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About M&T Mortgage

As a smaller volume lender, M&T Mortgage isn't able to offer a fully array of mortgage loan products. M&T Mortgage does however follow through on their commitment to offer a high level of customer service and stress free loan process.
Buffalo, NY
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M&T (Manufactures and Traders) Mortgage is one of the largest independent bank holding companies in the US. M&T Mortgage has over 750 branches located in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Washington D.C., Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, and Delaware. M&T Mortgage has a wide selection of mortgage programs to suit their customer needs. M&T Mortgage's Get Started Mortgage offers customers in select states the ability to secure a loan with a low down payment and is a great choice for those looking for an alternative option to FHA loans.
Flexible loan programs, easy pre-approval
High fees, overly strict underwriting

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by | September 25, 2014
bank of America sold my mortgage to these people, and like many others, this bank has been nothing but a pain to deal with. My mortgage was drafted out of my account on a bi weekly basis. Trying to get them to do the same was an act of congress. They call me continuously asking about my payment, which isn't ever late. crazy

I hate this bank

by | July 17, 2014
My loan modification process has been a nightmare every since Bank of America sold my mortgage at the end of my trial period a year ago and my modification is still not finalized. It took MTB 11 months to finally send me the first set of modification documents and another 2 months to send the final modification documents. Just when I thought the nightmare was finally over they resend me the modification with my soon to be ex husband name who is not listed on the mortgage or the deed.

Under Writers & Excuses!!!

by | May 4, 2014
I was a first time home buyer & the under writers caused me to need a 15 day extension, luckily i had an understanding seller that knew i wasn't at fault & a good realtor or i would have lost my first home!!! they let my file sit on their desk for 50 days (yes that's right i had a 60 day contract & still couldn't get settled in time!!) excuse for delay was the underwriters were training for new software so they let my file sit for 50 days! i could have lost my first home when i was a MORE then qualified!!!!

They suck all around!!!!!

by | April 9, 2014
Our mortgage was sold from Bayview to M and T, we have had nothing but trouble from them misplacing our payments twice in a six month span to pushing our payments back without our permission!!!!!!!!!! When calling in they have no more information on our account than I do! The most disturbing thing is we had a accidential or so they say FORECLOSURE notice sent out and our payments were NEVER late!!!!! I don't understand how these companies can take our hard earned money and yet be so irresponsible with it.

I simply cannot believe

by | April 1, 2014
I can't beiieve a bank can do this to its customers and get away with it. Since they bought my mortgage from Bank of America, my life has been hell. First they started calling before the due date, then they accused me of not paying and actually tried to foreclose my property while I was current! Then they added thousands of dollars in fees to my principal. Who are these people? They seem more like some sort of organized crime than a bank.

Sending out foreclosure letters and daily harassing calls - never missed a payment!

by | March 4, 2014
M&T customer service is the worst! They constantly call looking for the mortgage payment, even though we never missed a payment or paid late. Most of the callers are very rude and tell us it's up to us to figure out which payment we 'missed'. A letter threatening they will foreclose on us if we don't pay $2000 was 'sent in error'. Our credit report shows we have been late for 17 months is a problem for us in trying to refinance. Will not send us anything in writing we are current.

Aweful Customer Service

by | December 19, 2013
This bank has the worst customer service. I needed to show them recorded documents showing that I no longer own the house and the mortgage has been released. First of all they claim they do not have email to send any information and that I need to fax or mail anything to them (which I have done twice already.) This is simple documentation that they could obtain by doing a simple county records search, but they refused to do that. I have to go out of my way, pay for a stamp and mail them the information.

I can't believe this is happening to me

by | September 30, 2013
Bank of America transferred my account to M&T... Something has to be done about this bank and their system of trying to make you fail so you'll have to pay extra fees and penalties. I can't even get someone on the phone.

Bank negotiating in bad faith on Short Sale

by | September 20, 2013
Bank of America sold my mortgage to this bank in July, in the middle of the short sale process. Supposedly, they were to use all of the documents BoA gave them to continue the short sale review. What a joke. Instead, they make me fill out all new paperwork, and then go silent on me. We've been under review for more than 30 days. By law, they have to give me an answer, yes or no, in 30 days on whether they'll accept the buyer's offer. Instead, all I hear is silence from them, while they tack on more fees.

customer service 7007

by | September 16, 2013
worst bank to deal with. try to reach them on the phone lol

Miss appropriation of extra mortgage payments

by | September 10, 2013
3 times in the last 16 months I have made extra mortgage payments. This weeks latest was 20,000. which I contacted the bank 3 days in advance over. I asked explicity that the extra payment be applied towards principle only. Again they take it upon themselves to make an interest payment put some into escrow, basiclly spread it where ever the hell they seem fit. Always to thier advantage of course. They are always happy to correct it for you when you call them on it, but I wonder how many they shaft regularly

This Company is a joke.

by | August 20, 2013
Bank of America sold my loan to this company. My bill went from 729.00 to 902.00. I called and asked the reason for this. I was told my taxes had doubled. I printed my tax forms, my taxes on my home had gone down! I was then told that my insurance had gone up. I contacted the insurance company. My insurance had not gone up. I faxed the company all of this information. I was then told there would be an investigation into why my cost had gone up so much. It could take 90 days. In the mean time I am to pay the bill. I asked if I could speak with a supervisor. The lady to whom I was speaking with stated, " That won't change the fact that you still have to continue to pay you home loan." The supervisor asked if there was anything that he could help me with. Followed up by, "There is already an inquiry into this matter. I don't think there is anything I can do at this time. I am currently paying my mortgage to a group of idiots!!!!!


by | June 10, 2013
We have been waiting days and days to be cleared to close for our mortgage, but M&T bank is holding us up. It's costing us lots of time, money, and I'm supposed to be delivering a baby any day now. They could care less. They just let our paperwork sit on their desks without responding, even though we are more than qualified and have gotten them every document they have requested within 30 minutes. M&T Bank is absolutely awful and extremely inconsiderate of its customers.

20% monthly mortgage increase since M&T

by | March 21, 2013
I have been having a similar problem with this company also. After 12 years and M&T buying my mortgage from Bank of America, my monthly payment went up 20%! Yes, 20%. Being a single mother of 2 small children, it has had a major effect on us.The reps are rude when you call and every time I try to cancel my PMI (which is well over-do) they give me the run around. I'm beyond fed-up!

  • BA
    Mar, 2013
    San Mateo, CA
    I recommend that your read some information from the San Francisco Federal Reserve about cancelling your PMI.

    If your lender is not adhering to the law, start by contacting The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Customer Service at (800) 767-7468.

  • JD
    Jul, 2013
    Midway, FL
    BofA said the Letter that there will be no changes. They can't do that can they? They can't change your mortgage payments once they sell your mortgage to another company.

Terrible Serivce, Cold Calls, Doesn't leave a message and keeps calling

by | March 7, 2013
This phone number has been turned in numerous times on the internet for violating the Do Not Call Registry. You'd think if they were above board and legitimate they would at least leave a message, but they don't. Three calls in one day reported by one user.


by | February 19, 2013
Our mortgage was sold to M & T bank by BoA in 2011. We have had nothing but problems ever since. We are good customers, and have our mortgage payment drafted out of our account every month, and have done that for the last 7 years. They decided to add insurance to our mortgage,even though we already had insurance. This caused our payment to go up. I have been trying to get the issues resolved for almost 4 months, with no resolve. Nothin but a bunch of idiots working there! STAY AWAY FROM M&T BANK!!!!!!!!!!

M&T Mortgage Harp

by | February 4, 2013
My wife Had an accident and cant work.So I wasn't able to make payments to them.Ive missed three going on four.We have been trying to work out the Harp program with them.After many phone calls and faxing them all the necessary paperwork, we received an offer.It states we have to make our new lower payments on time for 4 months to see if we can comfortably live with this payment.If we are late once then we lose our chance at the Harp and will be for closed on.Is this a scam?

Rip OFf

by | January 4, 2013
M&T Bank does not allow mortgage lenders to pay on their account bi-weekly. If the loan is in a person's name, they should be allow to pay on their debt anytime. This practice is discriminatory to the lender as it does not allow them to pay off their loan sooner and allows M&T Bank to incur the interest cost. I hate that my loan was transferred to this bank and intend on follow up on this matter for illegal practices to the lender.

Bottom of the Barrel

by | August 28, 2012
Same as everyone else...they screwed up my mortgage, didn't take the payment out, and now blame me, despite my having a paper-trail leading directly back to them. They're trying to push us out too...Only I'm not going. I'll stay and sue and sue until they break. I've got them dead to right in document after document but everybody's afraid to really go after them. If anyone's interested in getting into a class action lawsuit, post here and we can fight them together!

  • BJ
    Sep, 2012
    Bellingham, WA
    Yes I will go after them with you. They did the same thing with me and after I forced them to acknowledge it they are still harrassing me monthly even though I have done NOTHING except make monthly payments on time. ( My loan was sold by Bank of America and when the loan was transferred they did not bill me for the first payment even though I contacted both banks to ask where to make the payment they refused my money and then six months later tried to foreclose on me for THEIR error) YES I WILL GO AFTER THEM SINCE THEY WILL NOT CLEAR THE CALLS!!

  • HH
    Jun, 2013
    I am very interested and I am also looking for Legal ppl to helpme I received a loan modification that took two years to get and then it cost $18,000 in fees, expenses,and interest. I bought the home in 2004 had it paid down now I owe more than original loan and the interest was 4.5 and now is 4.25 and 18,000 added to balance.I just can't believe they can get away with this and the goverment is aware.

Being under M&T is worst thing ever

by | August 2, 2012
i agree and am experiencing the same things all those that have written before me. We were sold to M&T and they refuse to acknowledge our previous payment plan with other mortgage company. we are under and behind. M&T is not trying to help instead they seem like they are trying to push us out.

Terrible Customer Service

by | March 27, 2012
My loan was also sold to M&T from BofA. I have called numerous times trying to get info on refinancing under the new HARP program because I am 90K underwater on my property. The Customer Service agent keeps saying the the loans came over from BofA in three installments and they're waiting for Freddie Mac to give them the necessary info before they can refinance. Quite frankly I think it's nonsense. I can't wait to get my mortgage away from this bank.

M&T Customer

by | March 9, 2012
My mortgage was also transferred from BOFA in December 2011. I have called customer service and been put on hold for over 25 min. I have sent them an internal letter asking about principal reduction (I was in the process of trying to get one from BOFA before the mortgage was transferred), but M&T has not said anything. I am about 100K underwater on an ARM. Does anyone know if they will do principal reductions ? M&T is unresponsive.

  • JK
    Nov, 2012
    Lake Oswego, OR
    I'd be happy to assist. John Kennedy M & T (503) 534-4727

Messed up corp.

by | March 9, 2012
They took over my account from BOA. Called up today and said I'm behind on payments. I keep it paid 2 to 3 months ahead. Turns out they applied my last 3 payments to principle by mistake. Was told if I don't make the payments through their website instead of my bank account it could very well happen again. Never had this trouble with any other mortgage co.

M&T Bank a disappointment!

by | March 6, 2012
M&T Bank became my mortgage lender after being transferred from Bank of America Dec 2011. I have been desperately trying to look into refi options through the new HARP program last month I was told they are waiting for additional information from Freddie Mac before they can being processing these loans. Today I called and the C/S told me that they do not process loans in the state of IL although they are my lender- Did they not know this in Feb? Her response to was was -elsewhere for service-No HELP

  • AV
    Apr, 2012
    Riverside, IL
    I'm in the same exact boat. Also in IL. They told me they're not licensed in IL and can't refi here. I was told to call back in April when they get licensed. I just called today and they said they won't be licensed here ever. Its complete BS and I don't know what to do. BofA had said a refi with HARP would be no problem then sold my mortgage.

M and T bank = Dishonest

by | February 27, 2012
My current mortgage was purchased by M&T Bank and the process has been similar to a heart attack. I have been plagued with horrible and wrongful fees and told multiple deceptive lies by their end. I can't stand this bank. Do not use M&T Bank.

Stop Harrassing Good Clients!!!

by | February 7, 2012
My husband's mortgage was sold to M&T Bank in December 2011. Besides the fact that we hadn't received any documentation (loan number, payment mailing address, etc) until January 27, 2012, our payments have always been sent AND received by the 6th. We spent days at a financial center in DC attempting to retrieve our new loan number, etc. Now, M&T bank has the nerve to contact us on the 5th of each month demanding to know why our payment was not received on the 1st! If it's NOT LATE, DON'T CALL!!

underwriting problems

by | January 18, 2012
I applied for a loan and was preapproved with a lender that will sell my loan to m&t bank. By the time it came back from m&t underwriters i was invested nearly $3000(earnest money, appraisal, utility act, extension fees, etc). We met all of their conditions except the one i had no clue of which is having two months of house pymts sitting in my bank acct. I have money in the bank but just under their required amt and dont get paid until jan 31. I have 2 close with hud by jan 26 with no more extension to get


by | January 17, 2012
These people are total morons. I've called 10 times to tell them they have my personal property taxes incorrect. Each time they say they'll fix it. They never do. Today I got a check for a "reimbursement" of my escrow. So instead of paying my taxes, they sent the escrow money to me. Total idiots. And they don't care at all.

Confusion and Lack of Responsibility Abounds

by | December 30, 2011
My mortgage got sold to M&T. The first thing they did was call me to welcome me to M&T to see if I had any questions, so I guess a good start. But when I asked if I could pay every two weeks instead of monthly, the guy had no idea. And he didn't refer me to anyone, or help me find the answer. Why even ask if I have questions when you won't answer them? What a waste of time, and what a bunch of idiots.

Mortgage dept

by | December 21, 2011
My mortgage purchased by M&T Bk.I sent my pymt in 12/5 they didn't post ituntil12/15. When I called customer service, they claimed it was the post office's fault.1st class mail does not take 2 weeks. My husband works for the USPS. I never had this problem with our last bk. Then I sat and waited for the next pymt coupon.On 12/21 still no coupon for Jan's pymnt. Clled again "Its just now being printed you shld be getting it soon." the rep then hung up,they want you to be late on pymts.Looking to refin @ local bk.

  • BS
    Mar, 2012
    Lakeville, MN
    My mortgage was also sold from BofA to M&T in this past December. I have an interest-only loan, so the monthly interest payment fluctuates based on any principal payments I elect to make. For 7+ years I made regular, voluntary principal payments to BofA, which would lower the next month's required interest payments... which meant I could afford to pay even more to principal (and so on, and so on). Because of the current housing market, I've lost my a$$ in value and have paying every dime of my disposable income, tax refunds, bonuses, etc. to my principal balance. My payments are not being applied properly. I spoke w/3 different reps, each time asking to speak to their manager (as each one of told me it "DOESN'T MATTER" what day they posted my principal payment, as the interest amount due the next month will always be the same. I told each one of them they were out of their minds, and while on hold for the 3rd person (the manager of the previous manager, supposedly) I ran the calculations on my 10-key. Had they applied my payments on the CORRECT date of 2/7, it would make a $42 difference in my March interest payment. When I tried to explain this to the 3rd manager on this 45 min. call, he got completely flustered and put me on hold for ANOTHER manager.... I did get that person to agree to submit a specific request to their "Payment Processing" group (who will not accept customer phone calls) and ask them to call my cell phone - so that I could explain the basic P&I calculation to them directly. I also submitted an e-message through the website, showing my calculations and blasting their customer service dept. for their incompetency. I ended by saying if the message did not produce accurate results, I would be contacting an attorney and the BBB next. It is considered ILLEGAL BUSINESS PRACTICES to make a profit by cheating your customers out of interest (by not applying/backdating payments as of the date received). Assuming this ever gets resolved, I will never mail them another payment - I'll be posting them online instead, in hopes that they will be applied as per the principal & interest amounts I enter in myself. BEWARE!!

Horrable customer service

by | December 2, 2011
My mortgage loan was bought by this bank and it has been the worst bank i have ever had to deal with. I waited 1 hour and 45 min on hold for customer service only be told by the very rude agent that he was unable to help me. When i called him on his rudeness he refused to give me his name or ID #. I guess they dont record there calls as stated on the recording when you first call. Good thing for him. Very rude and verbally intrusive customer service agents. They sound more like bill collectors. deserve a 0

  • DC
    Dec, 2011
    Granbury, TX
    My mortgage was sold to M&T 2 months ago. What a mess the Customer Service dept. is. Two phone call totaling 44.30 minutes on hold and still no results. Please someone buy my Mortgage from them.

Refinancing with M&T

by | November 10, 2011
We just tried to refiance with M&T Bank and it was one of the worst banking experiences we ever had. This included inept work and a total lack of communication, along with blatant lying, etc. IF we could find an alternative (and we are looking), we'd change banks at a heartbeat and are continuing to look. Recommendation: STAY AWAY FROM ANY M & T BANK if you really want value, good customer care and an honest bank with evident integrity!!

  • JA
    Nov, 2011
    New York, NY
    My wife and I are trying to get through the refinance process with M&T right now and are having almost exactly the same experience.

  • RG
    Nov, 2011
    Croton-on Hudson, NY
    I have had 2 mortgages with M&T with no problem so thought I'd refinance with them, but this experience has been terrible. I received 6 different good faith estimates, each time changing the origination fee - with no explanation - from a credit of $124 to a charge of $2,680. One estimate said I had to bring $11,000 to the closing - when I pointed this out to the "Senior Mortgage Consultant" I was dealing with - he had no idea why. They don't seem to know what they're doing, although they're good at saying "sign the documents".


by | August 19, 2011
One guy I spoke to was so unorganized I didn't trust him and the other thought he knew what I was asking but was to busy talking to really find out. What ever happened to customer service?

Very Good Experience

by | July 19, 2011
Most people on here said they had a very poor experience with M&T Bank. I, on the other hand, had a very good experience with them. Although they do have very strict underwriting rules, I am happy to know that they are not just giving out mortgages to people who can not afford them, possibly putting my loan at risk or having higher fees. From Cheryl to Bob to the UW, all were very professional and responsive. Thanks for everything

M&T Bank Mortgage CAN'T GET IT RIGHT!!!!

by | July 14, 2011
M&T Bank or M&T Mortgage has been calling my house for over 2 years trying to make me pay a mortgage with them that I have NEVER HAD! Every call to have my phone number wiped has been noted in their system, yet they continue to call every 6 months. They obviously don't know how to take a phone number out of their computers, how are they going to manage your mortgage?! These big mortgage banks have no idea how to handle customers.


by | April 7, 2011
I was approved for a mortgage by M&T Mortgage Bank on 3/11. They then took 2 weeks getting back to me regarding the appraisal. I finally got a copy of the appraisal on 4/7. The appraisal was dated 3/21. When they finally reviewed it, they rejected the loan because the appraiser commented that the road leading to the house was "Difficult to traverse" on a day following a 10" snow storm. The appriased value was $10K higher than the price. By the way, rates went up while they sat on the appraisal. Poor follow-up. BEWARE of M&T.