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Branch Banking & Trust (BB&T) is one of the top mortgage lenders in the south east. Established in 1872, BB&T Mortgage now has over 1,800 bank locations in 12 states and is headquartered in Wilson, North Carolina. BB&T focuses on providing solid customer service and expanding their mortgage offerings to better suit each customer's need.

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About Branch Banking & Trust (BB&T) - Mortgage and Home Loan Refinance

BB&T Mortgage is a smaller lender able to offer a more personal touch to the lending experience. In spite of this, they don't have the same draw as larger lenders due to the limited types of loans they have to offer. BB&T Mortgage currently offers fixed rate and adjustable rate mortgages as well as Veteran's Administration mortgage loans.

Wilson, NC
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Awful experience
by July 17, 2020

Totally incompetent. Have been transferred around to multiple loan officers over nearly a two month process. Full of excuses and love to point the blame elsewhere. Hard to understand how they remain in business. Nearly thirty (30) emails to them have been ignored to date, as well as over a dozen voice mails. They have had all of my loan documentation for over a month, and yet the file does not move forward. One week before closing, they send a list of new documents required, and everyday they keep moving the goal posts. My Loan is a no brainer, credit score over 800, 50% LTV and minimum guarantees annual income in seven figures. It’s a clown show. Have always used Regions Bank before this, and exceptionally sorry that I thought I would try something new. STAY FAR, FAR AWAY FROM BB AND T.