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About Loan Depot

Loan Depot is a young company, but with one of the more experienced and respected management teams in the business. They are known for building efficient processes to allow their loan officers to provide great service to customers. They are on the rise.

Irvine, CA
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The pioneers that first brought direct-to-consumer lending to mainstream America are back at it again with Loan Depot, serving our customers with low rates, fast closings, and more educational resources than ever before. In these challenging and changing economic times, it's more important than ever to choose a home loan partner you can trust who will be there for years to come.


Efficient loan processing, competitive rates and very good follow-up from loan officers


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Canceled the loan 2 days after the $495.00 charge. Now they are giving me a hassle about a refund.

by | September 30, 2014
All that I have to say is don't give them the money unless you really want to take a $495 dollar hit. The company calls it a loan lock fee. The loan officer said it was for the appraisal. I canceled the appraisal and any Underwriting before it even happened. These people solicited me, took my money, when I canceled all further progress they wrote me in quotes. “Unfortunately the rate was locked and is because of the signed lock agreement. I can forward you a copy of it if you would like" no refund!

If you don't qualify they forget about you!!

by | June 29, 2014
I was four weeks into the process. Appraisal came back 10k higher than expected and rate was locked. They called me and said that they needed another copy of my tax return documents. I sent them in asked for confirmation of receipt and got no reply. They called me back ten days later asking for the same documents bc they did recv them but the format was not transferable. Another week later they told me that my loan was denied bc even though I had a six figure income underwriters "figures" said I have NO income

Simple and smooth.

by | June 25, 2014
I refinanced my home with these guys and I was a little skeptical at first, but being a business owner, I know there are always unhappy campers, regardless of how good you are; and they're way more likely to leave a review than a satisfied client. So, here I am, fighting the odds, haha.

Incompetent Bufoons Running a Loan Company

by | June 14, 2014
It took them over three months to approve my loan, even though I own three businesses and am worth a couple of million dollars! I recently found out that I was still having money withdrawn from my checking account by my previous mortgage company and also by Loan Depot! They never got around to paying off the original mortgage! They would be better off hiring a bunch of chimpanzees to run the company! It is obvious to me that all the 5 Star reviews with names of employees are probably placed by them.

Fabulous Service

by | March 13, 2014
I was blown away by the service I received from Kathy Reed and Kathy Nguyen I was not always easy to work with but they were out to make me have a great experience and that they have, I would recommend them for a Refi anytime All went well and smooth Roland B

Thank you for the honesty!

by | May 24, 2013
I did a search for mortgage loans and received several calls. Jeff Hall at Loan Depot was the only person who gave me straight answers to my questions. He was even up front when it was clear that a refi would not really benefit me right now. Other lenders talked around my questions about PMIbut Jeff answered my questions directly. I certainly appreciate the honesty and I would recommend Loan Depot to others.

Fast Turn-around time on HARP refi;

by | May 21, 2013
Loan Depot got my HARP refi done in 3 weeks start-to-close. I found their rates & fees exactly as the loan officer described - the GFE matched the verbal. As basic as that sounds, I found other lenders/brokers would say one thing and deliver another (I'm not referring to changes due to underwriting - I mean a match between a quoted verbal and delivered GFE). I did not get the lowest of low rates, but since this was a HARP refi without appraisal I expected to pay slightly more. Would recommend.

I have a question for anyone / everyone -

by | April 24, 2013
2 times now I have received a letter from this company that states they will re-finance my loan with No Appraisal and No Income verification, No up Front Fees, No closing costs - but reading these reviews it appears there are appraisal's, income verification's, etc. Did everyone receive the same letter and there are indeed fees???? Thank you ever so - Cheryl

Overall a good experience

by | March 31, 2013
The Loan officer seemed a little like a used car salesman but the account manager Jenni Vasquez was very professional. Our loan closed in 30 days. Only annoying thing was the repeated requests for the same documents but otherwise a very pleasant experience. I got a good rate at $800 out of pocket costs. They waived all fees as promised. Others are complaining of losing $500 but that's the appraisal fee that has to be paid to a third party. Ask questions so you know what u r getting!

Bait Delay and Switch

by | March 29, 2013
It has been almost 5 months now since I was approved with Loan Depot all delays caused by its departments. Just received an updated so called Good Faith Estimate as they call it and fees doubled.

Decent experience

by | March 25, 2013
Had a good experience refinancing my 2nd home with Paul Jones (standup guy). Got a great no-cost (and I mean NO cost) refi that took about sixty days. I will say that their loan administration site (they didn't sell my loan) is pretty cut-rate. That needs serious work -- one cannot, for example make random principal-only payments via ACH. You can schedule your monthly to add an additional principal payment EVERY month if you wish, but otherwise you need to snail mail checks for principle-only.

Excellent transaction.

by | February 19, 2013
I dealt with Daniel Barbier. I was extremely pleased with his professionalism through out the process. Julie Kim in loan processing was also outstanding. Would recommend Daniel and Loan Depot without reservation based on my refinance with them. I locked in 4.25%, and then when the appraisal came back higher than we expected, they lowered the rate to 3.75. Fantastic!

Up Front Fee Scam

by | February 16, 2013
Small problem at the end, no heating in my house near the beach in Torrance, California. Don't need it, just hardy souls I guess? Was assured that if the loan was not funded and I had not mislead, Sean would refund our money. Didn't happen. The last hurdle was not cleared as I refused to spend $6,500 on something I don' t need. Their excuse was that an FHA loan requires the heater. I have a conventional loan now that doesn't. Contract says "or deemed unfit to loan on" means they NEVER return the fee.

Outstanding product and service

by | February 15, 2013
First refinance with Loan Depot. Professional, customer oriented, exceeded expectations. Would not hesitate to recommend to others. Ernest

loan Depot

by | January 29, 2013
I just finished my refinance with loan depot and despite some early reservations i couldnt be more pleased. Gonzalo Bonilla was great, he got me started, answered all my initial questions and was pretty on point with his initial figures. Loan Depot was able to close my refi in just over a month staying true to the terms, rate and closing costs quoted. The loan depot staff is fast, efficient and professional in its dealings. If you meet their requirements, I recommend loan depot for your finance/refinance.

Impressive Customer Service!

by | November 12, 2012
I just completed a refi with loanDepot and was impressed with the quality of customer service. I shopped around before choosing loanDepot and I'm happy with my choice. Their representatives were on top of it during the entire process which resulted in a 21 day closing time! They answered all of my questions and made it easy for me to understand the process step-by-step. I highly recommend!!!!


by | November 6, 2012
Kudos to Nick Sprague, Mortgage Banker and Tim Sieczkowski, Account Manager for the professional, courteous and responsive way we were treated during the refinancing of our loan by Loan Depot two months ago. Nick outlined the options available to us as well as the requirements and costs associated with them in a much more straightforward and thorough manner than any statements made about the loans offered by competitors we spoke to in our search for a lender. All the conditions were explained up front and he made no promises that were not kept. We found his honesty praiseworthy. Tim handled the paperwork efficiently, staying on top of our file to insure it went forward as quickly as possible, keeping us apprised of each step completed during the process. They both made us feel that our business was truly appreciated and we were genuinely valued as clients. We would recommend Loan Depot to anyone who needs a mortgage loan or refinancing as they really seem to care and their customer service is awesome. Thanks again, Nick and Tim.

Unable to recommend this lender

by | October 19, 2012
I have refinanced my home twice before without any trouble and decided to do so again to take advantage of the current low rates. Loan Depot's rate came in lowest at 2.85% APR. My loan was finally approved BUT the application process was a never-ending hassle of epic proportions. In retrospect I regret having to deal with this bank and can not recommend them to anybody.

Highly recommend

by | July 31, 2012
I compared LoanDepot with 11 other lenders. I did a side-by-side comparison on a 2.75% 15yr loan, with a cash-out & self-impounds. loanDepot was $7,000 lower than the brick & mortar banks, $6,000 lower than the top 3 online lenders. On July 9th I called to verify rate & fees and gave them the ok to begin process. I sent all requested documents on this day. On July 14th my appraisal was completed ($1,000 more than my estimate, Yea!).July 25th we signed closing paperwork. July 31st my loan funded. Very Happy!

Don't Use Loan Depot

by | July 6, 2012
I have tried twice to refinance homes with Loan Depot and both times been denied the loan on a technicality. They require you to pay $495 rate lock up front, and if anything comes up that they deem your fault or you pull out, they keep your $495 and you get nothing. They seem to keep digging until they find something on your home or your property, the latest was a water heater strap. If you want to give away $495 and get nothing for your money, go with Loan Depot. If you want a loan find someone else.

1 Star Consumer Whining - Get a Grip

by | June 25, 2012
I am an originator of 10+ years and am not affiliated with loanDepot. You need to understand something as a consumer, if the house does not appraise for what you think it will, it is in no way the fault of loanDepot, or any other lender for that matter. You all think your house is worth 20% more than it actually is, b/c you still live in fantasyland. Refund - what refund? Do you think the appraisers give you back your money when the value is less than you think it is? Do loan processors work for free too?

Dissatisfied Customer

by | June 6, 2012
I started working with Loan Depot on 2/28/2012. My final refinance package was complete by 3/7/2012. In April, I received a Good Faith Estimate and a Commitment letter. Later that same week I was informed the loan was not approved??? Finally, in late May, the loan was approved and I was ready to close. Since May 22, I have placed numerous calls to various people at Loan Depot. No one returns the calls and I have received no additional emails re closing. Not sure what to make of this???

Excellent Frank Merola

by | May 11, 2012
Frank is knowledgeable, honest and pleasant to work with. No pressure on doing a refinance, instead of asking me to keep my current loan. Very very pleased with his excellent service and honesty!!!!!!!!!!1

5 Stars across the board!

by | April 27, 2012
After reading some of the lousy experiences a lot of people have had; I felt I had to share my experience. 1)I had zero pressure 2)I was never asked for or paid a 495.00 fee I keep reading about 3)I did pay 350.00 for an appraisal that was refunded to me during the closing 4)I was promised a no cost loan; that's exactly what I received and closed in 30 days! 5)Documents required: 2 yrs. W-2, 1 month pay stubs, photo ID 6)Excellent communication 7)I never had to leave my house! Recommended! Steven L from Ma

Stay Away

by | April 13, 2012
They promise you everything to get the initial $495, then everything changes and you are scammed out of the $ yourself a favor and flush the money down the toliet, at least you will not deal with the frustration!

Loan Officers Need Improvement - You are not selling a car

by | April 12, 2012
I started off approximately 2 l/2 months ago with Loan Depot trying to refinance a condo in Arlington, Va. The loan officer was a fast talker and promised a "no cost loan" which in fact would have cost more than $3,000. The loan assistant sent me several guess estimates that were no way correct. Then the week of closing they tried to play fast and lose and back out. I would not recommend them to anyone. In fact, I am going to write tot he Better Business Bureau and report them. I would rate them poor.

Some good, some bad

by | March 1, 2012
Applied with sales agent Joseph Malonzo, good experience, nice to deal with. Tons of pressure to perform ALL requirements within 4 hours or lose deposit. I'd have paperwork ready before applying to make sure the stress of performing doesn't get you. I was passed on to Ms. Utz, pushy not so friendly coordinator. Credit score of 834. Appraiser used comps that were not comps in my neighborhood. Appraised low, loan denied. No chance to call in another appraiser. Deposit gone. Back to my bank.


by | February 15, 2012
Fast and easy, on paper they had the best offer. Sal is the man and processing was amazing! Thank you loanDepot.

Loan Depot came through for me

by | January 19, 2012
I applied for a loan with loan depot because my existing lender was offering me a refinance rate and closing costs higher than loan depot even though i have great credit and have never been late in a payment in the 10 years i was with them. I was very nervous after reading the reviewsof loan depot but to my suprise the process and outcome were great (settled within a month). My Loan processor Steven Lee was amazing. He kept in communication with me every step of the way, was professional & well informed.

UW has reached the point of Unreason

by | January 4, 2012
Requests of underwriting from loandepot on questioning rent income deposits have gone beyond being rediculous. I have provided all documents in a timely 1 day turnaround yet UW continues to come back with questions. Was even asked to provide cancelled check for a $60 deposit, yes $60! With my income, credit history, all credit cards paid off fully every month, and absolutely no loans outside of my mortgage! I would think that I would be the ideal customer. I cannot imagine what folks have to go through that meet the average criteria for Loan Depot.

Stay away if you are a Contractor

by | December 31, 2011
They have no understanding of Independent Contractors and our sources of income. They asked for more than 5 years of my tax returns and related contracts to prove income, plus all banking records to prove sources of cash. My credit rating good and equity was sufficient. They called me! After 6 weeks they turned the loan down because they didn't like that I had mixed income sources, more than sufficient even in my lowest year when I took off to care for an ailing parent. Avoid them.

(no title)

by | December 18, 2011
still asking for documennt should have ask for everything up front

Excellent Experience

by | December 16, 2011
I was a little skeptical at first. I had a bad experience with my bank which forced me to seek ehlp elsewhere. I went on the internet and found LoanDepot. From the very beginning with Tony Mata, the appraisal and paperwork with Chris Santa Maria, I couldn't be more impressed and please with the entire excellent experience! Thank you!

Turned down

by | December 14, 2011
The Bank of Kansas City and Bank of Aurora turned me down although my credit rating is between 756 and 804 depending on who you talk to. Kansas City advised they can not consider $2000.00 of income that I receive every month and have been for the last 15 months and will continue to receive for at least another 5 years. I know you guys really screwed up and gave loans to every Tom,Dick and Harry that asked for one and then had to be bailed out by the federal government. But now you are going too far the other way on underwriting and loan standards.

  • MS
    Apr, 2012
    Foothill Ranch, CA
    what does this have to do with loan depot?

not so honest

by | December 14, 2011
They said there were no fees, luckily my husband read all the paper work carefully, and noticed they were charging $1500 in fees!!! We switched and found a much better organization. It's a lot of trouble and takes time and very annoying to switch after one has exerted so much effort, but it was worth it.

Avoid!! Ripoff!

by | December 10, 2011
I closed a loan with Loan Depot, or at least I thought I did. I went through the entire process including signing all the closing documents. I was applying for a loan that had a 16% LTV and I have an average credit score of 782. What loan company can't close that loan! Anyway, they wouldn't fund the loan because my wife, who is not the property owner or on the deed, won't sign a Homestead document that the closing attorney didn't feel was necessary. They are using that as an excuse not to refund my money.


by | October 31, 2011
credit score near 800 ,loan to value under 30%, and ample verifiable income. still at it in the 70th day. forget them.

Loan Depot and Lenders are Ripping off Consumers who apply.

by | August 9, 2011
I would not recommend Loan Depot, but I would not recommend ANY Lender that charges you to apply. The fact that you have to have money up front to "process" paperwork is a rip off. How about this approach? When I sign on the dotted line @ closing you will get your money then, i'll pay after you have given the services you offered. You get your when I get mine. So now the customer is out $500.00 like they could really afford to lose that money to begin with. Then the lender says "Sorry can't help you" but has walked off with the money. I am disgusted with the entire process at Loan Depot.

LoanDepot Refinancing

by | August 1, 2011
My refinancing experience with LoanDepot was very satisfactory. We found their representatives to be professional, knowledgeable, and courteous throughout the process.

My LoanDepot Mortgage Refinance

by | July 16, 2011
I want to thank the LoanDepot experts, Ronnie M. Friedman and Thi Truong for the very personalized service they gave me during my loan refinance. My new interest rate was 4.625% with a 20 year mortgage instead of 30 years. All work was done using email and phone calls. When the time came to sign all the papers, a notary came to my home with the papers so I could sign. We started the application on June 29th, 2011 and on July 15th, 2011, my loan was approved. Please contact loan depot with your refinance needs. J.F.WALL

  • JS
    Feb, 2012
    Saint Louis, MO
    I believe some of these reviews are written by employees. Anyone who gives this company a good review is not on the up and up for sure

Match and Beat Policy caused problems

by | July 16, 2011
My loan officer did an excellent job keeping me informed and answered questions and always got back to me until the very end of the signing on process. Misunderstandings occurred and the loan could not be completed because Loan Depot could not fulfill it's promises for a match and beat rate offered by another company. So they lost my business.

Excellent all the way

by | July 16, 2011
Excellent customer services. the loan officer was very knowledgeable and very professional

Rating of Loan Depot

by | July 15, 2011
Only reply was to give the company's diatribe: standard, mediocre and not impressive service from Loan Depot.

Very poor customer service

by | July 15, 2011
They didn't try to gather the right information to confirm acceptance of the loan.

good experience with loandepot.

by | March 25, 2011
while they were not able to fund my loan ,my deposit was refunded as promised.

  • RS
    Jul, 2011
    Falmouth, VA
    I had my appraisal done. I received my appraisal. Loan Depot never called me to go over the appraisal. I paid $495 for the appraisal and this is how I get treated. My home was appraised lower than expected. I feel like I was scammed. Will never do business with Loan Depot again. I will let other people know what they are like and what they do to people.

Choices from Loan Depot.

by | March 25, 2011
I was looking for a line of credit from Loan Depot, this was unavalible but they were helpful.

I found a much better rate with much lower fees

by | March 24, 2011
Loan Depot was the first to contact us. They were professional but did not have the proper amortization charts to compare our current loan against their offer. With in 24hrs we had 2 other offers that were several percentage points lower and thousands less in fees. The other banks followed up but we never heard from Loan Depot again.

Loan Depot Reviews

by | March 24, 2011
Customer service was terrible from Loan Depot. Will never work with them again.

Bait and switch scheme.

by | March 24, 2011
Tried to refinance with Loan Depot. I locked onto a rate of 3.3% and paid the $495 fee. I was told there would be no points or PMI, and that the appraisal could go all the way down to the amount I still owed. When the appraisal came in, suddenly the rate was much higher, points had to be paid, and there was PMI. This despite my credit score of 825. Customer service said they would try to work something out, but Billie Jean never called me back. Quicken Loans gave me a great deal, and I highly recommend them.

Hello, is anyone home?

by | January 25, 2011
No one ever bothered to contact me about my request, then I got an email asking to rate them. I only gave them one star because I couldn't give them zero. Looks like a bunch of people are unhappy, so I'm glad we never got in touch! Feel free to recommend someone credible...

Loan Depot was very nice and polite, but of no use.

by | January 25, 2011
I cannot really grade their "Rate & Fees" as we never got that far. We only got to, very sorry but we have nothing available for you. Loan Depot turned us down.

Got the job done

by | January 13, 2011
They got the job done. Heather O'Connell is fabulous. When I needed something, she got right back to me without hesitation. Her caring and prompt service was so different than what I had experienced previously in another re-fi situation. Kudos to Heather and to LoanDepot for having Heather.

Experience with LoanDepot

by | January 12, 2011
to anyone who is interested in financing through loandepot, i would highly recommend alex ramirez. he was always very friendly, fast and efficient

Loan Depot had bad customer service for me.

by | January 12, 2011
The guy I talked with took my ssn, ran my credit and he never gave me a copy even though I asked him several times. I am not happy with Loan Depot. I moved on. Overall I do not like them since their service was bad and wouldn't return my calls when I kept asking them for advice and questions.

Costly experience with Loan Depot

by | January 12, 2011
I was told by Loan Depot that my debt to income ratio qualified, verbally. Then they ran my credit report and it was excellent. I issued my credit card number for the $500 Loan Depot application fee to have an appraisal which came in less than I expected. I then received a letter stating that my loan was declined because of my debt to income ratio. What I don't understand is why it was approved when I applied for $165,800 & declined @ $135,000. No one will return my call I want a refund of the $500.

Loan Mortgage Refinance

by | January 11, 2011
I selected based on their rates and the positive feedback that I found during my research. LoanDepot processed the refinance quickly and effectively. Rates, while not the lowest in the market, but were low, and I felt they were more reputable than other possibilities. They did not disappoint.

I hate loan depot

by | January 11, 2011
They lied to me. They stole 500 dollars from me and charged my account without telling me about it. I plan on taking this matter to the courts. I would never deal with these people ever agian. I consider them crooks and should be stopped.

I was very happy

by | January 11, 2011
This was the BEST experience with a loan I have EVER had. Ied. I have referred Teri Panzer, and then she told someone else, who then contacted you in the hopes of getting a loan. My only request would be a referral bonus.

Not a stress-free experience

by | January 11, 2011
Not once, but twice I was given documents that were not up-to-date or that had errors. When dealing with so many different numbers, it is imperative that they get ALL of the amounts correct when going to closing. This was not the case and my experience was quite stressful.

LoanDepot Review

by | January 10, 2011
My Experience All the dealings I had with LoanDepot were very professional. I ended up not submitting my information because I was concerned that due to the market my home was not likely to appriase for a sufficient amount. I was concerned that I would be charged anyhow but I was assured that would not happen. Even though the charge was approved LoanDepot did not run it. What a relief. If I consider a loan again they will definitely be in the running.

Poor Research

by | January 10, 2011
I was disappointed with the research regarding my property taxes. I wound up adding $2100 to my loan for propoerty taxes when they were paid a month before my settlement by my old mortgage company. Now I have to go through the exercise of trying to get it back.

Re-fi in Virginia

by | January 10, 2011
The entire experience was outstanding! I had shopped at other sites and lenders, but The Money Store was by far the best in customer service, as well as rates! The extraordinary responsiveness, knowledge, flexibility and professionalism continued throughout the entire process. Even after closing, when we had a question, they continued to be highly responsive. This organization should be a model for web-based organizations!

O Jay

by | January 10, 2011
Yes,we did enjoy our Reviewer's Expertise and information that he gave us thank you very much .Frederick Rodriguez &J.P.

LoanDepot Review

by | January 10, 2011
I found a better deal 3.875% with $500 total cost

Wyndham Capital

by | January 10, 2011
Excellent customer service, highly recommended.

Loan preapproval

by | January 10, 2011
Good customer service and knowledgable representative. However, they failed to provide Notice of denial in accordiance with thr Fair Credit Reporting Act

Still Waiting

by | January 10, 2011
I was negotiating back and Forth as to paying points to lower the rate and have heard nothing for a month NOW What's UP ???

Still in Process

by | January 10, 2011
I'm waiting for the Loan Depot To Pay my previous Mortgage Company, which should happen at any time. I refinanced for a lower rate. The employees were very polite and helpful. They are knowledgeable and friendly. I will recommend them to some friends of mine. AL P. Rhode Island


by | January 10, 2011
Things went quickly and smoothly up until closing. Once the papers were signed, it took over a week for the loan to be paid off and the cash out received, which was longer than I think it should have been and I was sent between my loan officer and the title company and the escrow company and nobody seemed to have answers for me. The pay off should have been made 3 days after the signing in my opinion. You should only work with one person and they should check with the title and escrow company.

Pretty good overall

by | January 10, 2011
Rates and fees were reasonable, about the same as the better offers I compared. The process went mostly smoothly, there were some delays on their end but they extended the lock period to cover. Some minor hiccups and miscommunications as might be expected, but they were very responsive throughout and seemed dedicated to keeping me happy. Would use them again.

  • RF
    Aug, 2011
    Geismar, LA
    Your experience with LoanDepot somewhat matches mine. But I have reacted with more frustration. They can't seem to get straight that they need to talk to my wife who handles these things. Then, 12 days after the fact, they tell me they are missing one of my tax returns. Finally they tell me they have to do another appraisal. So, in overwhelming frustration regarding a refinance process that I didn't think was ever was going to come to a conclusion, I stopped everything today. Personally, I would not even attempt to do business with Loan Depot again.


by | December 10, 2010
Loan depot was very rude when they found out that they were not getting our loan. We found another lender with better rate and payment. they claimed they could beat the other lender if we e-mailed them the GFE. 1 - not sure if we should do that and 2 we told them to give us their best offer. They must not know what best offer means. The lender we went with was Journey Financial. they were much more polite and upfront about everything.