending Tree Loans is the mortgage lending arm of Lending Tree. Lending Tree Loans work with consumers through a single point of contact to provide consumers with a consistent experience and to ensure that the Lending Tree customer representative always has the most up to date information. Lending Tree Loans was established in 2004 and has funded over 150,000 loans.


great customer service, informative, competitive rates


Lending Tree can have high closing cost, and if you apply with Lending Tree you may get many calls from lenders

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Is Lending Tree a Lender?

by | May 29, 2013
Is lending tree a lender or what do they do for me that i cannot do for my own in getting a refinance loan?


by | January 11, 2012
I shopped around for a couple of months before I decided to refinance. My credit is excellent and I needed to bring down my home payments after my divorce and single mother of 3 little boys. I have To Thanks Tim Apenbrinck my loan officer that did a Great Job, also Cameron Carberry and all the Team. I will Definetly recommend Tim Apenbrinck and his Team @ Lending Tree when you get ready to refinance your home. They Worked with me, always on Top of everything, They know their stuff and I am very Happy.

UNhappy applicant with Lending Tree Loans

by | August 8, 2011
I was told by my loan officer that there would be no problem getting a 7 yr ARM, my credit is excellent and I haven't missed a mortgagae payment in 20 yrs. I had to pay for an appraisal ($400 wasted) which came in higher than we planned and I was still was refused the loan. It was a waste of time and money, and not at all professional. If I could rate LendingTree lower I would.


by | August 3, 2011
Due to your low appraisal of my home I no longer could continue to work with lending tree loans. My home was appraised at $150,000. In my immediate neighborhood of the 40 townhomes that exist, there isn't one home that would sell for less than $160,000. I certainly would not sell my home for less than $165,000. One house similiar to mine but with less property sold for $160,000. This appraisal cost me 400.00. I am again asking for a refund.

Home Mortgage

by | August 1, 2011
Initially Lending Tree was cordial. After all requested documents were submitted I had provisional approval for my loan. I received approval of my loan. Shortly thereafter this changed to "pending approval". Meanwhile the "locked in" rate increased, closing costs increased, loan length increased, with other shady dealings. I withdrew my loan request. Lending Tree is a very POOR and disreputable business! I would NOT recommend LT to anyone!

Home refinance rejection

by | August 1, 2011
My biggest complaint is that I was initially led into the process with assurances that I should have no trouble getting our homeloan refinanced. We were not especially concerned about the inteest rate; we simply wanted to change from a 15-year mortgage to a 30-year mortgage with lower monthly payments. Even though we have never missed a payment and have a reasonably good credit rating, it took them six weeks to turn us down!

loan applicant

by | August 1, 2011
great but the 579 score is too low.

(no title)

by | August 1, 2011
The rates were significantly higher than other rates available from other lenders and despite being confronted with this, I was told it could not be so. Needless to say, it became so and I now have a 3.250% APR loan with no fees and no closing cost from a different lender.


by | August 1, 2011
Hard to find rep. that will return calls and be up front with you. I was excited and did much work only to find out Much later that I did not qualify on account of my income. This question and answer should have been the first question, Not the last one after sending lots of income tax information (fax & e-mail) and a credit check.

No call backs once there is an issue with Lending Tree Loans

by | August 1, 2011
I was very interested in using Lending Tree for my refinancing. My credit is excellent and everything should have been in order, but the appraisal that was done was drastically incorrect - listing my house as one that was over 1,000 square feet smaller and comparing it to homes that are NOT in my neighborhood. I kept being told by "different" Lending Tree staff that it would be corrected and that someone would call me back and then no return calls. My loan officer return calls...

My Experience with Lending Tree Loans

by | January 20, 2011
Chad was very informative with all of his information. He was patient and offered quick response to all of my questions. He was proffessional yet friendly. He offered a very good representation for Lending Tree. Sincerely, Denise Aponte


by | January 19, 2011
I have never had so many emails and phone calls. My phone never stopped ringing and it seemed that I would get a call from one Lending Tree office and then immediately after I'd get off the phone I'd get another call. You need to figure this out....It is very discouraging to the consumer. I'll probably never look to use Lending Tree, Ever.